Online Game: I Am The One Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432: The Real World No. 1

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Chapter 1432: The True World Number One

Everyone felt a bit inexplicable when they knew they had come to fetch the star stone.

However, people could no longer understand Liu Yun's ruthless method.

"When the star realm is destroyed, our trouble will be great."

Andrei looked at the blood on the ground and frowned, "Although the star field is not a big field, we attacked and destroyed the star field for no reason. This has violated the rules between fields! We may become public enemies! Up."

"I know!"

Liu Yun spoke with a light voice.

"The great king, what do you want to... do?"

"Just a few artifacts."

He turned around and looked at everyone.

"Are we going to find other areas?" Andre asked in a daze.


"But once this happens, a domain war will be launched! This...this...our natural domain will be wiped out!"

"It's only myself that is eliminated!"

Liu Yun showed a relaxed smile and said: "From today, all those who quit the natural realm will receive three-year training materials presented in the realm. You can leave by yourself. You dont have to follow me. If you leave, I will not complain. You, after all, the road I have to go next is extremely dangerous, you don't have to follow me to take risks!"

"What is this for?" Nighthawk asked suddenly.

"In order not to regret it."

"Don't let yourself regret it?"

Nighthawk's eyes lost consciousness for a moment, but he quickly recovered. He nodded, his voice still feelingless: "My King, Nighthawk will follow you until death."

"No matter what decision you make, the loyal Togala will be with you!"

"My king's will will never be wrong!"

"For the great nature!!"

People in the natural realm chanted.

Although they could not understand what Liu Yun did, they still had no hesitation.

It was not because Liu Yun possessed a certain personality charm.

It's not because of how dynamic his rhetoric is.

It is because people in all fields have a belief in their hearts!

An unwavering obsession that is difficult to change.

After obtaining the Star Stone, the next target is the artifact in the cold water domain.

Cold water spirit.

Inherited the treasure of the ice field for 400 years.

However, under Liu Yun's fierce demand, the Lord of Cold Water lost to Liu Yun, and after the fiasco, he handed over Cold Water Soul.

However, the Lord of Cold Water had already noticed the aura of the Holy Spirit on Liu Yun, and he was extremely annoyed at the fact that Liu Yun asked for the artifact by force. After Liu Yun left the cold water domain, he released a message and notified this situation. People in all fields.

Ever since.

When fetching the last piece of material, people in the natural realm suffered unprecedented obstacles.

Desperate field.

Located in New Delhi, India.

This is a field that focuses on practice, thinking hard about the way of people and the way of the heart.

They are similar to ascetics. Everyone in the field wears only linen clothes. They do not eat or drink, and only rely on absorbing the energy of heaven and earth to survive.

This is true for everyone in the field, and even most people in the field do not have mobile phones and no electronic products.

It's not that they are poor, but that they are focused on it, obsessed with it.

Of course, there are some results of penance.

The strength of the Desperate Realm is by no means weaker than the Natural Realm or the Light Realm.

But today.

In front of the desert where the Desperate Realm is located, there are people from countless realms.

Light Realm, War Realm, Wisdom Realm, Vampire Realm, Cold Water Realm, etc.

They are like a wall, blocked in front of Liu Yun.

Liu Yun quietly looked at these people in front of him, and he sighed lightly, his face calm, without any waves.

People in the natural realm followed.

The four patron saints stand in the four directions of Liu Yun, Andre and Nighthawk stand in the back row, as well as Rolumbull and others.

Although it is a fantasy for one field to contend with nearly ten fields, no one who comes here is afraid, no one is afraid.

Roar! ! ! !

At this time, a dragon roar resounded across the sky, and then a huge dark dragon flew from the sky.


The only dragon left on earth.

On the ground under the prisoner's dragon, a figure as big as a small room moved quickly.


The natural realm dispatched all the forces capable of fighting.

Seeing this scene, people in those fields can't understand.

But seeing this, Liu Yun moved.

He lifted his foot and walked forward step by step.

Stepping on the hot yellow sand, without hesitation.

"I know what you are here to do!"

Liu Yun spoke and said loudly.

"Lord of Nature, you destroyed the Star Domain, and also took away the artifacts in the Cold Water Domain. You have violated the domain rules!! Do you know?" the master of the war domain shouted.

"Then, you are going to punish me?"

Liu Yun asked.

"We just follow the rules!"

"So, you are not for the body of the Holy Spirit?"

Liu Yun raised a smile at the corner of his mouth and said.

The words fell, but no one answered.

Obviously, what punishment? They didn't want to pay attention to it. What they really cared about was the body of the Holy Spirit on Liu Yun.

"I understand!"

Liu Yun yelled aloud, staring calmly at the person in front of him, he covered his chest, and then whispered: "If you want the body of the Holy Spirit, come on! But don't blame me for not reminding you. , You cant take back the body of the Holy Spirit!"

