Qi Meng Xuanji Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Little Troubles In Happiness

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The little tortoise successfully gave birth to the little devil queen's first new year, the big devil's biological father and mother sent a letter saying that they planned to spend the festival together.

So the little tortoise began to grow big, and a mother-in-law had already made her want to go back to her natal house. If another one comes, divorce is possible!

The big devil knew her worries, he just smiled weirdly and said: "You can't get along with your concubine, you must get along well with my mother"

"Huh? Why?" Little Turtle was curious.

"You'll know when you meet Mother Mother." The big devil did not let go of any chance to tease the little turtle.

Recently, he was depressed and broken. The little tortoise circled the little devil every day and saw that he was far less affectionate than usual.

The worst thing is that yesterday, I managed to persuade the little tortoise to take the little devil to the next door and spend the night with the nanny maid. Just as he turned the little tortoise to bed and wanted to eat a bad meal, the little devil suddenly cried. And it was full of breath and sounded the roof tiles.

The little tortoise, who was already in love, flew all his heart to his son, pushed away the frustrated big devil, and rushed to the next room after finishing his clothes to coax the little devil.

The big devil felt hurt, and since there was a little devil, little tortoise will never regret him again! Is this a kind of self-inflicted crime?

The little tortoise rolled his eyes at the obvious betrayal of the big devil, and then turned around to go to the little devil.

After only two steps, he suddenly felt a tight waist, and he was pulled back into the arms of the big devil.

"Hey! What are you doing?" The little tortoise struggled twice and couldn't get away. He didn't know what the big devil was suddenly mad.

"You only remember your son in your heart!"

I can't see the big devil's expression, but listening to this sour tone, I can already imagine his face with a bit of pity and shame.

No matter how mature and powerful a man is, he will occasionally show a little childishness in front of the woman closest to him.

Little tortoise thought that he had really ignored the big devil recently, and felt a little guilty, and his voice softened: "I, I will be with you tonight. Let me go first, or your son will wake up hungry and cry. It's not fun to shout!"

"I'm hungry too, why don't you take care of me first?" While hinting in a pun, he began to move his hands up unfaithfully, and steadily dragged the little tortoise's chest, which was obviously fuller than before.

The little tortoise turned from blush to neck on the spot, and looked around nervously. Fortunately, the servant **** the flower hall was sent out early!

In fact, she also wanted to be intimate with the big devil, but it's better to wait for the evening, now it's too shameful, and the point is that the little devil will definitely yell if he doesn't see her when he wakes up.

Cruelly pulled the big devil's paws away, turned around and hugged his waist, and coquettishly said: "Okay, okay, I'll come back to accompany you later, don't say that my son is a kid anymore! It was obviously you who argued for him at the beginning !"

The big devil hugged the little tortoise and kissed hard, then he reluctantly let go, comforting himself: anyway, the little tortoise has promised to make compensation later, so bear with it.

As a result, the "being late" in the mouth of the little turtle is indeed a little too late.

The big devil specially closed the chores and returned to the room early, and found that the little tortoise was not there. When asked, he said that after feeding the little master, he went out for a walk.

Wait and wait, wait until the third watch is almost the third watch, only to see the little tortoise come back with a tired face, saying that he returned to the room after a walk, and the little devil entangled her to prevent her from leaving, and finally put him to sleep with only one front foot. When he went out, the little devil woke up again and burst into tears. It took him several times to get him done.

The big devil's dark face didn't have the energy to look at it, and the little tortoise fell asleep directly on the bed.

This is the compensation for the little turtle? Is it tolerable or unbearable!

But seeing her extremely tired look, she couldn't bear to shake her up and scold her. After taking a few deep breaths, the big devil had to smile wryly and hug the little tortoise and sleep!

After seeing the big devil's mother-in-law, Little Turtle finally understood why she could get along well with her.

This princess of Yuanqi Kingdom is noble enough, but her personality is refreshing and non-trivial. She is obviously fifty years away, and she seems to have a unique girly innocent charm. It is also a person who can't help but get close to it. People.

However, the big devil thinks that little turtle can get along with her happily, obviously there are other reasons besides character factors

"Xiao Yuan, this child is too kind, and even the snobbish Zhuo Yinglan from the Fei Qianhua family found a good relationship, my son and grandson, all of their minds are toward that Fei Qianhua!" Qi Pingting angrily said to Little Turtle.

Little tortoise didn't want to argue for the mother-in-law to make this mother-in-law sad, nor could he agree with that mother-in-law's fault, so she changed the subject and said, "What good marriage did Xiao Yuan find for Ying Lan?"

"He actually married that stubborn girl Yinglan to Mo Zongjian, the son of Lord Caisi Mo! A good son in the capital was ruined!" Qi Pingting was obviously worthless for Mo Zongjian.

The name "Mo Zongjian" seems to have been heard! The little tortoise thought for a while. I never thought about where I heard it, so I stopped thinking about it. Just then, Lan Qing hugged the little demon over, and Qi Pingtings attention was attracted by this cute little Yuxue doll on the spot. .

"This child is exactly the same as Jian Shen's childhood!" When Chi Siyuan was born, Qi Pingting was in Qi country and it was inconvenient to visit her. It was only when Chi Siyuan was a few years old that she saw her grandson for the first time. Regret. At this moment, when I saw the grandson in front of me, I almost cried with excitement.

