I Pick Up Attributes In The End Times Chapter 827

Chapter 827: Keep The Decision

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When the price reached 45 million yuan, the atmosphere in the entire auction venue was quiet again.

But after the silence, the atmosphere in the venue became extremely lively.

"Forty-five million yuan stone!"

"It's only 5 million yuan to the 50 million yuan stone!"

"Yes, and the price increase must not be less than one million shi, which means that as long as there are five more price increases, the price will completely exceed 50 million shi."

"However, we can't be so optimistic. Sometimes, it's just that the five million yuan stone is difficult to break through."

"That's true. After all, the normal price of a heavenly spirit treasure is 40 million yuan stone. Now the 45 million yuan stone has exceeded the normal price of 5 million yuan stone."

"I estimate that after this price is reached, in the new round, there should be forces that will withdraw."

"Well, maybe there will be forces to withdraw, or it will really exceed 50 million yuan."

Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, and they started talking.

Hearing their comments, the general manager at the back of the auction station was already happy from ear to ear.

If the transaction price of this mountain and river fan can really reach 50 million yuan, then their Wanbao Chamber of Commerce can get a profit of 5 million yuan just by mentioning Chengdu.

This is already the biggest single profit of this auction.

Moreover, from a certain point of view, five million yuan stone, many ordinary families can not make a whole year.


In the private room where Shengtianzong is located.

The man sitting next to Duan Yuanzheng squinted his eyes, and then muttered: "Brother Duan, the price has soared to 45 million yuan stone. Do you continue to increase the price by one million stone or directly increase the price to four. Eight million yuan stone to go?"

Yes, there are indeed two choices in front of Duan Yuan.

The price of Shanhe Fan has been called forty-five million yuan by the Liege Academy.

Duan Yuanzhengs bottom line is 48 million yuan stone. If he did not directly bid for 48 million yuan stone, then after he bid for 46 million yuan stone, other forces increased the price twice, Just exceeded his bottom line.

In this way, he has no chance to bid again.

If he directly bid for 48 million yuan stone, it would be equivalent to raising the price by 3 million yuan stone at one time, and it might scare others not to continue to increase the price.

Of course, if others continue to increase prices, then he still does not have the possibility of competition.

Duan Yuanzheng himself was thinking and analyzing this issue in his mind.

After a while, he still made a decision.

"Forget it, don't directly bid for the 48 million yuan stone, just bid for the 46 million yuan stone and see their reaction."

After Duan Yuanzheng murmured, he shouted, "Forty-six million yuan stone."


In the private room where Tianwumen is.

The man next to Shu Hongtu glanced at the direction where Saint Tianzong was, then frowned, and muttered: "Brother Shu, Saint Tianzong still only increased the price by one million yuan, how should we respond? "

Upon hearing this question, the rest of the people also focused their attention on Shu Hongtu. Obviously they were also very curious about this question.

Shu Hongtu's own bottom line is also 48 million yuan stone, and the price has now reached 46 million yuan stone. If he bids for 47 million yuan stone, then as long as one power increases the price, they There is no opportunity for fare increases.

Thinking of this, Shu Hongtu took a deep breath and decided: "If this is the case, then I will directly bid for 48 million yuan."

Yes, he has decided. This time he will not increase the price of 1 million yuan, but will directly increase the price of 2 million yuan to reach his bottom line price.

After the voice fell, Shu Hongtu didn't waste time, shouting loudly: "48 million yuan stone."


"Tianwumen directly increased the price by two million yuan stone!"

"Yes, I have all increased the price of one million yuan in stone before, but I didn't expect that it would suddenly increase the price of 2 million yuan in stone."

"Tianwu Sect is domineering! It shocked me!"

"It is estimated that I want to use this to shock other forces!"

"Yes, do not rule out this possibility!"

"But it's also possible that they can only get 48 million yuan stone, so they just called out the price."

"These are not important. What's important is that I am even more curious. After Tianwumen shouted out such a price, will the rest of the forces continue to raise prices?"

"Should you not continue to raise prices? If you raise prices again, it will be 49 million yuan."

"I don't know, don't you know if you look at it?"

Everyone was a little surprised at Tianwumens one-time price increase of two million yuan stone and the price of mountain and river fan to 48 million yuan stone.

They all thought that the increase in the price of this mountain and river fan would be maintained until the end with a one-million-dollar stone pattern. They did not expect that Tianwumen would suddenly break this law at this last moment.


Zhanyuezong's private room.

"Unexpectedly, Tianwumen also increased the price by two million yuan at a time, which really surprised me." A woman said with surprise in her voice.

From the expression on her face, she was indeed surprised.

