Qi Meng Xuanji Chapter 236

Chapter 236: The Tortoise Lays Eggs..reens.

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Little tortoise has always been susceptible to problems, but the body is still good. The shameful thing of fainting for no reason has never happened. So once it happens, she will severely warn Lan Qing Lanxi who is next to her. The big devil made a small report, not to mention it!

Lan Qing Lan Xi disagrees with her behavior of taboos and doctors, but under the coercion that she almost burst into tears, she has to give in temporarily.

"You are not allowed to speak, and you are not allowed to warn your family when you go back!" Little Turtle warned.

Lan Qings family was Zhao Shiyi and Lan Xis family was Zhao Sixteen. They were married before the Great Devil abdicated and left Beijing. Little Turtle knew very well who was with him in general. Everyone closes their mouths tightly to have a chance to hide from the big devil.

But she obviously underestimated the dark and evil forces of the Great Devil. As soon as her voice fell, she heard the voice of the Great Devil from behind: "What can't you say? How come you fainted so honestly?"

"No, no, I didn't faint, but when I went ashore, my foot slipped a bit and nothing happened!" The little turtle resisted, resolutely not admitting that his body would be so bad that he would faint after standing in the creek for a while.

The big demon didn't say a word, he picked her up and walked into the house: "Even I dare to lie! If there is anything, the doctor will read it after reading it!"

The little tortoise flattened his mouth, and from the corner of his eyes, Lan Qing and Lan Xi were covering their mouths and snickering, hum! The two are out of sympathy!

This morning, the big devil went out to work early in the morning. Little tortoise heard that the Xuanbi spring behind Lingquan Villa was cool and surrounded by green trees. It was an excellent summer resort, so he took Lan Qinglan to play, because the little turtle wanted After soaking their feet in the spring and playing in the water, Zhao Shilu and the others were inconvenient to spy, and confirmed that there was no one near the spring and there were no dangerous factors such as snakes and insects, so they retreated to the outside to guard.

Originally played well, the little tortoise fainted inexplicably after having played enough to get ashore. Lan Qinglanxi was very scared, and Zhao Shilu and others were also disturbed. Zhao Wu, Zhao and Jiu two used poisonous experts to replace the little ones. The tortoise probed her pulse and looked weird, but insisted that her body was not serious or poisoned.

The first thing the little turtle wakes up is to whitewash the peace, cover up the facts, and deceive others. However, these small actions are generally futile with the big devil.

In the face of the lesson of failure, Little Tortoise decided to change his strategy, first to find out the traitor who made a small report, and then after the autumn settled his grievance.

The talent was put on the bed, and the little turtle couldn't wait to ask: "Who asked you to come back? Aren't you busy?"

The Great Devil squeezed her nose helplessly and said: "Someone told me that you suddenly fainted, of course I have to rush back. You! If you don't stare at you for a moment, there will be problems."

The little tortoise said with a flat mouth: "Someone? Who?"

The big devil knew her careful thinking by seeing her appearance: "Don't make bad ideas!"

"Hmph! If you don't tell me, I know it must be Zhao Wu and Zhao Jiu! They deserve to be unable to get a wife!" Little Turtle cursed viciously.

The big devil didn't bother to care about her, grabbed her wrist and diagnosed her pulse. Although he was not a doctor, he knew a little about ordinary medicine.

The little tortoise peeked at his expression, watching his eyes slowly rise with unbelief and surprise, pressing one hand and then changing the other hand, the look of the big devil was hesitant and joyful, slowly becoming determined .

"Is there anything wrong with your body recently?" The voice of the Great Demon King was a little trembling.

"Ah? No? It's normal!" The little turtle quickly denied.

"It seems that you did not come for the monthly affairs of last month" The Great Demon frowned in thought.

The little tortoise blushed, can you stop discussing this private matter seriously.

At this time, Lan Xi reported outside the door that the doctor had arrived.

"You obediently tell me to be honest!" Although it was a warning, the little turtle could see that the big devil seemed very worried.

She is not a fool either. Organizing the performance of the big devil, she probably guessed that she might be pregnant. Uh, it is expected! The great devil worked so hard to sow so much, it is too late to have it now.

The gauze tent was put down, and the arm stretched out of the gauze tent. It seemed that more than one doctor came in. The little turtle felt that his wrist was about to be fingerprinted by a person. The doctors finally confirmed the unified conclusion-Madam Youxi Up!

The whole Lingquan Villa was plunged into the festive atmosphere of joy. The big devil was rarely happy, and the little tortoise, as a key protected animal, is now more delicate in everyone's eyes. The big devil can't wait to hold her in his palm at all times.

Lan Qing and Lanxi's tasks have also become heavier. After receiving the orders of the Great Demon King, she will implement strict control and follow-up observation on the little tortoise. At any time, she must be looked after by a maid within three feet of her.

After dinner, the Great Demon King dismissed the maid and the **** who was serving beside him, and leaned on the bed with the little turtle to talk about love, and suddenly remembered one thing that he had not mentioned to the little turtle.

I didn't mention it before because I didn't want her to have too much pressure on childbirth, but now I have to say.

