I Became A Necromancer Cat Chapter 7

Chapter 7: 07 - The thing

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Ataz, still with his eyes slightly blurred because of the competition he had participated in, decided to snuggle up in his basket. He lifted his paws and walked towards his new bed, however, he realized the mess the basket was in because of the fright he had taken from the thing called a television.. He was a little lost on what to do so he decided to try to make the bed himself.

He first stood with his back to the basket and rested his hind legs on it so that he could push it, and as he did so, he caused the basket to return to its normal position. Then, he stood in front of I one of the blankets that was in the basket, thinking how he would put it inside. He didn't want to take it with his mouth; he thought that was disgusting.

"Oh cutie, do you want to make your bed? Sebastian, do yourself a favor and help the cutie," said the old lady, looking back at the television. Sebastian got up from where he was sitting, a little bothered by having to make the bed of his newest rival, but with a mischievous smile, he said, "So you decided now that his name is Cutie? It's a good name for this cat." Sebastian crouched down and pushed Ataz lightly, so he could get off the blankets. Ataz looked at him and growled, as he had done for Hector. "Hey you, don't growl at me. Cutie, or I'll throw your little pink blanket out of the house." The cat was angry, but he knew he had to put up with a few things to stay safe for a while inside.

While Sebastian fixed the basket, Ataz decided to explore the house. He turned his back on Sebastian and went under the table he had hidden beneath before to move on to the kitchen. The house was quite small. When entering through the front door, there was a very small living room, and behind it was an even smaller kitchen. Continuing down the corridor next to the kitchen, there was a small room with some clothes hanging and a bathroom, and in the middle of the house, a narrow staircase leading up to the floor.

Ataz stopped in front of the stairs, but as he was a little hurt, even though he was able to jump, his body still hurt, so he wanted to continue exploring below.

He walked to the small room and before he entered it, Ataz began to hear a strange noise. It was like something was snarling and hitting the floor hard, as if it were very angry. He stood in front of the room for a while, making no noise. He wondered how the others were not listening to all that noise, but that was when he realized that he could be facing a bigger enemy- something that only he, quite probably for knowing magic better, could see.

Ataz then summoned up his courage and quietly entered the room. From a distance, he spotted what might be his most difficult enemy. It was a big thing, and it looked like it had a huge, sturdy armor of a material he didn't know what kind. The enemy moved from side to side, dancing back and forth a little, but still hitting the ground with great force and anger. Apparently it was trapped, trapped by two pieces of furniture on either side. "Perhaps that is why the others are not concerned?! Perhaps he is their prisoner?! Maybe they are not as weak and stupid as I imagined," Ataz wondered.

He got closer. That huge thing stopped for a moment and was quiet. He wondered if it would have given up on facing him, until he started to notice that a small noise came out from the thing. It was if it was getting ready, as if one could feel its blood running through its veins. The creature then made a strange gurgling as if liquid were filling it up on the inside.

Ataz got closer to see if he could hear exactly what liquid was forming on the creature. Each step was coldly calculated not to startle the huge animal that seemed to be filling itself with mana. The cat came face to face with the thing. He could almost touch good little snout against it, until he realized he could see through the supposed barrier that protected the animal's belly and spotted something inside it. It was like a bar, it looked like a dangerous barbed, spinning spoke that in the middle had a strange symbol.

'This must be his heart,' thought the cat, but even before he could try to get a better look at what the symbol was, the monster started to scream and shake again.

He immediately tried to scratch the machine and growled loudly, raising all the hairs on his back trying to look like he was an animal that was bigger than his normal size. He ran away and his plan was to destroy the barrier that protected the monster's belly, to reach the symbol and end the machine, but how would he do that? Ataz was just a small, weak cat. Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_18959244106884605/07---the-thing_51104614153509373">/book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_18959244106884605/07---the-thing_51104614153509373</a> for visiting.

Ataz quickly looked for something heavy around the room, something that when thrown with force could destroy the protective barrier of the monster, up space for him to attack its heart. It was then that in the middle and some clothes lying on the floor, he found what appeared to be a doorstop, strangely shaped like a kitten.

He held it in his mouth and positioned himself towards the monster. His plan was to run fast towards the creature's belly and throw himself at it with the doorstop in his mouth. He would push his body away when it reached the thing and break the armored plating encapsulating it. Ataz started to hear some footsteps coming from outside the room. He worried that the thing would cause some harm to the people who had welcomed him, not out of thanks or compassion, but because he would probably have to hide elsewhere as other people would miss them and the guards would eventually appear to investigate the disappearances.

So he took off and ran towards the monster and jumped. He could feel the air combing through the hair on his body and was holding the door weight tightly in his mouth. It was as if everything was in slow motion, and when he had almost accomplished his goal, Ataz caught a glimpse through the door close to him. "What the fuck are you doing?"

The cat hit the monster's armor without making a scratch on it, and fell to the floor, bewildered. "Your imbecile cat! That's the washing machine!" Sebastian walked towards the machine, pressing a button and making it stop moving. "Jackass!" Said Sebastian as he returned to the other room snorting.

Ataz stood for a while, looking at the washing machine, moving his tail from side to side spontaneously without expressing any emotion on his face, just looking at the machine that was now quiet, without making any movement or noise.

"Ah. So it washes things up. Interesting," he said as he wondered if Hector would fit into that small space the machine had inside it.

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