I Became A Necromancer Cat Chapter 17

Chapter 17: 17 - Increasing speed

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The girl behind the restaurant glass soon nodded, agreeing with her superior's orders, and headed for the kitchen. Ataz watched that scene confused with the others pointing fingers at him and watching him. The man who complained about the cat took one of the chicken thighs from the table and ate, watching the cat look, laughing at the little guy's hunger. Ataz didn't even care about the man; he was just hungry.

The sweet woman appeared through the back doors of the restaurant and started to call the cat over to her. She said "Go on! Get out of here!" she said, trying to get the attention of the cat that could only look at the chicken.

She then threw a rock at him, drawing the cat's attention, who instantly turned to her, confused. Ataz walked towards the woman and she bent down to be closer to him. She gently raised her hand and passed it over the cat's head, saying in a sweet voice, "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?"

Ataz no longer had the energy to continue on his way home, not that he knew how far away it was to begin with, so he surrendered to the woman's cuddles, indicating that he was hungry. The girl got up and told him to wait a moment. She went back inside the door. Ataz stood outside, waiting for something to happen.

Then, she came back with a small pot with some leftover food. Normally the cat would not accept to eat such measly remains, but it was still fresh chicken with a little rice and, like it or not, he was starving. He wouldn't find anything better than that. His face flew across the plate and he ate it in a hurry. The kind woman laughed and ran her hand over the cat's back. "Calm down, it's okay! You were really hungry," she said.

"ANA, WHY HAVEN'T YOU COME BACK IN?" An irritating voice came out of the kitchen. She quickly got up, concern in her eyes, and went into the kitchen.

Ataz stopped eating with fright and watched her run inside, slowly wagging his tail from side to side. The sky started to show that rain was coming, but he didn't even bother himself with it and went back to eating until he completely cleaned the small pot with food. He thought about walking to look for a place to sleep, but he was so tired that he decided to lie by the door, where there was an awning that could protect him from the rain. Then he went to the corner of the door and snuggled on top of a piece of cardboard, quickly falling asleep with fatigue.

A few hours later, Ataz heard the door beside him opening slowly. He stretched and raised his head to look at what was happening. The sweet woman who had fed him passed him and walked towards a kind of strangely thin two-wheeled vehicle.

Just behind her, a man came out. He was much taller and stronger than she was. The man saw Ana going towards the bike, putting on her helmet. She wasn't wearing her clothes from before. This time he was wearing tight clothes, with loose hair. He approached her with malice in his eyes, and said slowly, "You know that a woman like you mustn't walk in this type of nightwear alone, right? You cause things in men."

Ana hesitated to put on the helmet and looked at him, a little irritated, "What do you mean by that?"

"Oh nothing, baby. I'm just telling you to be careful. Someone can take advantage of this hehe," said the man mocking the girl as he pulled on his jacket and took a cigarette out of his pocket.

She stared at him as she left, to make sure he didn't bother her with his disturbing look. Ana put her helmet on her head and looked back to lock the restaurant door. Apparently they had been the last to leave and Ataz didn't even hear other people's noise.

Ana walked towards the door and saw that the kitten was still there, lying on the floor, as if waiting for her. The woman bent down and looked at him with pity. So she took a backpack off her back and decided she would take Ataz home. She placed the backpack next to him while he looked at her calmly, not thinking that anything would happen except to receive some coffee. The woman took a blouse out of her backpack and dropped it over the cat's head, which instantly froze him. She rolled it up and stuck it inside her backpack, with only a small part open so she could breathe.

Ataz started to move, trying to get out of there desperately and the woman just put the backpack on her front, so that the cat would not fall, and climbed on top of the vehicle.

They started to walk, but Ataz was not quiet, he tried to struggle inside to open the case. He felt an enormous pressure on his small body, as if something was pushing the backpack against the woman's chest. He started to move his paws to remove the cloth from his head and in the middle of this process, she felt the backpack moving from side to side, causing him to unbalance inside it.

Ataz, lying on his back, passed his rear leg over the top where the backpack opened, looking for any holes. It was then that he found a small piece of the zipper open and started to stick his paw through there, trying to get the backpack to open.

It slowly opened and Ataz got up to stick his head out and see what was going on. He quickly put his head out and hit the helmet of the woman who had caught it. She quickly realized that he had gotten loose and then took one hand and pushed his head in again, causing him to fall in irritation.

The cat again stuck its head out, looking annoyed at the girl, but a blinding light appeared behind them, causing Ataz to look back to find out she was coming and then, one of those 'cars' was behind him, but it was huge. Ataz's eyes widened when he saw it and it made a deafening noise. At the same time, the woman accelerated and started running between the cars, faster than everyone, almost flying.

Ataz was impressed but a little scared by the speed by which they moved between the other cars. The last time he remembered flying fast like that, it was a long time ago when he was chasing a monster in the middle of the forest of the village where he lived, but still, he was just a young boy. Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/17---increasing-speed_%!d(string=51379103382685419)">/book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/17---increasing-speed_%!d(string=51379103382685419)</a> for visiting.

He felt the wind caressing his hair while listening to those 'cars' reproducing some strange noises, like whistles. The city lights enchanted him, but he still didn't have the courage to stick his head out of his backpack, afraid to fly away with the wind.

Suddenly, the cars stopped slowly and Ana stopped too. Ataz stared at them, not understanding why, until he realized that there was a light indicating when they should stop and when they should walk, like a game. He found that very strange. He thought there was no reason for that to happen.

Before the light changed colors again, two guys with the same vehicle that Ana stopped beside her, surrounding her. They looked at her and revved up their strange vehicle, making the vehicle make a loud noise. Apparently, they were challenging Ana. She looked at them and didn't pay attention; she kept looking straight, but the guys continued to challenge her.


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