I Became A Necromancer Cat Chapter 14

Chapter 14: 14 - How to Do Real Magic

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After the magician returned behind the curtains, the lights of the show were dimmed and a few panned to the center of the presentation, causing anxiety in the audience, who never took their eyes off it.

A suspenseful song started to play and then the performance began. The big red curtains on the stage were opened and the audience could see the magician with a small table next to him. He strolled across the stage, as if looking for something, and then gestured with his hands to indicate that he had remembered where the other he misplaced was. The magician removed the hat from his head and tapped it with his wand. He then reached inside, looking for what he had lost. Suddenly, he pulled something out and, just like that, took a rabbit out of his hat. The audience was surprised and the magician applauded happily. Ataz looked at that and thought "Did he take a rabbit out of his hat? Was that it? Where's the summoning of demons, the removal of souls!?... Although this is only the beginning. Surely he will take a demon out of his hat later," the cat thought, now excited once more, wagging his tail from side to side.

The magician then handed the bunny to one of the stage assistants and he continued to perform his magic act. He took a crate from behind the curtain with the help of another assistant and on one side of the outside of the box, it was possible to see the head of a woman and the other, her feet, indicating that she would be lying there. Ataz tilted his head to the side, confused by what was going on. The magician's assistant brought to him a large, pointed saw. The man then with the saw in hand fitted it into the wooden crate and started sawing at it with the woman inside.

The audience was afraid and some even hid their eyes. Already Ataz opened his eyes wide and looked at his 'relative' excitedly. "WILL HE SAW HER? HE WILL EVEN DO THIS!? My God what an amazing show!" he thought with a big smile on his face, wagging his excited tail, almost as if he were a dog.

The magician sawed through the woman, fast and hard. The saw sometimes curled and he made a point of indicating that he was using too much force to be able to push it down. This continued until he had finished completely and separated the box in the middle so that the public could see that he had actually sawed it in half. The audience was afraid and then, the woman who was inside the box with her eyes closed, opened her eyes, looking at them and smiling.

They were confused and relieved that she was okay. Ataz looked at that and thought "Is she alive? Ah, but what fun do you see in this? Wait, there's something wrong with this story... There isn't even blood going through the wood. That would have happened if he had really cut her... WAIT! Is he a charlatan?" Ataz thought indignantly as he looked at the magician. The thing he hated the most was being cheated, even if it was just a presentation he hadn't even paid for.

The magician then joined his assistant's body with her legs again, took his magic wand, and told the audience to recite the magic words aloud with him: "Go back legs to your original body." And so, everyone in the audience did it.

"Louder! I can't hear you!" He shouted, walking with his arms spread across the stage.

And then the audience shouted "GO BACK LEGS TO YOUR ORIGINAL BODY!" And the magician quickly pointed with his wand towards the crate. At that moment, everyone was silent, and the magician went towards the crate. He opened it and placed his hand next to the girl, indicating that she should take his hand and get up with him. The woman, lying down, took the magician's hand and stood up in perfect condition. Her body was still intact, without any injuries or scratches. Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/14---how-to-do-real-magic_%!d(string=51306703924288989)">/book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/14---how-to-do-real-magic_%!d(string=51306703924288989)</a> for visiting.

Ataz stood up and looked at him angrily. He meowed loudly, "He's trying to trick us, you idiots!" and made the magician look at him. The magician then, with a mocking tone of voice, turned to his audience and said, "Look what we have here, ladies and gentlemen. A kitten! What is it? Are you afraid of what you saw?"

He then gave a loud laugh, teasing the pussy and making the audience laugh together. "I'm going to take it easy for you now, since you were afraid," He added.

Ataz looked irritated at him and thought " Afraid?... Why would you-"

But before he could complete his sentence, Dona Rosa pulled Ataz's collar a little so that he looked up, and said to him, looking at his furry face, "You saw, Cutie? He spoke to you! You really are a special kitten." She finished looking away back to the stage.

Ataz kept looking at her face and thought "Special...? Shit! She knows too much." An expression of concern crossed his face.

The magician took some cards that were on the table and went in front of the stage to show the audience, meanwhile, two of his assistants carried forward a kind of false wall with a glass in the center. He asked one of the assistants to call someone to choose a card. Ataz realized that it might be a good time to train his magic to sabotage the magician. He would not be able to bewitch the magician, because the mana he had was still very little, but he would certainly be able to knock something from up there, but what?

The assistant called a person from the audience to choose and Sebastian quickly raised Hector's hand in a desperate act, wanting his son to participate. Hector tried to pull his hand down and say he doesn't want to go, but Sebastian was much stronger and drew the assistant's attention. The woman called Hector over to the stage to choose the card and he went with his head down, embarrassed. Hector chose the card and handed it to the woman, who showed the audience that he chose a 4 of clubs. Without revealing it to the magician, she put the card back in the deck and the magician started to show that he was looking for the card.

At that moment, Ataz, listened more carefully than the people there, heard the woman whisper what the card was, not to the magician, but to another assistant who went behind a false wall on the stage. The magician started trying to look for the card and was showing Hector a selection of cards. Hector then shook his head, informing the magician that none of those was the card he had chosen.

Sebastian looked at the audience and said, "Apparently this magician is not that good, haha," and some people followed him in laughter.

Ataz realized that this was part of the plan, so as not to cause suspicion. Then the magician Pierre pretended to be irritated because he was not finding Hector's damn card. He held the whole deck in his hands and threw it hard against the wall, and when the deck hit the wall, the card was there, stuck on the inside of the glass. The magician then approached the glass to show everyone that it was inside, it was not a lie, and that's when Ataz decided to act.

That woman who had overheard another assistant talking had gone behind the false wall and placed the same card that Hector had chosen, but from another deck, stuck in the glass of the false wall while the magician performed his act, so that no one would notice. Ataz knew that she would be standing behind a false wall and that the wall, which had to be moved by several small, petite women, was probably made of extremely light material.

Ataz began to stare at the stage while the magician demonstrated that it was not false. He concentrated all his energy on the magician and decided to make him trip somehow, because a simple breeze would not be able to bring the thing down. The cat began to recite one of the spells he knew quietly. Without taking his eyes off the man, he said the words: "vermis delirium".

The magician looked down with the impression that something was walking on his feet and saw a small insect. At first, he got scared and tried to swing his foot so he would get it off the top of his shoe, however, this was only in his head, so the insect would only come off if he stopped thinking about it. The magician despaired and moved his foot further, losing his balance and trying to lean on the false wall, which started to fall backwards.

The moment the wall was falling, the magician unintentionally looked towards the cat and saw Ataz staring at him while his cat's eyes shone purple, as if a small trail of magic was coming out of them. He was startled, but it was then that he immediately changed his focus to what had just happened.

The audience did not take their eyes off the stage for even a second and saw the whole tragedy taking place. With the false wall falling, they managed to see one of his assistants hidden behind. She was standing in shock, with no reaction for what to do and the magician tried to move in front of her to hide where she was, but it was too late.

The audience started to judge the magician. "Uuuh doesn't he even know how to do magic properly?" "How can you say you're the best?" "Rubbish..." They all booed him.

The magician looked towards Ataz angrily. He had realized that the cat had something to do with all this.

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