Im Picking Up Pieces In Pubg Chapter 2465

Chapter 2464: The Godfather Of Entertainment Jiang Siming

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Coming out of the prison island, Jiang Siming ran all the way to the highway.

Although the car at the door was smashed by him, he had already seen other vehicles when he pulled the umbrella in the sky, so he didn't panic playing catching turtles in the urn.

After running a lap barefoot, he finally found a sports car parked by the road.

Jiang Siming sat up, activated the accelerator, and left the prison island.

After passing the bridge, the player who was instinctively discovered by the hunter was still hiding in the bridge head.

Obviously, this person knew that many people had jumped in the prison, so he ran to this bridge and hid his motorcycle in a very hidden place, creating no one on the bridge.

Little did he know that Jiang Si had been staring at him for a long time tomorrow.

When he was in prison, he was afraid that he would run away, so he ran away looking for a car.

Unexpectedly, this buddy is quite caring, squatting on the bridge without moving a step.

Hearing the sound of cars on the bridge head, the bald man hiding behind the abandoned cars on the bridge head was overjoyed.

He thought that the prey came really fast. He thought that the prison had jumped so many people, it must be very late to come.

Unexpectedly, before the poison was refreshed, prey would be delivered to the door.

"This guy must have slipped out sneakily, and it's a confession." The bald man thought with disdain, while holding the gun in his hand, ready to attack at any time!

When the car drove all the way to the center of the bridge, the bald player finally couldn't hold it back and leaned out from the waste car.

A M762 aimed at Jiang Siming in the car and started to shoot.

It is a pity that the moment Jiang Siming saw him, he slammed the brakes, and the car lay in the middle of the road with inertia.

Jiang Siming opened the door and jumped down and rolled over to the back of the car.

The opponent's bullets all fell through.

The reason why he didn't shoot in the car was because Jiang Siming was attracted to other people's motorcycles.

"Damn, the reaction is really quick." The bald player cursed inwardly, then took out the grenade.

Who knew that Jiang Siming threw a flash bomb at him first, flashing him blind and deaf.

The bald man who lost his sight and hearing was so anxious that he hurriedly didn't dare to take the time, and immediately threw the grenade out.

When the flash bomb time was over, he hurriedly looked at the car.


The grenade exploded behind the car.

But I didn't see the scene of people being killed, but it was quiet, as if nothing happened.

The bald man was a little strange, Jiang Siming did not hide behind the car.

The height of the sports car is very low, even if he is squatting, he should be able to see a little scalp.

Could it be that he was maimed while fighting drugs on his stomach?


Thinking of this, the bald man took out a Molotov cocktail again, ready to give Jiang Siming the final blow to take the head away.

But when he took out the Molotov cocktail, he was suddenly patted on the shoulder.

He looked back subconsciously, damn!

Jiang Siming was standing behind him and smiling politely at him.

He realized that Jiang Siming sneaked around behind him while he was hit by the flash bomb.

The bald man was so scared that he threw the Molotov cocktail in his hand subconsciously, trying to cut the gun, but was smashed on the head by Jiang Siming's butt!

The blood bar on the spot is missing a large grid.


The bald man was desperate and felt the insult.

Although the holographic game guns can indeed be played like this, it was the first time he met.

Use the gun with a stick, don't you look down on him if you don't know.

Fortunately, at this moment he had switched his gun from behind, he grinned, his eyes were ferocious and ironic.

I told you to pretend to make you wave, now I have a gun! Prepare to be killed!


There was silence.

what's the situation?

The bald man didn't hear the expected gunshots. Why did his big macho M762 shoot without a sound?

Looking down, he was stupid, and his macho gun became...a pan...

Jiang Siming not only walked around behind him, but also generously gave him his pan.

At this time, the audience who watched the live broadcast burst into laughter.

Myojin came to the whole show today, hahaha, its so funny!

It turns out that the game can still be played like this.

The bald man with a collapsed mentality yelled Asi, he was about to fight Jiang Siming when he took the pan.

But in the next second, Jiang Siming used a gun **** to kill his last bit of dignity.

In grief, he also gave Jiang Siming a piece of debris.

"Pick up [100% shares of South Korean SM Entertainment] Golden Shards*1 (1/8). The number of shards is not full and cannot be used temporarily."

"Oh, it's pretty generous." Jiang Siming laughed and teased.

Another entertainment company, SM, can be regarded as the largest entertainment company in Korea.

Counting the various entertainment companies that Jiang Siming found, he has completely become the godfather of the entertainment industry.

And the most famous SM company is the girl group. Yoona used to belong to this company, Girls Generation.

Jiang Siming wondered if the fragment saw that he had packaged a girl group a while ago, and now he sent him a girl group company.

This fragment is really tied (xin), in fact, he doesn't like playing with nurturing at all, really!

If the Korean man knew that this buddy gave SM to Jiang Siming, this man would be beaten to death by all the clubs...

Jiang Siming picked up other people's fragments and did not forget to search the other party's boxes.

Take M762 in your hand, and don't forget to take the pan back.

As for the sports car, Jiang Siming was not prepared to take it. Riding on his opponent's motorcycle, he completely left the prison island area and drove to the safe area.

Although there is no one near Jiang Siming, the angle of view in Room One is still firmly locked on him.

Even watching Jiang Siming riding a motorcycle, everyone watched it with gusto.

Jiang Siming showed you the different ways of playing this game today.

While everyone was still playing this game step by step and using the end game method, Jiang Siming had already spent some time playing this game.

You have no idea what method Jiang Siming will use to kill the enemy.

Sneakly walked behind others and changed their guns. This kind of operation is available, hahaha.

Holographic Jedi is worthy of being an imaginative game, only you can't think of it, it can't be done without him.

There is nothing wrong with saying that Lao Jiang is the inventor of the Holographic Jedi.

I just don't know if Myojin can wear women's clothing in it...hehe.

The speed of the motorcycle was the same as the wind, rolling up the dust behind him, carrying Jiang Siming forward.

Jiang Siming drove through M City all the way, and walked around M City. Shi Shiran left after seeing no signs of anyone.

When everyone saw Jiang Siming's next location, the audience's passion was immediately ignited, and a big show was about to begin!

Because the next place Jiang Siming goes to is the number one player in Italy, and the third place on the scoreboard at present!

The first and third meeting!

The duel between the top powerhouses is about to be staged!

Can Italy's card face a battle against the gods?

All the Italian spectators are like watching Serie A football, giving their players an extremely warm cheer!

In their opinion, although Jiang Siming is the first, their third is not much worse.

It's just two places, that's it...


Second more~

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