The child can speak just now, and only speak simple single sounds. Little turtle simply taught his son to call grandma.

A few days ago, she secretly taught this kid how to pronounce. This little baby is also sensible. The small black eyeballs rolled on Qi Pingting's face, and she opened her mouth and uttered two sounds intermittently: "Grandma"

On the spot, Qi Pingting was so happy that she couldn't wait to dig her heart out and love this baby grandson.

But when he was not happy for a moment, his brows wrinkled again: "Good wife, tell me honestly, did Fei Qianhua force you to give my grandson the surname Zhao! She has already robbed one of my sons and one grandson, and she is still unwilling Is it enough? Humph! I heard that she had forced you to see Shen marry a little wife before and made you angry back to her natal family! Don't be afraid, tell my mother-in-law, I will uphold justice for you!"


Although the little tortoise was moved in his heart, the mother-in-law really went to trouble that mother-in-law, and that was terrible.

This topic cannot be answered!

"Mother, your little grandson is called'grandma' for the first time! No matter what his surname, he is still your grandson! You can't stop hurting him because of this! You see his eyes are so long It looks exactly like yours!"

Qi Pingting itself is also a single-celled animal. After listening to the little tortoise, her vanity was greatly satisfied. She hurriedly leaned over to stare at the child's eyes and looked left and right. The more she looked, the more satisfied she became, and she laughed from ear to ear.

After a while, the big devil finally returned to the room, and the little turtle finally breathed a sigh of relief. Both sides were both grandma-level figures who could not afford to offend, and she didn't want to be caught in the middle.

In the evening, the big devil pretended to be considerate and asked the servant wife and nanny to take the little devil to his mother to spend the night, so that they could cultivate the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. He quickly dragged the tortoise back to the room and prepared to close the door and settle the account after autumn.

Little tortoise obviously has no sense of crisis, and is still in the mood to inquire about gossip along the way.

"The mother and the concubine seem to be at odds with each other. Did something happen between them?"

"My concubine was interested in my father back then," the big devil replied casually, half-squinting his eyes to look at the curvy body of the little tortoise next to him, thinking about where he would start to speak later.

"Wow! It turns out that there is such a thing, no wonder who is Mo Zongjian? My mother said that he was the husband Xiaoyuan had found for Yinglan. How did I hear that?"

"Probably you heard about it when you were dealing with people from the treasurer." The big devil did not want to remind the little turtle to think of the name of the guy who once dared to make her mind.

He is very satisfied with his son's handling.

Chi Siyuan remembered that Mo Zongjian had been upset by the little turtle, so he deliberately announced that the woman who was walking with him that day was Zhuo Yinglan. The two were relatives, and it was reasonable to visit the capital together.

Since Mo Zongjian met the little tortoise in a restaurant a few years ago, he has been obsessed with it and rejected many marriages for this reason.

This time he was secretly misled by Chi Siyuan, and he really believed it and went to beg.

Zhuo Yinglan was completely desperate after the Great Demon King abdicated. It was rare that a "high-ranking cadre's son" came to the door and naturally nodded in agreement.

The two men had a rather discordant life after their marriage, and finally had to admit their fate.

Although Chi Siyuan did not wait to see Yinglan, she still wanted to call her a cousin. The marriage that Mo Zongjian asked for, naturally made no sense to repent of the marriage. The battle of Yingran also completely tempered their tempers. It's still peaceful.

The little tortoise was brought back to the room and watched the big devil turn around and bolt the door himself, only then did he realize that it was not good.

"Little tortoise, you can now calculate how much you owe me and how to pay it back!" The big devil smiled fiercely.

The little tortoise blinked innocently, and finally found out that he is now calling the heavens and the earth is not working.

"Why do you want me to accompany you?" The little tortoise preemptively leaned forward and was sloppy.

The big demon triumphantly pushed the people to the bed and pushed them down, and then began to disarm each other.

Rebellion will die even worse!

"You have to get up early tomorrow to please your parents. Don't go too far!" Change the strategy and make sense.

"I told my mother that your body has been weak after childbirth, and she told you not to go there. Please be safe. Besides, she and her father also want to be close to grandchildren. You can sleep peacefully tomorrow morning, and it doesn't matter if you sleep till night." With a smile, his hands slid across the turtle's waist and unloaded the lower clothes easily one at a time.

"I want to report your unfilial behavior to deceive your mother!" Little tortoise "intimidated" with winks.

"In order to prevent you from having a chance to file a complaint, I will try to make you weaker." The Great Devil responded to the provocation by directly escalating his actions.

"Wow! You are not allowed to bite me!"

"Okay, don't bite"

"Don't lick, itchy"

The next day, the little tortoise rested weakly on the bed.

A few months later, the little tortoise was lying weakly by the bed and gagging, and she became pregnant again

The big devil held the little tortoise, who was vomiting all kinds of meat and vegetables, and thought of repeating the day of competing with the little devil or the little tortoise for his wifes attention

Should you feel happy or depressed? this is a problem.

The happy life of the little turtle and the big devil is still going on in some time and space.

As for the modern version of Fanwai, let's just let it happen. I like a sentence-the pursuit of happiness is just a change of mood.

I hope everyone has the ability to make themselves happy.

My new book Violent Fairy has been uploaded, ISBN: 1311057, the same happy story, welcome to collect it and watch it slowly!

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