Another woman glanced in the direction where Tianwumen was, and immediately retracted her gaze to look at Yu Shuiyao, and said, "Sister Yu, the price has now been called 48 million yuan stone, what should we do? Do you want to continue to increase prices?"

Hearing that, the eyes of the other three people also focused on Yu Shuiyao.

"With this price, we won't compete." Yu Shuiyao took a deep breath and quickly made a decision.

It's not that she can't get such a variety of stones, but she feels that this price is no longer necessary to compete, so she will let other forces compete.


In the private room where Nanluo College is located.

Yue Shan's complexion has become very ugly. He originally thought that the price of this mountain and river fan was at most 47 million yuan stone, but he did not expect that it had broken through to 48 million yuan stone.

How does this make him compete?

"Are people from Wumen in this day sick? It's this time, and I have to increase the price of two million yuan to go up!" Guo Yuanjie couldn't help but vomit.

Hearing what Guo Yuanjie said, Qiu Chengzhi also nodded and said: "It is indeed sick. This will increase the price by two million yuan. This is not clear to the general!"

Speaking of this, Guo Yuanjie looked at Yue Shan and asked: "Brother Yue Shan, what shall we do now?"

Yue Shan's brows were tightly locked, and then he took a deep breath and said, "The limit I can get out of my body now is 49 million yuan stone. I originally thought that 47 million yuan stone can be taken. Now it seems that I can only take another gamble!"

"It's all here, and it's time to gamble!" Guo Yuanjie said.

"Yes, Brother Yueshan, no matter what, you should try it." Qiu Chengzhi followed.


Yue Shan nodded, then looked at the auction stand and shouted loudly: "Forty-nine million yuan stone!"



In the auction venue, as Yue Shan's voice spread, there was an uproar.

"The Nanluo Academy is making a bid so soon!"

"It has reached 49 million yuan stone! Another bid, it will really exceed 50 million yuan stone!"

"Exciting, too exciting, it deserves to be the final item!"

"Yes, the appearance of this mountain and river fan simply ignited this auction."

"I'm already looking forward to the moment when the 50 million yuan stone comes."

"Hahaha, I look forward to the same."

Everyone looked at the private room where Nanluo College was located, and the sound of discussion spread wave after wave.

They thought that the next person to raise the price would be Zhan Yuezong, but they didn't expect Nanluo Academy to be more active here.

However, in this way, they thought that Zhan Yuezong might have opted out of the auction, otherwise, it should have been the people of Zhan Yuezong who had bid for the price.


In the private room where Shengtianzong is located.

A look of cruelty passed in a man's eyes, and he said solemnly: "I didn't expect the people from Nanluo College to be bidding!"

"Senior Brother Duan, shall we participate now?" another man asked.

Hearing this, Duan Yuanzheng shook his head and said: "It's all already at this price, so naturally we don't need to participate anymore, let them compete."

"However, I didn't expect that Nanluo College would offer a price of 49 million yuan stone. This is really beyond my expectations."

Hearing this, the man nodded and said: "Yes, it is estimated that several other forces are also surprised at the price offered by Nanluo Academy."

In their opinion, Nanluo Academy does not possess this kind of courage, but Yueshan has prepared very well this time, and has prepared a total of 49 million yuan.


In the private room where Tianwumen is.

Shu Hongtu frowned slightly and said, "This Yueshan is really unexpected! I thought they would not increase the price anymore, but I didn't expect them to continue to increase the price."

"Forty-nine million yuan stone, Brother Shu, what shall we do now? Do we still have to increase the price?" the man next to Shu Hongtu asked.

Hearing the man's question, Shu Hongtu frowned slightly and said, "It is already 49 million yuan, and it is beyond my bottom line. I don't want to increase the price."

"Senior Brother Shu, Shengtianzong is basically determined not to increase the price, and the same is true for Zhanyuezong. Although the Liege Academy is not sure whether they will continue to increase the price, it seems unlikely."

"If we don't continue to increase the price, then this heavenly treasure will fall into the hands of Nanluo Academy."

The man said regretfully.

Regarding the mans words, Shu Hongtu naturally understood, but he still said with certainty: "I know, anyway, Saint Tianzong will not bid anymore, and the price will exceed my bottom line. Let Nanluo College take it. Right!"

Shu Hongtu is not a person who easily changes his goals. Since he has decided not to continue bidding, he will not bid any more.

Regardless of whether this heavenly treasure will fall into the hands of Nanluo Academy, he has made a decision.

"Okay, Brother Shu."

Hearing what Shu Hongtu said, the man could only nod his head in response.

Their team itself is in charge of Shu Hongtu. Shu Hongtu will not bid anymore, so what else can they say.

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