I Can Pause Time Chapter 779

Chapter 779: Heaven Dou Ocean Current Profound Meaning

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Since the fight, Lei Yi has understood one thing.

The strength of his opponent is stronger than the original Limozu Basil, but he is not an existence that can be killed casually.

It's a pity that A Liang hasn't used all his strength, he can't compare whether the Nine Envoys have such a powerful strength.

Of course, if the nine envoys are all parallel imports like Xiao Hei, it's a different matter.

But Sha Xuanlang is definitely the opponent with the deepest boxing skills he has ever encountered.

The other party also noticed Lei Yi's troubles.

"Boy, do you think you can change anything if you hit me?" But Sha Xuan Lang quickly recovered, and the killing intent in his eyes became more exuberant than before.

"You can't change anything, you will eventually die in my hands today!"

He made another move, and this time he didn't have the basic sense of actual combat.

Because that move was broken by Lei Yi, he used the evil flood fist he had cast before.

Two blue ghost heads wrapped around his arms, and the whole person rushed out like electricity.

Lei Yi saw a blue light flashing past, and Shark Xuanlang had already charged in front of him.

But when he saw this, he showed a smirk.

"Time Tyrant!"

In close combat, Lei Yi has never emptied anyone, because even if he can't beat him, he can use his supernatural ability to "slow down" his opponent.

When the domain of the time tyrant opens, his speed is inherently ten times faster than others. Under this condition, there is no possibility of defeat.

"What..." Sha Xuanlang felt something wrong when he saw Lei Yi's sly smile.

"Quick!" When Lei Yi's "rub" disappeared before his eyes, he even let out an exclaim.

Such a fast opponent, he had only encountered it when he was fighting against the Leopard Demon Race, but now he already has the strength of a top demon general, it is logical to say that a thousand commander cannot be so much faster than him.

The evil flood fist blasted out, attacking the afterimage left by Lei Yi on the spot.

The attack was naturally missed, and the moment the Jiao first flew out, Shark Xuanlang's chest was hit frontally by Crazy Ape's arm.

This time, when Lei Yi saw that the other party was about to fly out, he accelerated in an instant and caught up with the Shark Xuanlang who was still in the field, and then made up a punch without believing in evil.


The two punches hit each other, the first punch is the chest, and the second punch is the head.

But under the two punches, Shark Xuanlang still didn't kill him, and even a little red blood leaked from the shark's head.

He turned into a sandbag, was blown out, and rolled again.

At this moment, Shark Xuanlang's eyes were staring at Venus, his head was dizzy, and everything seemed to have ghosts.

"Damn it, this kid is weird!" At this moment, he finally understood that Lei Yi had special means and was talented in close combat.

"Change me to shoot!"

Just when he was jealous, Feng Shui turned to Lei Yi to counterattack.

"This kid!" Seeing Lei Yi kill, Sha Xuanlang took a step back.

"Damn it!" I felt shame and resentment because of my subconscious behavior, and then he showed a sullen face, "You kid, don't be too smug!"

"I want to get overwhelmed!"

Lei Yi said ironically, he was about to kill Sha Xuanlang.

But at this moment, he saw the corner of the latter's mouth, there was a tricky smile unexpectedly appeared.

"Is it a bluff or a hidden trick... No matter what, as long as I can pull the opponent into close combat, it will be beneficial to me!"

Lei Yi's mind turned his mind and did not choose to hesitate, but made a decisive move.

But when he was close to 20 meters away from Shaxuanlang, the latter clasped his palms together, as if imitating the bite of a wild beast, but shocking vitality fluctuations bloomed in his palm.

"Heaven Douhuang Python bites!"

The vitality exploded, and a big blue crocodile crawled out suddenly, with fangs all over the fierce crack, biting towards Lei Yi.

Lei Yi was taken aback by this scene, but he quickly reacted.

He opened the domain again, the golden aperture opened, and after the crocodile phantom rushed into the aperture, the speed suddenly slowed ten times.

Lei Yi stepped on the ground and fought hard to avoid him, but he also lost the opportunity to chase the opponent.


The big crocodile's blood basin took a big bite, and then a violent wind pressure broke out, blowing both Shark Xuanlang and Lei Yi away.

The two retreated a few steps to resist wind pressure.

"I was actually avoided by you, your kid is really weird!" Sha Xuanlang looked at Lei Yi who was standing not far away, with a strange light in his eyes.

"When that move was hit just now, the speed slowed down a lot, should it be your ability?"

One of his peers has strange abilities, so he is no stranger to unique abilities.

Obviously, Lei Yi has the ability to "slow down the enemy", which can be said to be a very powerful combat special ability.

Sha Xuanlang finally understood why the boy in front of him was able to fight against himself with the strength of the commander, obviously relying on his talent.

"In that case, let you see that even if you rely on talent, you can't make up the gap!" Sha Xuanlang grinned, and savagely emerged.