How rampant is this sentence?

After hearing this, people were all angry.

"Honorable Lord of Nature!"

At this time, but the Pope of Light spoke.

Liu Yun looked up.

But he saw him thinking for a while, and then said: "Last time in China Guangshen City, you saved me and the saint of my realm. You are kind to us in the light realm. This matter today is the light realm. Decided not to participate!"

After finishing speaking, the Pope Guangming waved his hand and dipped: "Believers in the Light Realm, let's go, don't embarrass the friend of God Guangming!"

The words ended, and the people in the Bright Realm left one after another.

"Thank you!"

Liu Yun said quietly.

"It's up to you!"

In the crowd, Dragon God also smiled faintly and led people away.

Not much speech, but it gave a kind of help within its capacity.

In order not to grudge with other domains, and prevent their own domain from being killed and lost, they did not stand up to help Liu Yun, but even so, it was enough. After all, they were the master of the domain, a group, not a person.

Liu Yun nodded at him.

After walking through the two major areas, others are a little surprised, but this cannot change the current situation.

People in the current realm can still easily crush the natural realm.

Liu Yun stared at those who remained, and smiled slightly: "What are you waiting for? Do you want me to act first?"

"In order to maintain the rules between the realms, the natural realm! You should accept the punishment obediently!"

Finally, the lord of the war gave a low drink and couldn't help but shot. He rushed up with a swarm of people, like a beast swarming over.

However, Liu Yun didn't have the slightest fear. Instead, he stepped forward and stood at the forefront. Then, his body suddenly burst into a fierce and dazzling golden light, the golden light appeared, and instantly swallowed everyone in the war domain.


The people behind were shocked.

This light is vast and holy, and there is an unmatched magical power. The person illuminated by the light instantly loses all power and becomes a mortal.

Such a terrifying force is definitely not the force of nature.

"Not good, not good!!"

The brain of the Wisdom Realm was extremely pale, staring at the golden light, and horrified: "The Lord of Nature has already absorbed the body of the Holy God!! He has already absorbed the body of the Holy God!!"


The person next to him screamed.

"What is impossible?"

The golden light dissipated, and the man walked out.

Just seeing that he is intact, and people in the war domain have fallen around him. The hot desert around him has disappeared at this moment. Instead, it is an oasis. The Lord of War is penetrated by several vines. Struggling hard, he has not yet died, but at this moment, he is not far from death.

"It's actually very simple to quickly integrate the body of the Holy Spirit. Just keep fighting to force out my potential. I have lost my heart. I am already at the end of the crossbow, but I still choose to fight the star field and fight the Lord of Cold Water. , The purpose is not only for the divine weapon, but also to be able to fuse the body of the holy god! With the body of the holy god, who can stop me?"

The voice fell, and he moved forward.

The domain people suddenly lost their arrogant and arrogant attitude. At this moment, they realized that the person in front of them was like a giant, unable to shake them at all.

People kept backing away, looking at the people in front of them nervously and tremblingly.

The prisoner dragon was roaring, and the violent tiger was roaring.

People in the natural realm approach with the Lord of Nature in front of them.

At this moment, Andre really understood Liu Yun's meaning ~wuxiaworld.online~ He was not just asking for materials.

It is to defeat all fields, become the king of all fields, and become the true number one in the world.

Finally, someone couldn't bear this depression, and knelt down, begging for forgiveness and saving their lives.

In the realm, the weak is the rule.

No one would think that he could fight a person with the body of a holy god. In their opinion, this is an invincible existence!

Moreover, the field of war is the end.

The people in the vampire realm surrendered.

The people in the rock field also surrendered.

The people in the cold water field also surrendered.


In the end, under the leadership of the brain, the Wisdom Realm also announced surrender, begging for the grace of the Lord of Nature to spare their lives.

The Dragon God and the Pope, who were not far away, were shocked to see this situation.

"It turns out... he deliberately lured us over."

Dragon God smiled bitterly.

"Since he has absorbed the body of the Holy Spirit, why... let us leave and not let us submit to him?" the Pope asked puzzled.

The Dragon God laughed blankly: "You don't understand Liu Yun! He is not a person who really cares about rights. Although I don't know the purpose of his doing this, we just made them give up their slavery to our domain. ."

"What did you do just now?"

"Yes! If we do not choose to leave, but continue to fight with him, then he will let us surrender, if not, we will be destroyed, but we gave up, so in his view, we are allies, yes Friend, not the minister!" The Dragon God took a breath and said: "As expected of the Lord of Nature, I am inferior to him in the principle of life."

When the sound fell, the Dragon God jumped and turned into a dragon, escaping into the sky.

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