Qi Meng Xuanji Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Only To Cultivate Reens For The Future Life.

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Although the big devil made a clever statement and repeatedly denied it, the little turtle knew in his heart that the big devil had always kept himself as a pet.

I want to protest verbally, but she actually doesnt think it matters.

There are also many kinds of pets. The lower-level pets are also called playthings. They are used to relieve boredom. They can be used as toys in leisure time. They can be thrown aside when things happen. Once they dont like them, they can be thrown away or given away, such as big ones. The concubines and singers that the devil used to raise in the backyard.

What about high-level pets? It's more troublesome.

First of all, they have high self-esteem and a strong desire for exclusivity. If you want to raise other pets while raising it, hum! People disdain to let you raise it!

So the big devil began to want to abduct the little tortoise.

Secondly, they can't play around with it casually, they are especially fond of holding grudges, and those who play around with it will not have good fruit.

So the big devil once thought he had turned the little turtle home, and found halfway through it was a fake big turtle.

Third, they do not exist to please the owner, on the contrary, it is often the owner who pleases and serves his cute pets.

Therefore, the big devil has changed from an arrogant who can't coax women or serve people, to a super good lover who is accustomed to coaxing little turtles and taking care of them.

Fourth, they are all precious and precious species that no one wants to raise, and many people want to adopt them. Ten thousand steps back and said, even if no one raises them, they are very capable of survival, and they eat and drink like spicy food without the owner.

Therefore, the big devil must be careful to adapt to the little tortoise's character habits, so as not to accidentally offend him, he will leave home without hesitation and never find it back.


Many people will be very strange, so difficult to raise, why rush to raise?

This question needs to be asked to the pet owner. Anyway, the big devil is happy. It is not enough to raise it for a lifetime. It is best to raise it for a few more lifetimes.

Who dare to **** him, hum! I will weigh the few lives for myself first.

"Little turtle, get up to eat."

Across the floppy quilt, the little tortoise was patted on the hips, sleepily, and poked his head out of the quilt, and yawned, "What are you eating!"

"I'll know when I get up." The big devil touched her head easily, and he wanted to stretch out the quilt and dig her out.

As soon as the quilt pulled up a corner, the little tortoise suddenly remembered that he was barely wearing anything, and quickly took the horn back with one hand, blushing and said: "You go out first, I'll be fine soon."

This morning, the big demon who came back from the practice vaguely ate a meal, and now he is still a little sour. That lustful guy, it is hard to guarantee that the quilt will be lifted and he can't help himself with excuses. You should be careful to eat another extra meal. That's good.

"I haven't seen where you are." Before the big devil left, he didn't forget to tease the shy little turtle on the bed.

It's so bad!

Little tortoise saw that he was out, and then slowly loosened the bed and got up to freshen up and dress.

At this time, the two of them lived in Qingsong Mountain, where the Great Demon King used to learn martial arts, and did not have attendants with them.

Simply enter the small courtyard with blue tiles and white walls built on the top of the mountain, and only one old servant Chen Bo is taking care of it.

Uncle Chen was sent by the Demon King yesterday afternoon to go down to the mountain to buy daily necessities and ingredients, etc. At the moment, there are only two of them left on the mountain.

There is not even a cook, what do you have for lunch? Don't be dry food!

Ever since she was caught by Yue Ni and became a "Caveman" for a few days, the little tortoise felt sick when seeing the dry food.

Fortunately, I had porridge for lunch, with lotus seeds, red dates and other ingredients. The taste was good, and it didnt look like leftover porridge re-cooked overnight, but rather freshly cooked.

The little tortoise took a couple of sips to comfort his empty stomach, and when he turned his head to see the big devil looked at her with a strange look.

"What's the matter?" Little Turtle asked. Could it be that there was something on his face that was not cleaned by washing himself up too quickly?

"Nothing, how does the porridge taste?"

"Yes, is Uncle Chen back? So fast!"

It took more than an hour for the great devil to take her up to the mountain to perform light work. Could it be that Uncle Chen is also a master? Come back so soon after going down the mountain to buy things? Can't see it!

"Uncle Chen will probably be back in the evening. I cooked the porridge." The Demon King calmly threw a bomb.

The little tortoise almost wanted to dig his ears to see if he heard it wrong!

He looked at the bowl of porridge in front of him with awe, and looked at the Demon King with admiration, and finally praised sincerely: "You are amazing!"

The devil who can cook porridge? ! The little tortoise feels amazing!

There was a rare look on the face of the Great Demon King that could be defined as "sorry".

auzw.com The little tortoise lowered his head and took another sip of porridge. His eyes suddenly felt like crying. This porridge is really delicious! Why did you think it was so ordinary just now?

The big devil knew that she was very cold with dry food, so he actually cooked for her personally. He, a former emperor who has always been respectfully served, made soup for himself to wash his hands.

Xuanji thought about it, and couldn't help but put down the bowl and threw into the arms of the big demon king: "You are so kind to me!"

"I only have you as a wife, who can be good to you if you are wrong?" The Great Devil smiled with his arms around her.

