I Became A Necromancer Cat Chapter 6

Chapter 6: 06 - War

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After taking a few seconds to process that he had truly seen that weird cat in his house, Hector turned his now frightened gaze to Ataz, who was looking him deeply in the eyes, gradually letting out a corner smile. It was possible to see all of the demons within that look. Hector looked at him and said quietly, "...You-you?" He was scared, imagining that the cat would be chasing him for revenge.

Ataz, who had jumped on the back of the sofa before Hector noticed, now looked directly in the boy's eyes, showing all his grandeur and terror in order to intimidate the little boy.

"Hector, come eat. Grandma made apple pie," said Sebastian with his mouth full. Hector started to walk away from the cat without taking his eyes off it, and Ataz, to make him more afraid, opened his mouth and put his teeth out, snarling at the boy, who accelerated his pace towards the food. Ataz laughed in his mind and turned his body to get off the couch and lie down in his basket.

He supported his small, weak paws on the end of the sofa and threw his little body into the basket, causing him to end up disengaging when he fell into the basket, but it didn't hurt because it was covered with blankets. He laid his head on the blanket to take another rest.

"Son, do yourself a favor and turn on the television, please. My soap is about to start," said the old lady looking towards a black board on top of a small lowered cabinet in the living room. Ataz looked up confused, wondering what a television was. Sebastian, with a piece of pie in his hand and his mouth full of some crumbs, headed for the living room. He took his empty hand and wiped it on his pants and bent over to a small coffee table that was in front of the sofa, picking up a small object.

Ataz followed the man's movements with his head and saw him point that strange object at the big black board on top of the small lowered cabinet. He then pressed a button and the black board started making some noises and showing some images. Ataz instinctively jumped at the noise and the brightness that came out of that magic object, turning and knocking everything from inside his basket and ran ungainly under a small table that was next to the sofa.

Ataz was hiding under the table with his huge eyes and goose bumps, watching all the images passing by, thinking that something would attack him. He looked to the side and saw Sebastian standing with the pie in his mouth, still hunched over with the remote pointing at the television, looking at him with wide eyes and an expression confused by the noise and despair the cat had made.

Ataz saw that and at the same time straightened his posture, sitting and raising his head as if he had felt no tension and was all extremely normal for him.

"Okay..." said the man, placing the control very slowly on the table, and then said loudly toward the kitchen, "Your show has not started. The news is still running."

"Oh, great, I heard that they are going to talk about some fair today in the news bulletin and I really wanted to see it," said Dona Rosa as she walked out of the kitchen a little faster into the living room, almost trotting.

She picked up one of the cushions on the sofa to put on her lap and quickly sat down on the sofa next to where Ataz was hiding without even paying attention to the mess he had made because he was so mesmerized by the news.

"Is this kind of like seeing the future? Is it something like a crystal ball... Although I never believed that a crystal ball would work," thought the cat as he looked at the screen with some fear.

[In today's news story, we will bring you our latest update. An accident behind Park Frenezzi happened this afternoon]

"Wow, this afternoon? I was there all the time and didn't hear anything", said the worried old lady. At that moment, Ataz directed his ears towards the magic screen to pay more attention.

[... A house was found to have collapsed. Apparently it was burnt to the ground, but there were no reports or records of people close to the site who saw any smoke coming from there.]

"And you didn't see anything?" asked Sebastian, looking at Dona Rosa.

"Of course not! Do you think I wouldn't have run if I had seen it?" mumbled the lady, looking at her son. "Apparently no one was hurt, since no one was found near the scene."

Ataz opened his eyes wide and thought about the scene that had happened at that witch's house. He saw the woman's body had been crushed by the closet, saw that she no longer moved, and all the magic fire in the house was gone. This indicated that she had died, because if there was no spirit there to control the magic, there would be no magic.

But if what the television said was correct, apparently the danger was not over yet, and soon she would come looking Ataz. He needed to quickly master at least a little magic, because Ataz, fortunately, had left that situation alive just by being lucky enough to have found that little trail of smoke from the ground, which still to this moment, he did not know how it had come about.

"Since that place is now destroyed, maybe I should go back there and look for the amulet?" thought the cat.

[The park is now closed until further notice. No person or animal will be allowed to enter for preventive measures until they find out if there could be any type of terrorism in the city.]

"TERRORISM?" Cried the old lady, taking a small leap off the sofa and hugging her throw pillow tightly. "Calm down, Dona Rosa. It's not terrorism; they're just saying that to scare us. This shitty government, always trying to dominate our mind. Like trying to make us believe that we were on the moon? Now there's terrorism in the park? Fat chance, more likely!" grumbled Sebastian, curling the tip of his mustache with both fingers.

"Did we go to the moon?" thought Ataz, looking at Sebastian with extreme surprise.

"What? Why does this strange cat stare at me?" Sebastian looked back at him with an angry face, wanting to intimidate the cat.

At that moment when the two faced each other, neither looked away in any way, as if they were about to start an epic battle. Ataz didn't even blink as he looked at Sebastian, trying to demonstrate that he was the strongest and most powerful in that house with his head up and his chest puffed up. Sebastian didn't move either. It was possible to see some small spasms in his left hand, indicating nervousness.

Everything around was quiet. They didn't even hear the noise of the television or the rain outside anymore. The entire focus of their eyes was only on each other. Ataz could hear his heartbeat grow faster, the blood running through his veins, he felt the power within his soul. Sebastian felt the adrenaline in his body, he could run a marathon right now. His body looked like it was going to explode from so much concentration. Both could feel the little movement of the air in their eyes, which started to leave both of them with the sclera of the eye in a reddish tone. Their eyes had caught on fire, but they didn't stop looking at each other for a second. Ataz felt one of his eyes shake, starting to close, while Sebastian already felt some tears streaming down the corner of one of his eyes to his cheek.

The cat's eyes were almost dry and Sebastian could no longer see until "FINALLY I WILL KNOW IF ROMEO CHEATED ON FERNANDA OR NOT, FUCK YEAH!" shouted the old lady, lifting the pillow in celebration and lifting her feet like an excited child going to the park.

The two who had been staring at each other for more than 3 minutes took a huge fright and immediately jumped back, closing their eyes reflexively. Sebastian put his hands over his eyes and said out loud "MY GOD, DO NOT SPEAK THAT FUCKING WORD, DONA ROSA!" Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_18959244106884605/06---war_51070486091717669">/book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_18959244106884605/06---war_51070486091717669</a> for visiting.

Ataz rubbing his paws on his face, trying to lubricate his eyes as quickly as possible, could only think of who Romeo was and why he betrayed Fernanda and why it was so important for Dona Rosa.

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