It’s Lonely To Be Invincibl Chapter 269

Chapter 269 - Lick, licking with my life

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Lin Fan danced with excitement. He was unable to hide his joy.

After suffering untold hardships and dealing with numerous madmen, his hard work finally paid off. ~All my suffering was worth it!~

He looked around as he hurried into the secret chamber.

The moment Lin Fan looked up, he was greatly shocked.

The space inside the top of the tower was huge. Numerous pill dragons could be seen swimming inside the space.

Mountains of pills could be seen. Over time, the pills grew increasingly stronger together with the pill dragons.

So this is the treasure the Thousand cave patriarch left behind? Or did I find his secret storage?

A realization came to Lin Fan. ~Maybe he wasnt even planning for anyone to find this place.~

~But this makes no sense. If he wasnt planning to let anyone enter, why would he leave the Thousand deep chambers key behind, which resulted in risks for intrusion?~

~Whatever, it doesnt matter. Since Im here now, theres no use thinking about it.~

~All of these are mine now.~

Lin Fan opened his arms and took a step forward, throwing himself into the pile of pills.

He took some pills and threw them into the air. As if jade beads, the pills dropped and landed on Lin Fans face. ~It hurts, but this feels so good!~

Hahahaha! Hard work will always pay off! Rich! Im rich! There are so many pills here!

He grabbed the pills in his hands tightly. ~ I finally made it here after much effort! This is totally worth it.~

~I definitely wouldnt accept it if there was nothing here when I entered the secret chamber.~

Scary. The lowest rank pills are Human-high class. The Thousand cave patriarch is rich!

He waved his hands and kept the pills in his storage ring.

He found another pile of Mystic class pills.

And another pile of earth-class pills.

~Im going to take all of it. Especially the Earth class pills. Im speechless. I have never seen so many pills in my life! There might be more here than if I were to compare it with the sect.~

~So thats how rich a ten thousand years elite is, huh?~

Eh, is that

A single pill caught his eyes.

There were ten stone counters in the room. A pill could be seen floating on every stone counter. The pills were colorful and still effective even after such a long time.

Lin Fan hurried to the stone counters impatiently.


All of a sudden, a pill could be seen spinning quickly. The strong medicinal scent of the pill filled the space, and a figure could be seen coming out of the pill.

Hmm? Lin Fan raised his eyebrow, startled. ~How can someone walk out of a pill? This wouldnt happen even if its a Heaven Class pill!~

~Could it be?~

Lin Fans eyes shone. ~If thats the case, this pill is more than just a Heaven class pill!~

Hello, living thing. The figure that came out from the pill said. He wore all white, and he had white hair that flowed down his shoulder onto the ground.

You can speak? Lin Fan asked in a daze. ~This world is really huge. Theres so much I dont know.~

~I havent read about such a thing even in the historical records.~

~Even a Heaven class pill doesnt have such ability.~

Of course, Im the Pill god, or should I say, soon to be? I came to the world after absorbing the power of the nine other pills next to me. As time passed, I gained sentience. The Pill God said, standing on the pill.

Pill God, what a powerful name. It seems like you must be quite powerful. Lin Fan scanned him warily. He then turned around and walked towards the door with his hands behind him. Its cold. You wont mind if I close the door, right?

But before the Pill God could say anything, Lin Fan shut the door tightly.

Youre the first living thing Ive seen. How did you come in? The Pill god asked with a smile.

Lin Fan paused. ~Its intelligent, and thus it has its own pride and desires freedom, like the frog. How could I not tell that it desires freedom even though it belongs to me?~

~Moreover, its unknown how long it has been here. Since it has absorbed the power of the other nine pills, they must have fought.~

~Someone who likes to fight.~

Lin Fan managed to tell the Pill Gods characteristic in no time.

My Younger brother, the Thousand cave patriarch, let me in. The younger brother said that youve changed. Lin Fan said, giving a random answer. ~ Lets see if I can trick him.~

Thousand cave patriarch!

Pill god lowered his head emotionlessly and sighed. I see that I wont be able to escape the fate of a captive, then.

Has he not left?

Left? Lin Fan laughed. Nonsense. Who do you think the Thousand cave patriarch is? Leaving is not something that hell do lightly. Speak, whats your plan.

