It’s Lonely To Be Invincibl Chapter 271

Chapter 271 - Ill take everything

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Lin Fan shook on seeing the total amount of points he had.

The massive increase in experience points proved the trip to the Thousand deep chambers was worth it.

~It wouldve taken me ages to earn this many experience points through cultivation.~

~ Lets count. It would take about 165 days or more of non-stop cultivation for me to earn this amount!~

~But now I have earned them just by licking the Pill god.~

~What a steal.~

He calmed himself down and looked around.

He walked towards the stone counters with the other Heaven class pills floating on top. The pill belonging to the pill god had shattered into pieces, but the other nine pills were still in good condition. They were shining brilliantly too. Lin Fan grabbed them and took a closer look.

Haish, theyre useless.

Lin Fan shook his head in pity. He clenched his fist lightly and crushed the pills, turning them into dust.

The pills power had been absorbed by the Pill god, leaving only the shells behind.

Is there nothing here other than pills?

Lin Fan pondered. Thinking it was impossible, he continued to look around.

This is more like it.

Lin Fan laughed. He currently held a sword formation in his hands. The sword formation was so tiny that it could fit in his palm.

Even though Lin Fan couldnt tell what formation it was, he could tell that it held a sharp sword intent. ~This is good. Ill keep it for myself.~

~Ill keep everything here first and study them when I get back.~

Just then, the eight Demon Sealing Monuments shook. As if they felt something, the Demon Sealing Monument floated out from his storage ring.

This is strange.

~The Demon Sealing Monuments have lost most of its power, but surprisingly, its still able to connect with something.~


Just then, a ray of light shot over from afar.

This is the ninth Demon Sealing Monument?

The Demon Sealing Monument met mid-air. It looked as if the Demon Sealing Monument had been completed. Connections formed between each Demon Sealing Monument, and nine rays of light could be seen shooting out from the monuments, forming a ball in the center of the monuments. The ball seemed to the heart of the monuments, and there was a mystical talisman on it.

Wow, whats this? Lin Fan walked over without hesitation. But as soon as he entered the formation, a strong force could be felt suppressing him. It was as if the nine Demon Sealing Monument could feel Lin Fans presence.

Trying to seal me? How dare you.

Lin Fan could clearly feel a powerful force coming out from the Demon Sealing Monuments. ~If old black was under the nine Demon Sealing Monuments, he would already have died. How would he still be alive after ten thousand years?~

Lin Fan reached out for the ball, which should be the nine Demon Sealing Monuments core and grabbed it.

He swallowed the ball and refined it before keeping the monuments into his storage ring.

Another profit.

Lin Fan said and continued searching around the Thousand deep chamber. Now, he could tell that the treasures in the room were hidden deeply.

Skillsets, I found another skillset.

<Emotions and desire destruction skillset>

Lin Fan took glanced at it. ~This stupid skillsets needs thirty thousand experience points to learn? From the description, it seems like it will make use of the cultivators energy from giving up their emotions in exchange for attacks that look special.~

What the hell is this. Only an idiot will pick up such a skillset that requires you to give up on so much.

~The skillsets that I practice now are great. Look at how perfect my body is. I can break space with one punch. So what if you have special effects? I can break them in no time too.~

After another round of searching.

<The most honorable skillset>

<Ceramic glazed body>

Anyone else would be thrilled to receive these skillsets. But Lin Fan was indifferent.

~They are all AP attacks, and I dont like them. Id rather feel the flesh of my enemy and experience the sweat of a fight.~

Eh? This is another formation?

The sword formation he got previously was a completed set and could be used as a weapon. While the wooden writing tablet in his hands currently had two types of formations recorded on it. ~Interesting. Ill take it.~

This is? Lin Fan continued looking around. But when he saw the treasures piled up behind him, he was deeply shocked.

~Ill take it all. Everything.~

After a while, Lin Fan looked around in satisfaction.

He emptied the Thousand deep cave. He took everything, even the stools and lamps.

~ Im not knowledgable, so to prevent me from missing any treasures disguised as trash, Ill take everything.~

He left the Thousand deep cave and flew into the sky. But just as he was about to leave, he was reminded of the stone tablet and went back for it.

