Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 842

Chapter 842: Dwarf King's Technology

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"Marvel's I Can Control Metal (

In the middle of the old collection room, a golden glove stands.

In the center of the back of the hand, there are also five sesamoid ends with a small inlay space.

Seems to be waiting for his master.

Leo looked at the huge glove in front of him. It was not the size of an ordinary person, but it was too small for a huge dwarf.

Even if the dust has been sealed for thousands of years, the above is still shining with golden light, without any floating dust, as if it were brand new.

But if you look closely, you can feel a trace of ancient aura on it.

It's been too long, 1,500 years have passed, this infinite glove has always existed here, without any movement.

Ivey just stood aside calmly, looking at the villain in front of him, silently looking at the infinite glove in front of him.

There are still many weird weapons around, all of which are placed on the weapon racks.

Even among them, you can see the imitations of Mulnier, but Leo just swept them away. These weapons are not artifacts at all, they are fine at best.

Of course, this is only for Leo.

For other fighters in the universe, every weapon in it is a rare magic weapon.

But I have to say that there are fewer and fewer pure fighters in the universe. With the development of technology, those who can use guns will not use knives.

Therefore, the fighters who yearn for Nidawi are the rare and powerful warriors in the universe.

As the physical fitness gets stronger and stronger, the advantages of cold weapons will become stronger and stronger. In addition, as far as Nidawi is a powerful weapon that can be enchanted, it is naturally an artifact they seek.

Even with the infinite glove at the center, there are only two dozen weapons around it.

Only a few of them are quite suitable for normal people. The remaining tomahawks, warhammers, long knives, gloves, etc., are all weapons used by the dwarves themselves, and the size is amazing.

Only the infinite glove in the middle is not up to the size.

"Ivey, where is the mold of the Infinite Glove?"

Leo looked at the other side, and there was also the appearance of a steel glove, which looked exactly like the Infinite Glove, but the theme was dark gray.

"No, that was the final test before our finished product mold. It was also the most important test before the finished product came out. It was a semi-finished product, and it was also brought to the collection room by Wang Ji."

"But this thing lacks the final procedure, it is considered a waste product, and it is considered to be of commemorative significance."

Ivey looked at Leo in front of him and said softly.

The dwarves maintained a very respectful attitude towards Asgard, and the same was true for Leo who came out of the Rainbow Bridge.

Even if he knows that Leo is not an Asgardian, he still respects it, because in Asgard's army, there are already other worlds, and some people still become elite fighters.

Leo nodded, looked away from the semi-finished product, and stared directly at the infinite glove in front of him, bursting with brilliant golden light.

Ivey was in a trance, as if he felt the infinite gloves placed on the booth light up slightly.

Leo frowned tightly, "Ivey, is this infinite glove still usable? It looks like something is wrong."

"It can be used, but there are defects in it. If the rough stone is really inlaid, I am afraid there will be some accidents."

Ivey looked at the infinite gloves in front of him and said slowly, "The original purpose forged was to withstand the power of the rough stone."

"But from the moment he was born, he has not been inlaid with an infinite rough stone, and it has been placed for so long."

Ivey looked at it and shook his head and said, "Even if it is maintained by the energy of a rough stone, the Infinite Glove will not become like this."

"Then how long will it take to recreate an infinite glove?"

Leo asked curiously.

Aitri did not refuse Leo's questions at all, and thought for a while, "In fact, Nidawi conducted a lot of tests for the birth of the Infinite Glove."

"For comparison now, we still have the mold and technology of Infinite Gloves that year, which saves us a lot of time."

"If it's just a copy, it doesn't take long, probably, it can be done in five days."

Ivey said so, looking at the Infinite Gloves with a bit of emotion in his eyes, as if he recalled the time back then.

"Now it can be done better and faster, but if the purpose is to be able to carry six rough stones, it will take some time."

"After all, a single rough stone and six rough stones are completely two concepts. The difference between them is too great. The influence of energy made us want to break our heads back then."

"In fact, Wang seems to be thinking a little bit lately. Maybe we will have another better solution, better than Infinite Gloves."

Speaking of this, Ivey also showed a hint of excitement on his face. After all, they couldn't help but become excited when it comes to forging one aspect.

"Well, thank you for bringing me here, Ivey."

Leo looked at the tall Ivy and said with a smile.

"You're welcome, Nidawi and Asgard are friends, and so are the dwarves." Ivey looked at Leo and said with a smile.

Leo shook his head lightly, without explaining anything.

Without taking a look at the magic soldiers around, he walked out. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

Ivey also closed the door of the collection room, glanced at the Infinite Gloves still firmly on the booth, and left.

After leaving the collection room, Ivey sent Leo to Aitri's studio, and went on his own business.

After all, there are only more than 300 dwarves in the entire Nidawi, and there are still a lot of tasks to be done every day.

Leo walked into the studio again, and what he saw in front of him made Leo feel a little weird.

On the workbench, I saw a piece of virtual gold that had been purified by Ai Cui himself, floating in the air, but it was slowly separating.

The three colors are gradually fused together, and there is a tendency to be divided into three kinds of raw ore.

At this time, it was only half an hour before Leo left.

For the original Difan laboratory, it took a full half a month for this to begin a formal experiment.

But let Ai Cui operate, unexpectedly, started such an experiment in just half an hour.

On the side of the screen, the symbols and data that Leo couldn't understand were also drawn at this time, dazzling.

Even Ai Cui was still studying something on the side, but his thick fingers were extremely flexible.

Leo glanced intently, but saw the extended mechanical arms on Ai Cui's wrist, which turned into small operating tools to operate on the machine.

Obviously there is a giant body, but it is a tool that even people on earth have to use equipment to see clearly.

The huge fingers are as stable as a rock, but they are more precise and detailed than a machine.

Such a terrifying talent for craftsmanship is perfectly displayed in Ai Cui's hands.

"Leo, I think you have the main material for your horizontal sword!!"

Aitri's dull voice came from the air.

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