Three Kingdoms Online Games: Battle For Hegemony Chapter 1360

Chapter 1349: Changes In Changshan Country 3

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After a short pause, Zhang Yan looked up at her son again, and said solemnly: "Zhang Fang will go to prepare later, I will write a memorial to the king, and leave you overnight and rush to the party. Now The king is leading the army to attack the kingdom of Zhao. You rushed to the party to plead with the king for his father. Second, he hoped that the king would allow his father to do meritorious service and regain the Zhending Zhucheng."

"The rest of the generals, replenish their energy and prepare for the attack of the Wei thief. If what I expected is not bad, Yan Liang will definitely not give up like this. He will definitely drive his troops to attack Tumen Pass. Therefore, we must give them something. Look at the color. Besides," Zhang Yan couldn't help but gritted her teeth and said every word: "If I have the opportunity, I will definitely take care of the poison and the two traitors."

Upon hearing this, Zhang Baiqi said loudly: "Shuai Yan, leave these two traitors to a certain person. These two thief will eat what they have eaten in and out of the way, and a certain person will cut the two thieves thousands of times to vent their hatred."

"Yes, if you don't get rid of these two thieves, you can't be sorry for these tens of thousands of dead brothers..." The others responded one after another;

Zhang Yan waved his hand to stop the chaotic scene: "Well, everything will be met tomorrow, everyone should prepare separately!"


"It's a general"

When everyone heard the words, they promised, and after holding their fists and saluting, they left, leaving only Zhang Yan sitting alone in the room.

After a long time, Zhang Yan let out a long sigh, walked to the front of the case, picked up the paper and pen that had been prepared, and wrote the memorial seriously.

An hour later, a memorial with no more than a thousand characters appeared in front of Zhang Fang, and in Zhang Yans room, the ground next to the table was already full of paper balls, which shows that Zhang Yan How difficult it is to write this memorial.

Handing the memorial in Zhang Fang's hands, Zhang Yan hesitated for a moment, and then said: "You set off overnight and rushed to the Shangdang party to present this memorial to the king. When he met the king, he said that he would wait for Tumen to pass. After the battle is stabilized, I will bind myself to the king and ask for sin. If the king asks..."

After a short pause, Zhang Yan said: "If the king asks you any questions, you need to answer them truthfully, and you must not conceal it."

"But..." Zhang Fang hesitated: "Father, how will the king send you to you?"

"For goodness, no matter how the king uttered, I did not complain for my father. Moreover, this time, it was indeed our carelessness. We did not expect Wei Guo to send troops to attack at the critical juncture of the war in the north, and... Thieves help each other..." Zhang Yan sighed and said;

Seeing that Zhang Fang wanted to say more, Zhang Yan waved his hand: "No need to say more, hurry up, the sooner the better. Unfortunately, the Shadow Guardians in Zhending City did not have time to escape, otherwise they can use Feilu to Luoyang first. Warning."

Helpless, Zhang Fang bowed his hands, turned and left. Outside the general's mansion, a team of fifty elite cavalrymen stood in line. They were all two horses. After Zhang Fang came out, the group all turned on their horses and headed for the Shangdang in the southwest.


When the sun rose in the east, the alarm bell of Tumen Pass suddenly sounded. Soon, under the command of the general, a group of soldiers from the Black Mountain Battalion appeared neatly on the wall. This time, remove Montenegro. Outside of the camp's banner, the red flag of the Tang Dynasty finally rose above Tumen Pass.

The first general who appeared on the wall was the guard of Tumenguan Huanglong. When the alarm bell rang, he appeared on the tower in full clothes, watching the Wei State army slowly approaching in the distance. Huang Long knew that the war was about to begin, but they were already prepared.

"The order continues, A and B will go to the city, ready to meet the enemy, Bing and Ding are ready to support, and E will temporarily rest and wait for orders." Huang Longtou ordered to the guards next to him without turning back;

"No!" The guard bowed and took the order, and was about to turn around to pass the order. Just turning around, he saw a group of generals hurriedly walking up the wall from the pass. The leader was Zhang Yan, the leader of the Black Mountain Army. It is now possible to call "General General of Peace".


The soldiers on the wall saluted Zhang Yan and his party, and Huang Long also turned his head and looked at Zhang Yan and everyone walking towards him.

"Brother! Wei Gou is here."

Zhang Yan nodded, but his eyes were looking outside the pass. Unfortunately, Wei Jun came from the east. Now they are looking at the sun, and they can't see the specific situation of Wei Jun at all.

Huang Long shook his head: "It's still unclear. The enemy is too far away, and coupled with the cause of the sun, it is impossible to see clearly. And the scout has not yet returned."

While talking, the scouts rushed from a distance. Behind them, dozens of Wei Jun cavalry followed closely. Huang Long saw this and ordered: "Put your crossbow and pay attention, prepare to respond to the scout, if it is Wei Gou The cavalry enters the body range, without waiting for orders, shoot directly."


After a sore sound, dozens of crossbows on the wall of the gate were all equipped with crossbow arrows, and they were ready to launch to the marked area of the shooting area, and the crossbowmen were also ready. In order to prepare, lift the hammer early, and only wait for the observation hand to issue the firing command, then the crossbow can be smashed open.

Everyone was watching the cavalry outside the pass with breathlessness. Just when the army thought that the cavalry of the Wei army would surely kill their own scouts outside the pass, the cavalry generals who pursued the Wei army were far away from the pass. , Stopped the pursuit.

Soon, a small gap was opened in the gate, and several Tang Jun scouts entered the gate through the gap. After that, the leader of the scout team was taken to the gate and came to Zhang Yan's generals.

"Heishan camp scout team Zhengwu Lao Liu has seen all the generals!" The tall and thin scout team was seeing Zhang Yan, and immediately saluted.

"The military team is working hard. When did you leave the customs, I don't know what's the situation outside the customs? What's the situation of Wei Jun this time?" Zhang Yan nodded at Wu Lao Liu and asked;

"Going back to the general, it was not time to leave the pass after five shifts. There were two scouts who left the pass together. The fifty people in the group did not meet the majority of Wei Jun 20 miles southeast of the pass. Many brothers were hunted down by the Wei Jun cavalry, and their bodies were everywhere."

Having said this, Wu Laoliu's voice became low. When the generals heard the words, there was also a moment of silence.

Zhang Yan stretched out her hand and patted Wu Laoliu's shoulder: "Don't worry, the blood debts of the brethren must be paid by Wei Jun with blood. Let's talk about the information you found."

"Yes, General!" Wu Laoliu rallied: "Except for the brothers who have died in battle, there are scattered brothers everywhere in the field. However, because of the need to investigate the situation of Wei Jun, it only pointed out the direction of the army to the brothers. , And then continue to the east."

"About how many people are there?" Ping Han asked from the side;

But he was not in a hurry. This time he was defeated. Only a few hundred of his soldiers and horses fled back to Tumen Pass with him. The rest were dead or alive.

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