I Became A Necromancer Cat Chapter 15

Chapter 15: 15 - Everyone screams!

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Ataz saw that the magician had noticed something strange about him, but he didn't even care about it.

While everyone was booing the magician for his supposed mistake, Sebastian looked at his family and said with his hands on his waist, "Yeah... It was a great show... Now come on, I want to buy one of those colorful popcorn containers." He walked ahead while taking his family with him.

Ataz was still sitting, watching the chaos he had caused for the magician and watching some families get up to leave the show. So Dona Rosa took his collar and pulled a little, making him come back to reality. With that, the cat looked at her sulkily and walked calmly beside her.

They hadn't even come out of the crowd yet and quickly, Ataz realized that they were being followed. He heard things in the crowd like: "He went to the exit, follow him" among the thousands of voices talking about the disaster of the performance.

Ataz slowed down to think of a better plan. He had to leave the park right away, but he couldn't leave the crowd now because it would be so easy to find him without all those people leaving the show. He knew that the best way to hide would be to let go of the leash and run away alone, as he would not have to deal with this family that was extremely slow. The cat then saw that the old lady was holding him loosely with her hand, and took advantage of this moment to throw his body in the opposite direction with force, making Dona Rosa unable to hold him tightly and eventually letting him escape, collar and all.

Dona Rosa screamed desperately, "SEBASTIAN, CUTIE HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED!" causing Sebastian to stop in the crowd, and many people to end up bumping into him, complaining that he had stopped halfway. Sebastian went towards Dona Rosa and stood on his toes looking for the cat while Dona Rosa screamed asking for him.

Ataz ran like never before, carefully avoiding the feet of people who could easily crush him. He was agile and used his long jumps to run faster. Those people who had been chasing Ataz came to find the family that was with the cat, but ended up being warned by them that Ataz had run away.

Ataz realized that the crowd was already growing thin and he would need to run free now. Probably at that point, he imagined that such pursuers had already noticed his escape and if they really were powerful, he should find a way to protect himself.

Ataz saw that some people who were part of the crowd were now redirecting to the area of the roller coaster that ended up opening earlier because of the disturbance Ataz caused by prematurely ending the magician's show. He thought that this would be the perfect place for him to hide, because many people would go there, however, he had no idea what this attraction in the park did.

He stopped in front of the roller coaster and saw a huge line with the first people already entering it. The first thing that crossed his mind was how he might get in there. Whether he liked it or not, he was a cat. He might even be able to enter the park, but he certainly couldn't ride the carts without causing a stir.

It was then that two of those people who were chasing him appeared behind him but still at a distance and walked quickly towards the cat. Ataz, without thinking twice, ran towards the roller coaster. He crossed the bars without anyone seeing him and jumped into one of the carts where there was no one, staying hidden on the bench.

Before the employee started the ride, one of those people jumped over the railing and got into the cart, almost being thrown out because of the movement of the vehicle. Park officials and people were concerned about what that man had done and the officer had already called the park guards.

The roller coaster cart started to rise and Ataz was at a loss to understand what was going to happen. He was in one of the front carts and raised his head to watch what was to come. When he looked back, he saw that one of those people who was chasing him was in some nearby seat further up the coaster. Ataz became worried and lowered his head quickly, thinking what he would do now. The cart was extremely slow; it would be easy for the man to simply jump through the carts until he had reached him. It was then that Ataz looked back and the man was there, looking at him with a psychopathic smile on his face. His eyes started to glow reddish, indicating that he was beginning to use some kind of magic. Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/15---everyone-screams!_%!d(string=51326950131693002)">/book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/15---everyone-screams!_%!d(string=51326950131693002)</a> for visiting.

The man then got up from the roller coaster chair and started climbing the other carts, trying to reach the one that the cat was in. Ataz opened his eyes wide, looking at that scene and immediately looked down, wondering if he could jump from there, but the height was already absurdly large; there was no way he could jump and stay alive.

The night had already decided to cover the skies and he could barely see what was under him because of the brightness of the roller coaster tracks. The people in the queue for the next ride on the cart couldn't even see what was going on up there, so no one was in the least concerned about stopping the ride, since the screams of despair usually happened because of the fear of people in the cart and not because of a presumed suicide bomber strolling through the carts.

The man was approaching faster and faster, making strange noises as his bright eyes oddly flickered. The people around this spectacle were desperate, looking at the man passing the carts as they climbed extremely high up. The man was already less than a cart coupling away from the cat, almost able to touch him, firmly stretching his arm to reach the cat, who huddled in the chair, until, reaching the top, the roller coaster carts began to descend extremely fast and the man was immediately pulled by the air, hanging by his fingertips on the cart.

Ataz had his body thrown backwards where he could not even move straight to avoid falling from the small vehicle. The wind was hitting his face and chest, keeping his head extremely far back, without even being able to push it forward against such a strong wind.

The clinging man did not release the cart at all, and when the roller coaster turned, he tried to throw his body onto the cart that Ataz was on, and he eventually ended up reaching the corner of the cart.

Ataz slowly turned his head to the side due to the wind and saw the tips of the man's fingers holding the cart. Ataz didn't know if he had enough mana, so he just scratched the man's hand, trying to keep him from coming further. With that, the man was enraged and raised his face to look at Ataz. He was big and strong and had not lost the psychopathic smile on his face. He seemed to have lost the humanity within him. His eyes shone brighter and redder and he gave a strange laugh, foaming at the mouth like an animal.

The man reached out to hold the cat. Apparently he didn't want him dead. Ataz quickly snarled at him, and having already tried to scratch Sebastian, he knew what force he should use to deeply scratch someone. He was able to check the eye of the man who removed one hand from the cart, trying to minimally stop some of the blood that came out of his face now. He was angry and didn't seem to mind whether Ataz lived or died anymore.

He quickly reached out and grabbed Ataz around the neck, squeezing harder and harder. Ataz tried to scratch the man's hand, but the man was blind with hatred; he seemed to have lost his sanity at that moment. The cat knew that this man was not a person; it might have been at some time, but Ataz could not determine if that thing was even still alive. He was squeezing the cat's neck even harder, and Ataz was already running out of air. His only option was to use the rest of the mana he had. No matter what came out of there, he needed to at least try.

Ataz, almost breathless, began to look deep into the soul lost in that man's body. The cat's eyes started to glow a strong purple. He concentrated while the man kept squeezing his small neck with only one hand. Before the man could put his entire body in the cart and finally subjugate the cat, the light in Ataz's eyes started to expand, and in a low voice he started to recite 'electro pulsus'. The man stopped and stared at Ataz in confusion, watching the cat's eyes go white with a small trail of purple magic coming out of his eyes, until a ball of energy exploded out of Ataz's body, completely opening the man or creature's hand. Ataz's attacker was pushed back to the opposite corner of the cart than the cat was in, dropping the cat on the floor of the cart. The man thing tried to hold on to the cart, but ended up becoming unbalanced and falling off the roller coaster.

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