Im Picking Up Pieces In Pubg Chapter 2464

Chapter 2463: Dong Shi Xiao Ning

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The grenade exploded again, and the violent explosion made the ground tremble.

Fortunately, Jiang Siming escaped in time and was not affected by the grenade.

However, the opponent seemed to be possessed by Lei Zhenzi, throwing two of them but still to throw them.

Just thinking about solving Jiang Siming with a hand thunder.

Faced with the adversary of the arsenal next door, he kept throwing mines.

Jiang Siming put away the gun silently, took out the pan that was around his waist, and walked to the door again.

When the third grenade flew, Jiang Si Minglun lifted the pan and slapped it!


There was a muffled sound.

The grenade was knocked out and bounced back to the arsenal next door with precision.

The opponent pinched the thunder in seconds, and as soon as the grenade flew back, it exploded.

"The player [Ming] used a fragmentation grenade to kill the player [sour]"

With this wave of operations, the audience is boiling.


The new players seem to have seen a new world, the original game can still be played like this.

Many old end game players miss this scene very much.

At first, Myojin used a pan to shoot thunders in the end game. Later, because this technique was too abnormal, the official canceled this technique in order to weaken Jiang Siming.

So that I never saw Jiang Siming's god-level thundering operation again.

I didn't expect to reproduce this kind of operation in the hologram, so I miss it!

The player hiding on the second floor of the prison witnessed the scene of the arsenal. He looked at the same pan on his waist, and decided to come to a lightning strike in a while!

After the player in the arsenal died, only the people hiding in the prison were left.

The gun had just fired in the prison, Jiang Siming read the kill reminder, there should be only two or three people left inside.

Jiang Siming came to the outside of the prison. There was no movement inside, as if he was completely dead.

But the truth is that the people inside are struggling with each other, and no one dares to move.

There is a three-legged stand in the prison, but you don't want to think about my past, and no one wants to take advantage of it and shoot first.

If its a big deal, Ill be a prisoner, and Ill stay here today to spend the rest of my life in prison.

Unfortunately, their abacus was forcibly disrupted by Jiang Siming, the prison guard.

Hearing the sound of footsteps outside, the indigenous spirits of the three prisons were tense.

Among the two players hiding on the second floor, one player sneaked a flash of light at the other player in order to save himself.

The position of the other party was exposed.

"I'm really **** your dad!"

Another player was exposed, not to mention his location, but was also blinded by flashes, yelling at him with anger.

But this saved Jiang Siming a lot.

Sorry, now he knows where the two are.

Jiang Siming didn't want to rush over either, so he took out a grenade from his backpack.

This grenade belonged to the buddy from the arsenal next door. I really dont know what luck this kid had. One arsenal picked up five grenade and two Molotov cocktails.

Now it's all cheap, Jiang Siming.

The grenade pulled the bolt, Jiang Siming held it in his hand, waited for 3.5 seconds, then went out sideways and threw it from the door!

The grenade flew out in a parabola, and flew over the head of the blind player who was flashed by the flash.

Before landing, the grenade exploded in the sky!

He didn't even give the slightest chance to react and was killed on the spot!

Then Jiang Siming took out another one, and after it was thrown on the opponent's head, the grenade exploded instantly, and one more person was easily taken away.

The prison is full of thunder today, even more terrifying than the bombing zone.

The grenade thrown by Jiang Siming was just right in time and would not give any reaction to others. When it reached his face, the bamboo shoots dried up and exploded.

If you want to hide, there is nowhere to hide, even if you want to use a pan, it's hard to get it back.

The buddies on the second floor heard the thunder below, and their heads were buzzing.

When he heard the sound of Jiang Siming going upstairs, he held his gun tense and waited at the top of the stairs.

As soon as Jiang Siming came up, he shot!

However, Jiang Si had an early warning tomorrow morning. He just came up to find someone. After seeing the opponent, he didn't fight back immediately. Instead, he dodged and retracted down the stairs.

Jiang Siming, who had eaten two bullets, took out the thrown without a rush.

The players on the second floor had a premonition that Jiang Siming would throw something.

After all, such a good position, but any ordinary player will choose to throw throwing objects.

He knew that Jiang Siming was going to throw something, but he didn't rush to fight Jiang Siming desperately, even if he had already shot himself twice.

Its not that I dont rush, but I dont dare~

Facing an opponent like Jiang Siming, he really didn't dare to bet, in case Jiang Siming didn't throw anything, he would stand under him instead.

Therefore, we still respond to changes with the unchanging, and we will not move if the enemy does not move.

In this case, this person concluded that Jiang Siming had the greatest chance of throwing thunder.

Now he took out the pan behind him, holding the handle of the pan in both hands, posing as a baseball player.

Not to mention, this posture is pretty standard, he thinks he can hit a home run is not necessarily.

One second later.

A dark thing was thrown up from under the stairs!

The highly nervous buddies took the pan out without thinking about it!

He doesn't care what the other party throws, anyway, the shooting is over.

However, he thought Jiang Siming would throw a grenade, but it was a Molotov cocktail that greeted his pan!

When the pan touched the Molotov cocktail, it was not slapped flying, but the bottle was smashed by the pan and exploded on the spot.

The flame instantly raged from the pan! Then it spread all over his body.

Ouch! !

This buddy was burnt and yelled.

All the audience had no sympathy, but laughed.

Engraving a bird is not a Shang-like bird, and painting a tiger is not a Anti-like dog.

This may be the classic case of Dong Shi Xiaoying.

After throwing the Molotov cocktail, Jiang Siming had stepped on the stairs again, and he happened to see the scene of this "little fire man" being burned up and down.

Jiang Siming endured his pain with a relaxed stroke.

Unexpectedly, after this person died, he also triggered Jiang Simings skill [Hunter Instinct]

A figure appeared at the bridge head of the prison.

It is impossible to see it with the naked eye, but the hunter's instinct is triggered, which allows Jiang Siming to know the location of this person in advance.

[Hunter Instinct]: After killing an enemy, there is a 20% chance of finding the next enemy position within 2000 meters.

This skill is not bad, of course it is not comparable to the magical skill of [Lucky Connection].

Seeing this person's location, Jiang Siming can also conclude that there is no one inside or outside the prison.

The Tu Huang bounty and the pirate bounty have reached the sixth level.

The three people who were killed in the prison still exploded a fragment to the face.

"Pick up [Electronic Engineering Proficiency] Red Fragment*1 (1/6). The number of fragments is not full and cannot be used temporarily."

It is another subject skill.

Combining the physics and mechanical engineering that he picked up before, Jiang Siming felt that he was about to become a super academic master.

If you count the subjects of botany, zoology, and advanced mathematics that he picked up before, he can now build a nuclear bomb by himself with the amount of knowledge he has.


First more~

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