I Became A Necromancer Cat Chapter 9

Chapter 9: 09 - Carry Me, Commoner!

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Even though he found a being as powerful as himself picking up something from the floor with their mouth extremely disgusting, Ataz didn't think twice about doing it, because he knew how powerful the amulet could be in the hands of the wrong people. Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_18959244106884605/09---carry-me-commoner!_51161716280580499">/book/i-became-a-necromancer-cat_18959244106884605/09---carry-me-commoner!_51161716280580499</a> for visiting.

Before leaving that messy room, he stopped to think where he could hide the amulet somewhere the family that picked him up couldn't find. The whole house was too dangerous to hide an object like that.

Ataz walked out holding the object in his mouth and entered that pink room he had previously entered. Looking around, he thought that this room could be Dona Rosa's, as it was more organized and had cleaner things. In Ataz's time, women were careful and organized, unlike men who ended up being more carefree and disorganized.

Upon entering, he started looking around the corners of the room for somewhere that Dona Rosa would not be able to reach even if she went to clean the room. He walked around the corners of the wall, looking for a hole, but found nothing. Ataz noticed that the bedroom wardrobe was not glued to the wall. He then decided to try to jump on top of the wardrobe to hide the object. It was a very risky jump for him since he had never jumped so high before.

Ataz decided to first look for some place where he could climb to get more height. He would not be able to jump directly from the ground; it was too low. Ataz then turned and jumped on the bed, going over the dressing table that was next to the wardrobe right after.

Before trying to jump, he tried to stand on two legs, to see the distance he'd need for the jump. It was quite tall, but a cat would be able to climb easily onto that wardrobe. Ataz bent down for a better jump and leaped. He managed to almost reach the end of the wardrobe, but there was still a little to go. He bent down once again and jumped harder and managed to hold on this time by the tips of his paws.

He stayed there hanging by his paws, trying to kick the wardrobe so that his body was thrown up or even pushing himself up with his front legs, but nothing helped. It was then that he realized how extremely light and fluffy his body was. He then had the brilliant idea of swinging. Ataz started to move his little paws from side to side, making his whole body gradually wobble. After a few swings, he lifted his back leg and held on to the end of the wardrobe. He used his front leg to pull himself and finally made it up.

Upon reaching the top, Ataz realized that the top of the wardrobe was very dusty and there were some dead insects scattered about. The cat was hesitant to leave the object there, afraid that it might spoil in some way, but even with that fear, it was safer keeping it here than letting any of the people in the house take it.

He went to the corner of the furniture piece and ran his tail over the cabinet to remove the dust, and carefully placed the amulet on the wardrobe so that it would not cause any damage to the object. He knew he would be back soon, so he wouldn't have to worry so much about the dust gathering and sticking to the amulet after the cat had cleaned the area with his tail a little.

Before he turned around, Ataz realized that someone was calling out to him. "Where are you, Cutie? Show up soon."

"Dona Rosa, for God's sake, he is a cat. They appear and disappear all the time," he heard coming up the stairs. Ataz ran to the edge of the wardrobe before Sebastian finished his sentence, causing the man to notice his presence. "Ahh, look where he is! Do you see? I told you he didn't run away. He's up on the wardrobe, stupid cat," said Sebastian, approaching Ataz while placing his hands on his hips.

"Oh my poor...", he heard Dona Rosa saying as she approached quickly with her weak little frame. "... Did you get hurt? Can you get down, little one?" the old woman said with both hands together, indicating that she was happy to have found him.

"Of course he can. Get down soon enough, or I'll make you," ordered Sebastian in a rude tone with his finger pointing down. "Hurry up, or are you deaf? Come down."

Ataz stared up and down the man. "Do you really think I'm going to obey you? I'll stay here all night if I need to," he thought, looking tediously at Sebastian.

"Maybe he just can't get down, poor thing. Sebastian, get him off of there," Dona Rosa gently prodded her son.

"What? CUTIE COMES DOWN NOW! You're able to do it ON YOUR OWN; you're a CAT!" he said angrily, still looking at Ataz.

The cat looked at them and observed what the old woman was saying, and immediately began to meow as if he were crying, so that Sebastian would be forced to rescue him. He was not really afraid or needing help in the least. Ataz knew he could just jump off of there quietly, but seeing Sebastian having to carry him in his arms as if he were His Majesty, made Ataz feel superior, as he realized that, for Dona Rosa, he was the most docile cat that she knew.

He lay down on top of the wardrobe and cried for help, rubbing his head on the end of the furniture. "MY GOD, SEBASTIAN! Pick Cutie up right now! Poor thing Can't you see he's scared?" she said indignantly while holding the man's arm with her two small hands.

Sebastian looked at Dona Rosa with an annoyed "Fine" look, but agreed to her order. He then went to the dressing table to get the chair in front of it and leaned it on the front of the wardrobe. Sebastian held the back of the chair with his right hand and stood on it with both feet to get a hold of Ataz, who at that moment admired his victory with mastery. Sebastian lifted his hand and gently took Ataz by his soft tummy. He held the cat in both hands after pulling it off of the closet and when he put his feet on the floor Ataz turned towards Sebastian and let out a loud, angry meow, throwing his small, sharp claws out and hitting the man's cheek.

"BASTARD CAT," shouted Sebastian as he hurled Ataz away from him.

"BUT MERCY, WHY THAT WORD?" Cried Dona Rosa, frightened, looking at Sebastian.

"Sorry, Dona Rosa. That cat disgraced... Cutie scratched me," the man said as he looked at Ataz, who was now out of the room, watching him with only his head inside.

Dona Rosa put her hand on Sebastian's face, caressing it while saying, "He was just scared; he's a cat. It's gone now, he hasn't even barely scratched you."

"BARELY SCRATCHED? What the fuck?! I thought I had taken one eye off of him," Ataz thought, looking at the ground, his tail wagging slowly.

"It's already very late. Why don't we all go to sleep? I have a surprise for Cutie tomorrow. He's going to love it, aren't you, Cutie?", Said the old lady, picking up the cat.

"... I will? I hope people still give beer to cats now. I used to in my day," Ataz thought as she patted his head.

"Where's he going to sleep? Don't put him in your room because he's going to be furry," said Sebastian as he put the chair back in place.

Dona Rosa placed the cat on the floor and replied, "And you want him to sleep in the living room? Alone? That's not going to happen. He will sleep with Hector in his room!"

"WHAT?" Hector shouted from his room.

Ataz smiled from corner to corner of his mouth and thought that tonight, his revenge would finally come.

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