The stone tablet had sunk deep into the ground.

This stone tablet is great. Let me bring it back for research. If it really isnt any use, Ill change the words on it and put it on my peak.

He grabbed the stone tablet with his hands and pulled it out, putting it in his storage ring.

Just as he was about the leave, the steps that look like jade caught his eye.

What are the steps made of? Its so gorgeous. The Invincible peak doesnt have such beautiful items. Lets see if I can take it too.

Thus, Lin Fan kneeled down like a thief. After being poor for too long, he started to take everything that he could see.

He grabbed onto a step and tried to pull it out. However, it seemed impossible to pull out. The step is floating in the air, but it was so hard to take it out that it seemed to be stuck in the air.

Damn it, are you going to come out? Lin Fan said, sending out a punch. The stone step shook violently, and the light surrounding it disappeared all of a sudden. But in no time, the light quickly came back and surrounded the steps.

Lin Fan grabbed onto it quickly. Realizing he was able to pick it up, he put it into his storage ring happily.

Hahahaha, I have never thought that this would be the way to do it. Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit. Lin Fan said, continuing his actions and placing the other stone steps into his storage ring one by one.

He continued as he climbed up the stairs slowly.

Outside the Thousand deep cave.

The frog and old black watch the spatial dimension moved. They were unaware of what was going on inside.

Frog, your expression looks bad. Whats going on? Old black asked. He realized that the frog had remained seated motionlessly, wearing a serious expression. It was as if something terrible had occurred.

The frog shook its head. This is strange. The connection was cut off all of a sudden, but it has reconnected once again. What did he experience in there?

Didnt you say that the space dimension has space spirits in it? Can he get past them? Old black asked.

How is that possible? In every space dimension, theres a space spirit. You wont be able to destroy a space spirit unless you understand the laws and break the dimension using the law of space. However, this space dimension is weird. They seem to be connected together and will grow stronger every time they are destroyed, so it might even be impossible to break this dimension apart using the law of space as the space dimension will get stronger over time. So, that would only mean that..

Hes playing with the space spirits! And he cant leave!


The frog laughed out loud. As if something had crossed its mind, it laughed so hard that its tummy showed.

How funny is it to be forced to live with space spirits?

Old black watched the frog and frowned. ~He might have gone mad after he was put in a frogs body.~

Any ordinary person would be unable to accept that they turned into a frog within a day. Furthermore, the frog had spent a few tens of thousands of years alone. How terrifying had it been for him?

~However, it seemed to be living happily as a frog. He must have already lost his mind back when he was a man.~

Frog, do you mind sharing with me the joke that made you incredibly happy?

Just then, a voice could be heard coming from the dimension, and a figure walked out, looking at the frog from the sky.

Cough! The frog, who was laughing, choked when he heard the voice. Fear could be seen in his eyes.

~How could this be?~

But remembering how proud he looked, the frog turned white immediately. Master, I thought of a hilarious joke. It was so funny that I laughed myself to tears.

The frog said, tears rolling down its face.

Even the frog couldnt tell if he cried due to laughter or sadness.

Really? Its so funny? So whats the joke? Lin Fan picked the frog up and put it in front of his face. He wore a smile as he looked at it.

There was a man who flew to meet his girlfriend. But he was knocked out suddenly. He woke up to realize that he had been trapped in a frogs body. Hahaha, this is so funny. How could he be so stupid to be knocked out?

The frog said. Tears formed as he took his foot and made a 6 sign.

Master, this is so 666!


Lin Fan and old black both let out a sigh.

Frog. The old black spoke up. With my vast knowledge, I believe you might have been betrayed by your girlfriend.

Bullshit! Shut up! Thats impossible. We are very close. She would never betray me. Ill not give you any face if you defame her again! The frog said, tears gushing out from his eyes.

Frog, why are you so sad? Lin Fan said and wiped its tears off its cheeks.

Im not sad. Im just too happy to see you again. The frog said, plastering a smile on its face.

It then made the 6 sign again. 6666..

Lin Fan and Old black exchanged glances. ~Frogs story is quite sad.~

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