I Became A Necromancer Cat Chapter 20

Chapter 20: 20 - You won, cat!

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Ataz, on the tips of his paws, moved his tail almost like a happy dog, excited by the competition that the "cell phone" had mentioned to Ana.

"Thomas, don't go-" Before Ana could complete her sentence, Ataz turned his furry face to her and started meowing loudly and shaking his head from side to side, as if to prevent her from denying the proposal.

Ana looked scared at the cat as she moved her hand to get more food.

"Er... Thomas, wait a minute! I think my cat broke," she said as she moved her arm towards the cell phone.

"Cat? What the-" and then Ana hung up the phone while Thomas tried to finish his sentence.

Ana approached the cat and started to look at him with a confused expression on her face. Ataz was quiet and looked back at her. The two stayed like that for a while, until Ana got up and went around the table, fetching some of her water that had run out, but without taking her eyes off the cat.

"Right... So what do you want?" she said as she crossed her arms, mocking the cat with her eyes.

Ataz jumped up on the table and walked majestically towards the phone. He sat in front of it and placed a small furry paw on top of the device. Ana stared at him for a few minutes, with a certain mockery. "Okay, CAT. I don't know why you're so weird and I don't want to know either, but I understand what you mean... And it's not going to happen!"

Ataz got angry and looked at her with an irritated face. He then slightly lifted his small paw towards one of the dishes and began to slowly push it towards the floor. Ana looked at him with boredom, however, when she realized what the cat was up to, she slowly widened her eyes. Ataz continued to stare deeply, with malice and defiance in his eyes, as he pushed the pot further and further to the end of the table.

Ana uncrossed her arms quickly and lifted them and started walking with an accelerated step towards the cat. He then looked up and raised his ears, pushing the plate faster. The object was almost at the end of the table; it was ready to be dropped, completely dirtying the floor, until Ana stopped and shouted, "OK, calm down. Don't drop the plate, let's talk!"

Ataz then looked at her, expressing curiosity in his eyes, but with suspicion, still with his paw lightly touching the plate. Ana then, while bouncing her gaze between Ataz and the plate, said quickly with a little nervousness, "Look, I would have participated in the competition, but they put me aside as if I didn't play well enough just because they found ONE GUY, can you believe it?"

Ataz stared at her, expressing indignation and surprise, putting his head a little forward, even moving his paw slightly away from the plate.

"THERE IT IS! That's exactly what I thought. Oh, now that they saw the guy sucks, they want me to come back? Why should I do that? That idiot Igor!" Ana said as she walked from side to side, herself indignant, while moving her little finger.

The cat nodded his head to the side, as if agreeing with her, a little saddened by the situation. Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/20---you-won-cat!_%!d(string=51473283677221822)">/book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_%!d(string=18959244106884605)/20---you-won-cat!_%!d(string=51473283677221822)</a> for visiting.

"Although... He has the award for best player. And YET, Igor kept showing off, as if he was sure he would win. If I won, he would be completely pissed off," Ana added, standing with her hand on her chin, with a small smile in the corner of her mouth.

Ataz then looked up at him sadly, and turned his head towards Ana, looking at her with animation.

"Ah but he has a lot higher rank than me. He would certainly win... This is bullshit," Ana said, wiping the smile off her face and lowering her shoulders.

Ataz then became irritated and sat back near the plate. He tapped his paw on the table and instantly placed his paw on the plate, pushing it slowly towards the floor. Ana looked at him and quickly stretched her arms again, waving her hands to Ataz not to do that and said quickly in despair, "No! No! It's okay! I'll participate! I promise! But please, I just wiped the floor!"

The cat got up and left in the direction of the room, but purposefully bumped his tail on the dish that was almost falling, causing it to completely lose its balance and go towards the floor, but Ana was already close enough to almost throw himself completely on the floor and catch it in the air, preventing the dish from making a huge mess on the white floor of her kitchen.

Ataz just stopped and looked over his shoulder, looking at the scene that had just happened. He gave a small mischievous smile and continued walking towards the room.

Once there, he jumped on the table again and pressed the buttons, causing the screen to turn on. Ataz admired those strange images on the screen while slowly wagging his tail, still maintaining the majestic position he was in.

Ana entered the room with a dish towel in hand, drying her hands, and placed it on the table. She pulled out the chair in front of the screen and the strange buttons and sat down, approaching the table. Ataz still just looked at the monitor, trying to understand how she did it to move everything. For a person of his time, and being a cat, it was very confusing to understand what each thing did, however, Ataz studied so much in the past, that it was not so difficult for him to learn something extremely new and unknown.

Ana took a kind of tiara from the table with some wheels attached to it and adorned it on her head, but then let it slide to the back of her neck, only hanging on by the wheels around her ears. She placed one hand on a strange slab with buttons all over the top of it and the other on the small object placed at its side.

The cat unconsciously turned its head to the side, as if in doubt of what it was doing. The girl looked back at him, finding it funny what he had done and said in a baby voice, "Do you want to know what I'm doing?"

Ataz shook his head, as if he had come back to reality, confused as to why he was doing that before with his head. Ana then stretched the arm that was on the buttons towards the cat's head and tried to pet him, but he moved away a little, repelling her hand.

Ana returned her hand to the buttons and explained to him, "Look, this is a keyboard, you see it? It can write things. Can you see the letters? And it also lets me play my games," she said while pointing her finger to the keyboard.

After Ataz smelled all the different smells of the vegetables when Ana had been cooking, he realized that it activated some kind of different instinct in him and made him want to smell anything that caught his attention. Then he felt a sudden urge and simply lowered his head to smell the keyboard, which curiously smelled like a strange cheese.

Ana then turned her fingers, pointing at the small object in her other hand, "And this is a mouse." When Ana said that, Ataz opened his eyes wide and pulled his head back a little.

"How the hell did you turn a mouse into that?! It's even flashing pink."

Almost sensing exactly what Ataz had said to her, even though he was a cat who could only meow, Ana spoke. "Calm down, it's not really a mouse. It is for you to move around the screen easier and click on things to open or open other options, you see? But we call it a mouse, I don't know why; I was never interested in why," she said with a shrug and placed both hands on the strange tiara.

"I would do the same," thought Ataz.

"And this is a headset, or a more enhanced headset. Here you can hear what's coming out of the computer and you can also talk about it here. Can you see it?" She said as she pulled out a small, thin structure that came out of the object and pointed at the various parts. "This is a microphone. So people on their computers can hear you, you know?" she added, looking at the cat while he squinted, trying to sniff the microphone.

Ana fiddled with the computer's mouse and keyboard, looking for something to show Ataz. Then some strange images started to flash across the screen. The girl took the headset off her neck and, with both hands, positioned them on the ears of the cat, who stood looking up, waiting for something to happen. Then Ana, with one hand, pressed one of the keys on the keyboard and extremely loud music dominated the cat's thoughts.


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