"Little tortoise, if this child is born a boy, let him be given the surname Zhao, how about?" Although it is guessed that little tortoise is not too concerned about this matter, but the son is the flesh and blood born from her stomach, he decided without authorization after all, it is reasonable. Can't explain it.

auzw.com "Huh? Are you planning to go back to the surname Zhao again?" Little Turtle understands the question of surnames to this extent, but she cant be blamed. Modern peoples conception of surnames and clan has long been It is so indifferent, it is impossible to think of the complicated inheritance of identity rights from the change of surname.

The big devil couldn't laugh or cry after hearing this: "Lao Wang Ye is my adoptive father. He and his mother and concubine have a great education to me. They have no children. I want to adopt my son to inherit Zhao's cigarettes under the name of Zhao."

The little tortoise said "Oh", and finally got a bit of a concept. After thinking about it, he suddenly became nervous: "You don't want to raise your son with your mother and concubine! First declare that I will bring my own baby!"

The great devil couldn't help but knocked on her and said: "You thought of wherever you went. We naturally took the son to raise him, and he was sent to the mother and concubine to let the elderly meet and be happy."

"That's okay! You can change anything if you change your surname. Anyway, if you change it yourself, I dont know what the childs surname is. Also, dont knock me, knock me stupid, and the child will be stupid. Yes!" The little turtle complained flatly.

What an angry little turtle!

The Great Demon King thought for a while, and decided to make the stakes clearer: "Little Turtle, if this child is named Zhao, he will no longer belong to the Chi family, but a courtier."

The little tortoise yawned and said, "Well, remember to ask his grandma to give a larger red envelope. Hehe, the hard work of being an emperor is just right for the children of the Yuaner family."

The little tortoise was about to lay eggs. The big devil was very happy. He couldn't eat a tortoise meal for a while, but he never expected that this incident would have such a serious impact on his position in the little tortoise's mind!

How serious is it? Its so serious that he almost wants to stuff the little turtle back, not to give birth

During the first three months of pregnancy, I could not eat tortoises, and I barely passed the hugs. Two people lie in bed before going to bed and talk about everything, it is better than nothing, don't just have a warm feeling in my heart.

From the fourth month on, the big devil found that the main object of the little turtle was the child who had not yet been born in her belly, and claimed that this was "prenatal education". At first he didn't think there was anything in it. Even the big devil joined in and talked to this belly. The child who hadn't formed here spoke slowly, and the big devil felt a noticeable neglect.

Fortunately, as the cumbersome discomfort during pregnancy became more and more obvious, the little turtle became more clingy. Sometimes when the mood was bad, he grabbed the big devil and grinds his teeth. Although there are a few more tooth marks on his arms, his heartache On the contrary, the big devil of Little Turtle feels a little happy-Little Turtle still needs him!

Everything changes from the moment the baby is born

The little tortoise really lived up to expectations and gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but insisted on feeding by herself and bringing her own baby. The big devil was completely left out in the cold.

It's not that I haven't tried to persuade the little tortoise to hand over the baby to the nurse, but the little tortoise rebuffed: "The child I gave birth is naturally brought by me!"

The big devil was depressed, and he didn't expect that one day, he would live a life competing with his son for favor.

After a arduous tug of war of wit and bravery, the big devil finally managed to grab some of the little turtle's attention.

Just when the big devil was overjoyed, the little turtle became pregnant again

In order to avoid fighting for the inferior position of the little turtle all day long in the second half of his life, the big devil made a decisive decision and secretly sent a letter to his brother Chi Jinming requesting a pair of anti-pregnancy drugs that the little turtle secretly took.

The two children are the limit of his patience!

Chi Siyuan knew that Little Turtle was pregnant, and wrote that his gift for this year's birthday would be a sister.

I dont know if the holy monarchs power of thought is stronger, the little turtle really gave birth to a cute Yuxue baby girl, and she looks like a smaller version of the little tortoise. The more the big devil watched, the more reluctant he was, he had to give up. The decision to send the youngest daughter to the palace for raising.

Knowing that his father had changed his mind, Chi Siyuan felt uneasy, and wrote letters many times to severely condemn his parents' unbelieving behavior.

After years of entanglement, Chi Siyuan finally succeeded in grabbing her younger sister (there was also a deliberate release of water by the big devil), and as soon as she returned to the palace, she sealed the princess Linglong and loved her.

Little tortoise went back to Beijing to visit relatives with the big devil one time, and found that the little daughter used something more upscale than the holy monarch Chi Siyuan used. He couldn't help but smile at the big devil and said: "Your son is even more outrageous than my elder brother. I have seen someone who loves my sister so much, and I have children in groups, but I still talk about my sister every day."

The big devil smiled slightly, he actually understood his son's thoughts a little bit, and this daughter should be regarded as compensation for the two of them not being able to accompany him.

Now there is only one opponent left. He has written a letter and prepared an excuse. After leaving Beijing, he will immediately send the youngest son to his mother and concubine to perform his filial piety. At that time, the little turtle will belong to him alone.

This article was written in a hurry, and the details may be changed. Let's post it up for everyone to see.

Nailao, there is still an official fanfare. See you when the pink ticket reaches 168 votes! The new book is in preparation, and I will see you soon

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