Swiping hard into the arms of the big devil twice, the little tortoise felt that his luck was extremely good, so that the husband who was able to get out of the hall and the kitchen let him hit him! (Although it's just a pot of porridge, please understand that Xi Shi is in the eyes of Little Turtle's lover)

In order to repay the great devil for his hard work, the little tortoise held the venue and ate three bowls of porridge until he was too tired to eat.

The two-person world talked about the love atmosphere just right, and the big demon king began to knock on the little turtle.

The little tortoise belongs to him, even if he is a dead person, he cannot share the little tortoise's heart with him!

On the day he rescued Little Turtle, he found that her attitude towards Yue Ni seemed to have changed. He absolutely believed that the baby he had abducted so hard would not empathize with him, but Yue Ni must have done something. Moved her.

The little tortoise was in a good mood and his belly was full, so he told the great devil what had happened in the cave that day without much thought.

"Yue Ni wants you to be with him in the next life, did you agree?" The obvious tension in the voice of the big devil made the little turtle finally remember what silly things he said.

"Uh, um, he is dying, me, me" really stupid! The big devil was suddenly so good, it turned out that he was trying to trick her, oh oh oh! She is so stupid!

The details of the life of the cavemen in those few days has always been a taboo between the two. After the death of Yue Ni, the little tortoise survived the lonely and terrible three days of life in the cave alone, and it was a full six months after leaving the cave. I'm afraid of being alone all the time.

The big devil spent a lot of thoughts to accompany and take care of her before she slowly returned to normal. For fear of irritating her, the big devil and the people around her never mentioned the events of the day in front of her.

Today, I was afraid that the Great Devil himself couldn't help it, so I changed the way to coax her to say it.

Let's talk about it for the first time, why should it be so clear? Ok! Now the big devil is very angry, but I don't know how serious the consequences will be.

The little tortoise shook the big devils arm timidly, nestled in his arms and defended: "I just agreed casually, and it may not be possible. Besides, Yue Ni has done so many bad things in this life, and I dont know how many reincarnations he will do. Shicai has the opportunity to be a man again, and he won't remember these things by then! Even if he is reborn as a man immediately, what if he and I are both male or female for the rest of my life? He has no chance! And, say Maybe you won't look down on me in your next life."

The little turtle cried out a bunch of reasons why the promise could not be fulfilled or would not infringe on the "rights" of the big devil, but in the end only the big devil snorted.

The anger hasn't subsided yet, Little Turtle's mouth flattened and changed his strategy.

"Uuuu, how scared I was to stay in the cave alone for the past few days, you dont know at all! There were two dead bodies in the cave, dark and cold, and I was alone and ate the unpalatable dry food every day. , Drink cold water and wait for someone to find out and save me. If not thinking of you, I really want to go to the entrance of the cave and jump down.

Although it was a means to shift the focus, the little tortoise still couldn't help feeling stiff and trembling when he thought of those horrible days.

That was her nightmare for two lifetimes!

The big devil noticed the little tortoise's fault. Although he knew her little trick, the emotion of distressing her prevailed. He reluctantly suppressed his anger and gently petted and comforted the frightened little tortoise.

A small storm was temporarily resolved.

In the evening, Uncle Chen came back, bringing a lot of daily necessities, fresh vegetables, fish, etc., and packed a full car.

Little tortoise repays her fortunes and cooks dinner for the big devil. She can't cook difficult and delicate dishes, but she is quite good at ordinary home-style stir-fry.

After the two have been married for so long, it is the first time that the big devil has eaten the food made by the little turtle himself. The unpleasantness at noon will be forgotten for the time being.

Everything in the mountains was kept simple, and most of the things had to be done by yourself. Little tortoises were a little uncomfortable, but the big devil seemed to adapt well.

Little tortoise realized that when the Great Devil was learning martial arts here, he probably had been used to such a life.

Fortunately, I always felt that he was a person who was used to being served, and the **** servants would be upset if he was not around for a day. It turned out that I still underestimated him after all.

Hehe, maybe the big devil not only cooks porridge, but also cooks other meals, one day he will cook a formal meal for her!

The days passed quickly, and it seemed that the matter of Yue Ni's future life was so forgotten.

After going down the mountain for a few months, Little Turtle was surprised to find that the Great Demon King had personally led the Shen family to engage in charity.

Of course, it is a good thing for the big devil to abandon evil and do good, but the sudden change so big makes Little Turtle wonder if he has any "illegal attempts", but no matter how you ask, the big devil just smiles and doesn't answer, so he slowly She didn't care about it anymore.

It was not until many, many years later, when they joined hands to the underworld, and heard that the Great Demon King was bargaining with the ghost with the merits he had done during his lifetime, and asked her to reincarnate with her in the next life and become a husband and wife. What she said.

Yue Ni is not a good person, and neither is the Great Demon asking himself!

"I use my half-life merit in exchange for fate with you in the next life, so my little tortoise, promise me that you will meet and fall in love with me in the next life, okay?"

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