Plan. The Pill God looked up, his eyes shining brightly. He flew around the pill and smiled thinly. Whats your plan, then? Im a half-god now. I will become a god as soon as I overcome this challenge. Are you planning to help me get through this challenge?

However, who is the Thousand cave patriarch to you.

The Pill god turned to Lin Fan, curiosity swimming in his eyes.

Im his elder brother. Lin Fan answered after a pause. Back then, I traveled around the world for about ten thousand years and defeated many strong cultivators. I was an invincible cultivator, but I died after practicing the Back To Being Emperor Skillset. Now, Ive reincarnated and come back. Do you understand? I wont say much, as it will be dangerous for you to know too much


Suddenly the Pill gods white hair coiled around Lin Fan.

What are you doing? Im going to flare up if you continue to mess with me.

Liar! Youre not the Thousand cave patriarchs brother. Shes a woman! The Pill god looked at Lin Fan with a malicious grin.

Hahaha, how long has it been? She has finally left. Do you know how much effort it took to swallow the nine Heaven Class pills and become who I am today? Why would I become your slave? Im going to defy the heavens and rewrite my destiny. I, pill god, am the most superior being in the world, and Im going to escape and form my pill cult.

The Pill god shouted, revealing his desires.

This human, how dare you try to trick me? You deserve death. Kneel and become my slave. The Pill god thundered, trying to suppress Lin Fan with his voice. He curled his hair around Lin Fan and dragged him over.

You smell good. Lin Fan sniffed. He could smell the medicinal fragrance clearly. ~This Pill god is an excellent tonic.

What did you say? The Pill god shouted. ~This human deserves death for being so presumptuous!~

However, Lin Fan stuck out his tongue and licked the pill gods cheek.

Instantly, the fragrance of the pill burst out in his mouth. Intense energy appeared and was sucked up by his cells immediately.

Experience points +100000.

What? Lin Fans eyes widened in shock. ~I was mesmerized by the fragrance, but I never expected that I would gain so much experience points just by giving it a lick. This is the second time! The first time my experience points increased this much was by consuming the thing from the Abyssal Worm.~

Lin Fans eyes lit up instantly. ~This pill god is an excellent tonic!~

Ah! How dare you? How dare The pill god was speechless for a moment before screaming at Lin Fan in anger.

~How dare this ant lick me with his dirty tongue? I wont tolerate this!~

Youre gorgeous. Lin Fan shouted and struggled. He hugged the pill god tightly and licked it like he was mad.

Experience points +10000.

Lin Fans saliva was all over the pill god. His mouth was filled with the fragrance of the pill.

~This was unexpected. I must lick him clean.~

Ahhh! The pill god boiled with anger. He punched Lin Fan on his chest. Ant, youre digging your own grave.


Lin Fan vomited blood as a hole could be seen in his chest. Blood poured out from the wound.

Now, even if I die, Im going to lick you clean!

Lin Fan screamed and struggled. At this moment, there was nothing in his mind other than to lick the pill god.

Experience points +100000.

The pill god could clearly feel the living thing was taking in his energy.


A strong force could be felt. The Pill god launched an attack to kill Lin Fan.

Lin Fnas aura got increasingly weaker. He then laid on the ground motionlessly.

Bastard. The pill god wiped his face clean.

~How dare somebody treat me like this? He should die!~

Seeing the door that was tightly shut, he walked over immediately. He tried to open it but to no avail.

Hey, wheres the key?

The Pill God knew he could only leave with the key.


Lin Fan hugged the pill god from behind and bit him. He licked the area that he bit, enjoying the fragrance and flavor.

Experience points +100000

The increase of his experience points excited Lin Fan.

Great. This is great.

~How long would it take to get so many experience points if I were to cultivate slowly? Im going to lick this pill god until he breaks down, even if it costs me my life.~

~Nothing can stop me! Nothing, even if the sky falls.~

Ahhh! The pill god grabbed Lin Fan angrily. A terrifying force passed through Lin Fans body. He then held onto Lin Fan and started punching him continuously.

At this moment, Lin Fan lowered his head, which made the pill god even angrier. You want to die, huh? He panted.


Lin Fan looked up and licked the pill god, gaining more experience points.

Hehe, I licked you again!

Go and die! The pill god smacked Lin Fans head, making him shatter into pieces.

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