I Became A Necromancer Cat Chapter 16

Chapter 16: 16 - I Know You

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The cat was lying on the ground with some neck injuries, trying to recover the air from his lungs as the trails of magic returned to his eyes and they returned to normal color again. Ataz quickly felt the foreboding of death again and it was then that everyone heard: "My God, the man threw himself!" "Help!" "What's going on?" Screams and more screams came from under the roller coaster.

The cat was still wearing the collar that Dona Rosa had put on his neck, but that was squeezing him like never before, and desperately, the cat positioned his paw between the collar and his neck, and pushed with the only remaining strength that he had, popping the collar, and leaving it abandoned on the floor of the coaster.

The roller coaster carts stopped and then slowly began returning to the starting point. Everyone in the line shouted and walked away as paramedics rushed over to the body lying on the ground. The people on top of the cart looked down in terror, pointing small, strange devices downwards which released a kind of bright flash.

Ataz looked to the side, watching those people obsessed with the misfortunes of others. He sometimes wondered if he was bad for not caring about the lives of others, or pretending to care was just another rule for living in this new society.

The roller coaster cart finally returned to the starting point and everyone desperately got out of the carts with the help of guards around the site. Some policemen who were called by the park started to interrogate some of the people who were inside the cart, while Ataz struggled to get out of the cart without drawing much attention. Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/16---i-know-you_%!d(string=51348568295917922)">/book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/16---i-know-you_%!d(string=51348568295917922)</a> for visiting.

A couple of the witnesses reported that 'the man had desperately entered the cart, passing in front of everyone, and that up there, it looked like the man was obsessed with something in the first cart, but they couldn't see anything there, there wasn't even a person . And when he managed to reach the first cart, he threw himself from up there.'

The policemen looked at the interviewees in confusion and decided to investigate what would have been at the beginning of the cart, but there was no apparent trace of anything substantive. Only a few black hairs were glued to the car seat and a small collar was thrown on the floor of the cart. Ataz had already managed to get away from the attraction, moving towards the body lying on the floor where people were gathered nearby.

He would not be able to get very close to identifying what the creature truly was, due to the paramedics and firefighters around, but he could already smell the mana of death next to him. Ataz then tried to hide under the structure of one of the attractions, which was close to the body, and there he began to absorb all the mana he could.

Apparently, this mana was a little different. The man had already died a while ago and was possessed by some kind of temporary spell or demon. He was just a servant who didn't care about his own life, a meat puppet so to speak, so the cat couldn't get much power from a body where there was almost no more energy to be sucked out.

The cat concentrated and felt the energy going through his veins. His eyes started to turn more purple and his pupils grew instantly, covering almost the entirety of each eye, with only a slight purple outline of the new color that the eye should have had.

Ataz was static, staring at the body from a distance. No one could see him due to the dark color of the cat camouflaging him with the pitch that was under the structure of the attraction close to the body. There was some shouting, but the cat could only hear a light noise, like the playing of a sweet flute, that the energy made when entering his small body.

The park guards and cops were pushing everyone out. The body was being loaded with the stretcher into the ambulance, and Ataz, even though his body was weak, knew that he would finally be able to face bigger enemies. He had absorbed some of the spell that the demon had put on the puppet, and that might make Ataz able to find out where he was and what was going on.

The body was eventually taken away and Ataz woke up from the trance he was in. He got up and realized that the hair on his body was somehow shinier. Perhaps the increase in power was helping him to evolve physically as well?

The cat decided to go back to his adoptive family. He left under the structure of the attraction and walked slowly towards the exit. Ataz wouldn't be able to go home alone, mainly because he had no idea where he was. Few people were leaving in the same direction as the cat. The premises was full of guards and doctors scattered around the place. Some people with large, strange objects entered the site. They stopped some people and started asking questions, pointing the strange objects at the people's faces.

Ataz continued to walk slowly towards the exit while watching the movement of the people around him, until he realized that someone was watching him. At that point, they wouldn't risk going after the cat; the park was on the alert for any strange actions.

Ataz stopped and looked in the direction where those who were watching him seemed to be. The person was faceless. She didn't try to hide this time; she kept "looking" at the cat. Even without a face, he knew she was staring at him. Ataz stared at that bizarre monster and smirked at her, facing her. He turned his face away and continued walking.

'I'm waiting for you,' he thought.

From the corner of his eye, he saw that the creature had magically disappeared. Ataz continued walking calmly, without even accelerating his pace to try to hide from the creature.

Upon reaching the end of the park, it was possible to see several cars and several people surrounding the entrance. They had devices that shone light everywhere. It was a huge noise; one would barely be able to hear their own thoughts. Ataz walked behind the cars without drawing much attention, looking for where Dona Rosa was, but apparently the family was gone.

The cat was unidentified, now he was just another stray cat again. At that time, apparently people were very fond of animals, as if they were part of their families, but nobody would care about him if he tried to ask for help. This indicated that he was no longer safe.

He walked among the cars, but couldn't find anyone. Ataz decided to look for somewhere to spend the night and started walking through the streets ran along the park. The city was bigger than the place from where he had come originally. This city had enormous structures, almost reaching the skies. Everything was extremely bright and beautiful. People were tidier, walking along the sidewalk, and the cat only thought about when he would eat again.

He found a huge place where many people were going in to eat. It was all lit up, detailed, and apparently rich, with a lot of luxury. Many men and women were sitting in red velvet chairs, seeming to own the world. Ataz wondered how he had gotten here. He stopped and watched them through the window of the place, enjoying the grandeur in which they lavished.

One of the men sitting at the nearest table was bothered by the cat looking through the window and called one of the attendants to expel the cat. This attendant, who was shorter and chubby and wore an outfit apparently stating that he was more powerful than the other employees, angrily called a girl who was working as a waitress and told her to remove the feline from there.

The moment Ataz saw the girl, he froze. That girl reminded him of someone, but he didn't know who it could be. It was impossible for them to have known each other. They were from extremely distant times, but her appearance brought him strange feelings. She was quite small and had a sweet appearance and a delicate voice.

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