I Shocked The Globe Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Interstellar Holographic Online Games20

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Chapter 411 Interstellar Holographic Online Game(20)

Yunxia shook her head: "No blood."

[Herde] Stopped.

He pursed his lips slightly, he couldn't see what he was thinking from his expression, and looked away, oh.

Yun Xia was curious: "What do you ask about this?"

When was the Great God interested in her family structure?

In her doubtful eyes, she answered expressionlessly to the side: "Just ask."

Yunxia looked at him strangely, and then waved over there, calling [Moshanghuakai] over.

[Moshanghuakai] was embarrassed to get rid of Nangong Wenren and heard Yunxia calling himself. If he was granted an amnesty, he quickly ran over.

Nangong Wenren's smile was slightly stiff.

He didn't know why, every time he chased [Moshanghuahua], he felt that there was a mysterious power in the way of hindering himself...

Every time he brushed his goodwill, the result ended in failure, making him feel very depressed.

[] After running to Yunxia, he saw the assassin beside him.

Her expression was alert, hiding behind Yun Xia and secretly aiming at each other.

She doesn't like this person.

It just happened that the other party should not like her either. When those blue-eyed pupils looked at her, their brightly colored eyes showed a trace of coldness. Although not obvious, [Moshanghuakai] felt very real.

Seeing that the members of his team were all there, Yun Xia waved into the copy.

The copy was loaded quickly.

The eyes of the three were dark, and suddenly they could not see anything. [Moshanghuakai] immediately subconsciously grabbed Yun Xia and hid to her.

Yunxia was not surprised at her reaction. After all, the other party is a standard silly white sweet, not afraid of black is not surprising.

What she didn't expect was...

The next second when it was dark, the tall assassin on the other side approached her silently.

The cool fingertips touched her cuffs, then slowly along the cuffs, and touched her wrists, slender five fingers closed together and held, as if silent comfort.

Yunxia felt like a sandwich biscuit.

On one side is the trembling sister who seeks asylum, on the other side is the young man who protects himself coldly.

These two people are really two extremes.

After a few seconds.

After the transmission is completed, the front gradually lights up. Yunxia sees that there are big trees around. This is the original forest of the game.

As the surroundings lit up, the appearance of the three people also fell into their respective eyes.

There was a Yunxia in the middle, [Moshanghuakai] flinched behind her, holding her right hand, and [Herde] stood in front of her with a protective gesture, holding her left hand.


Yun Xia said a little embarrassedly: "Release."

[Moshanghuakai] Relying on being her sister, Wen Yan only loosened a little bit, still holding silently.

The blonde assassin was silent for two seconds and relaxed.

In terms of the relationship between three people, [Moshanghuakai] can not let go, but [Herde] has no reason.

He lowered his eyes slightly, his blond hair was beautiful, his long lashes covered the blue eyes, and he silently withdrew his hands.

Wearing black gloves, only showing a white fingertip, he lowered his head and put his finger on the handle of the dagger around his waist.

Yun Xia tilted her head.

Seeing that the Great God was not very emotional, she was helpless and had to take the initiative to reach out and hook her fingertips.

"... Hey, forget it, let's hold it. It's dangerous here, everyone is closer."


[Herde] Slightly stunned, glanced at the hooked hand, did not speak, still cold and expressionless, holding her backhand.

(End of this chapter)

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