His whole body is vigorous, his body is divided into nine, turned into nine, standing together.

Afterwards, his hands shook apart, and the rolling waves spread to all directions, the scope of which was huge, even more exaggerated than the thousand waves just now.

Lei Yi retreated, but then found out that it was nothing but futile, because no matter how much he retreated, he finally found that his body was in the ocean again.

"It's a big range!" He was shocked, because this time he moved quickly backwards, almost backing a distance of close to a kilometer, but he was still hit.

In front of him, Sha Xuanlang sneered again and again, seeing Lei Yi being covered by his own moves.

"Heaven Dou Fierce King Fist Profound Righteousness, Heaven Dou Group of Sharks Eat!" He and his body, nine figures simultaneously spoke, shouting in unison.

In the waves, countless blue giant sharks emerged, looking ferocious, with their fins as sharp as blades.

The sharks turned into sharp arrows, galloping in the waves, spreading in all directions.

In Lei Yi's sight, the whole body turned into a stormy sea, but this was not the point.

In his sight, he saw a little blue light flashing, and then turned into a terrifying big shark.

"No, this number..." But the next moment, Lei Yi noticed that the shark's whole body, and a little blue light appeared.

Sharks were not one, but a group, and the number quickly reached dozens, followed by hundreds, approaching thousands.

He found that his whole body was covered by sharks, the stormy waves were just a means to control him, and the real killer moves were these things in the water.

A group of sharks swimming towards him, with a hideous and terrifying appearance, plus the number of over a thousand, is the attack method of this trick.

Lei Yi didn't even have to guess, he knew that he was covered by sharks in all directions.

He moved with difficulty, avoiding the bite of the first shark, but there were still close to a thousand such sharks.

"Ah!" He let out a wild roar, and his whole body exploded violently, trying to block the offensive of the sharks around him.

But the vitality barrier could only last for a moment, and then he was completely torn apart by the sharks, and his figure was completely submerged by the fish.

In the distance, Sha Xuanlang watched his attack succeed, and finally a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Although your body will be torn into countless pieces, this way of death is still too cheap for you..."

"A mere commander of thousands can actually hurt me and lose so many subordinates for nothing. How can you die so cheaply!"

Sha Xuanlang's body and clone once again merged into one, and then his figure soared into the sky, and his whole body became more agitated.

He let out a long howl, his figure then rushed into the waves below, and an astonishing wave of vitality emerged from it.

Afterwards, a giant blue shark with a body length of several tens of meters came out from it. Its fin cut through the water, as sharp as a blade. When the tail fin swings, it brings waves of waves.

"Heaven Dou Fierce King's Fist Profound Righteousness, Heaven Dou Covers the Sea Evil Flood!" The shark's hideous mouth opened and closed and let out a scream.

I saw the shark's body wriggling for a while, and then it turned into a bigger blue flood dragon.

When his body was swimming, he brought countless huge vortexes around his body and slew towards the direction where Lei Yi was.

It turns out that the shark is the sign of the Shark Xuanlang, and the dragon is the eternal meaning of the fierce king fist evolved from the sign.

This time, he would personally tear Lei Yi into pieces by himself in the shark group, using the flood dragon transformed by the phase.

far away.

The corner of the square of the Holy Blood Temple.

As the only spectator of the Demon Race Pearl, she has seen Lei Yi's future at this moment, and a smile appeared on her blue face.

"The victory or defeat has been divided. After all, General Shark is displaying the profound meaning of the fierce king fist ocean current. A foreign race, no matter how strong the cultivation is, it is impossible to take over his profound meaning..."

Ming Zhu is naturally very optimistic about Sha Xuanlang's strength, otherwise he would not choose to go with him.

Although it is related to the secret storage area and the inheritance of the fierce emperor, for this woman, it is the most important thing for this woman to get enough benefits during the trip to the secret storage area and finally return to the clan.

And following Sha Xuanlang, she will be able to get the qualification to go out in Baoding.

In the waves.

Lei Yi really fell into a hard fight.

He needs to deal with the sharks rushing from all directions while being careful of the mighty power coming from a distance.

He knew that besides the sharks, there were more dangerous things in this wave.

Sure enough, UU reading www.uukanshu. Just when his body was wounded and he was struggling to resist countless shark groups, a huge flood dragon emerged from the waves and opened its mouth like a bottomless abyss.

"Xiao Hei help me!"

In desperation, Lei Yi could only fiddle with his chest for a while, and finally took out the black jade seal that Xiao Hei had transformed.

"Damn it, didn't I tell you, don't you bother me?" Yu Xi opened her eyes, her mouth closed, and she screamed with dissatisfaction.

Xiao Hei originally slept well, but when he was suddenly woken up, he was naturally furious.

But at this moment, after feeling the vigorous water attribute vitality around him, his eyes were horrified, but then there was a hint of joy.

"This supernatural power of the water system, this rolling waves, is the moment for this seat to show its strength!"

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