I Became A Necromancer Cat Chapter 12

Chapter 12: 12 - They Are Watching You

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Ataz felt a small energy entering his body. With every minute that passed, the more he heard noises from the small insects hitting the front of the car, and the more he felt that energy of death entering his body. He couldn't think of anything else or even try to understand what was going on. Ataz was paralyzed just by sucking in as much mana as he could. The strangest thing for him was that every minute he sensed the death of the next insect that would be part of his mana. It didn't make him feel bad, on the contrary, he felt himself getting a little stronger.

After a while, Sebastian stopped the car in a kind of village where there were many shops and people strolling. He opened the car door and asked everyone in the car, "Does anyone want to pee? I need to fill up the car."

"Oh, I need to. Do you want to go inside with me, Hector?" Dona Rosa asked. She was moving her body quickly, almost as if she were doing a dance, because of her desire to go to the bathroom. Hector replied, nodding that he didn't want to go to the bathroom. Then, Dona Rosa started trying to remove the cage from her legs so that she could get off the bench and ended up accidentally shaking the cat a little, causing him to wake up from the trance he was in.

Startled, he tried to get up quickly and then hit his head on the roof of the cage and lay down on it again. "Mana of death? Why can I mess with this? I don't remember being a Necromancer. What's going on with me?" the cat thought, as he rubbed his paw over his head. He felt a strange tiredness in his body, as if it were something mental. "If then I can work with this kind of magic, that might be enough for me to get rid of this cage, but I don't think it would be worth it. Wherever we are going, it will be there that I will know the true level of my power. No, I don't feel at all ready for a battle, but maybe I can kill more things and develop this mana even more," he added.

Dona Rosa opened the car door, and flew out from the car straight into a convenience store. About ten minutes later she came back out and said quietly with a smile on her face, "Now we can continue. Thank you, my son!"

Sebastian, who was outside leaning on the car door, got inside the car and started it up, heading toward the road. They were almost there. Now it would take less than a few hours and it would be enough time for Ataz to be able to recharge his energy that he had lost due to the absorption of power.

The trip still took about half an hour and all the way, mainly due to the road having many forests around, many insects were hitting the car, causing Ataz to suck in even more of their energy.

Arriving at the park, Sebastian looked for a place near the entrance to park the car. Dona Rosa, when the car had stopped, put the cat's cage on her lap and said while opening the cage slowly. "Hey Cutie, wake up! We're here. You look very tired, right? Look, I'm going to put this thing very slowly on your neck and you'll look good, ok?"

As the cat was still recovering his energies, he was not very willing to retreat from the old lady, so he accepted her request calmly. She lifted his head in her direction and put something like a necklace around his neck.

'Huh? What the fuck is this? A collar, you crazy?', He thought as he stared at her. He was aware that he could get rid of it at any moment, but first he would have to get his strength back.

Dona Rosa took the cat out of the cage and held it like a baby. Everyone got out of the car and headed for the ticket office. Once there, Sebastian took a small bag from his pocket and said to the very beautiful and young girl who was inside one of the booths, " Oh, good morning! How much is a ticket? Two half price tickets and a whole one, please."

The girl smiled at him and said, "Half price are each 10 and the whole is 20?"

Sebastian took some strange papers from his pocket and handed them to the girl.

"Thank you very much. Here's your tickets," the girl said, smiling.

After receiving the tickets, Sebastian handed a ticket to each of the other two with him as they headed toward the turnstile.

Ataz was lying on the old lady's lap, and with that, when they were leaving the girl, he looked toward her and she ended up looking back. The girl was smiling, but the moment their eyes met, she instantly broke her smile and looked at him irritably, with a dark and empty look. The cat quickly looked away and looked at her again, however, she was already serving another family. There was no way she could know anything about him. She just looked like a normal mundane person. He didn't understand how she could have seen something in a cat, but he remembered something:

"That old woman! I didn't say anything to her, but she still knew about me and mentioned something about knowing me ... Wait! Why did they know about me?" Ataz lifted his head and lifted his ears and stretched to look back again, but he couldn't see the young woman inside the booth, but a guy. Apparently she had left and someone came in to replace her.

Walking further, Hector turned to Sebastian and said, "Look dad, today there is going to be a magic show. We could never see it when we came with mommy, remember? We could go this time!" Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/12---they-are-watching-you_%!d(string=51267246848266848)">/book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/12---they-are-watching-you_%!d(string=51267246848266848)</a> for visiting.

"Wow, the magician. I love the magician, but that brings me funny memories of when I was young and your grandfather wanted to play magician haha," Dona Rosa said while looking at some stalls next to them.

"Yeah... Okay... Well, we can go see it. If your grandma can stay in the park until the show happens, we can watch it," Sebastian said as he turned his head to look for his mother, however, when he turned, he realized that there was no-one beside him. He stopped Hector by the shoulder and started looking around desperately, moving his head from side to side looking for where the lady might be.

Dona Rosa was in a stall looking at some stuffed animals hanging from one of the walls. "A magician... Interesting. I don't think I've ever met a magician. Is it a new species perhaps?" He thought.

The cat was already feeling better and started to move his body again, so the old woman was able to put him on the floor.

Dona Rosa dropped Ataz on the floor and said, "Hey, be careful not to eat anything on the floor. If you're hungry, just ask me," and turned her head to the animals.

"That old woman is crazy. Why do you insist on talking to a cat? I DON'T understand you... At least I shouldn't." Ataz thought, looking at her.

The cat looked ahead and something caught his eye: 'Tunnel of Terror'. He thought it might be a good place for him to test his mana. It was dark and didn't have much light, so there should be few people. He started to go towards the place but soon after, he felt his body being pulled back toward the lady. He was tied by a collar that gave the woman's hand a little tug. Ataz grabbed the collar with one of his paws and tried to pull himself free, but the old woman didn't even look at him because she was so distracted.

He tried to pull again, but the moment he did, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Someone was watching him. Ataz stopped and looked around. He saw a person at the very back, among some tents, staring at him, but walking slowly behind the tent, leaving Ataz's vision as if he wanted to hide. But he made it clear to the cat that he was there.

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