Quick Transmigration: The Host Is Sweeter Than Sugar Chapter 743

Chapter 743: Fanwaihugging Fruit Feeding Diary 3

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"Boom-boom-boom -"

The thunder was still a little hasty.

That means that if you let you eat, you just eat. There are so many problems.

Xiao Tiandao tilted his head, feeling that Father Tiandao seemed to be angry, so he didn't ask any more.

Anyway, Dad of Heaven won't harm her, let her eat and she will eat it...

Thinking about this, Liu Fei lowered her head, opened her mouth, and wanted to take a bite hard--

Huobaoguo finally reacted. At the moment of the moment, he suddenly jumped from Liu Fei's palm, and rolled back into the Huhuguo pile, bumping into each other, and quickly mixed with the piles of Huhuguo. Together, I can't tell who is who.

Liu Fei was a little dumbfounded.

I stood there for a while before reacting.

That one... is Feng Qi?

She was a little dumbfounded.

"Father Tiandao, what are you doing to scare Fengqi?"

She didn't think that Heavenly Father wanted her to eat Feng Qi.

She thinks he should want her to scare him.

Tiandao Law thundered angrily, and then fell silent.

I didn't say that it was because I had seen the causal power of the two people entangled together, and there was a feeling of sorrow that the female great did not stay and the water and spirit radish of my hard work was about to be stolen...

Liu Fei grabbed her hair helplessly, and finally had to ran to the pile of fruit-hued fruits, and tried to find Feng Qi who had mixed in it.

Feng Qi remained motionless, trying hard to pretend that he was a hug fruit of unrequited affection.

Liu Fei searched for a long time, but couldn't find it, so she had to resort to a killer.

"If you don't come out, I'll take a bite of each hug fruit!"

Anyway, Dao Tian Dao helped her feel comfortable, and she didn't worry about losing her aura after Huobaoguo was bitten by her.

Feng Qi froze.

There was silence for three minutes.

He came out of the fruit pile.

Liu Fei amusedly picked up Huo Huo Guo that rolled to her feet, patted it with her little hand, and whispered.

"You have to be good, or I will eat you in one bite!"

Feng Qi didn't have any emotions, just your mouth, can you swallow it in one bite?

But considering that he is just a hug fruit with so much affection, although Liu Fei can't eat him in one bite, he can eat several bites. He can only quietly rub Liu Fei's palm to signal that he knows.

Only then did Liu Fei happily leave this place holding Huobaoguo.

She put the Huhu Guo containing Feng Qi's soul in the Tianyuan Pear Garden.

As the only hug of Tianyuan pear, Liu Fei doesn't have to worry about biting the wrong one.

Moreover, after returning to the upper realm, Feng Qi's care for her during that period of time came to mind more clearly.

She thought to herself, Feng Qi had taken care of her before after all.

Then she will take care of her and go back!

Meet his requirements as much as possible.

She is really a kind and beautiful little heavenly way!

It is his loss that Mu Li doesn't like her!

Flowing Fei Zizi thought.

However, Feng Qi, who has turned into a hug, is very easy to raise.

There are no excessive requirements.

Liu Fei didn't notice it at all. This was because Huobaoguo couldn't speak without a mouth, and was bound by the law of heaven.

Feng Qi, who couldn't ask for anything, had to squat aggrieved in the Tianyuan Pear Garden, quietly absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, watching Xiao Tiandao grow up little by little.

She is very good and very childish.

Because of the identity of Tiandao's successor, there are no friends around him.

The thing that I do the most is to hold and hug fruit or chat with Tianyuan pear alone.

Occasionally, Su Tang came over to fight her and she would be happy.

She is lonely.

She is very similar to Su Tang, but not the same.

Feng Qi watched Liu Fei grow up a little bit, and watched Huobaoguo and Tianyuanli gradually being eaten by her, while he had been by her side, suddenly understanding Mu Li in a trance.

In that way, he witnessed the whole growth process, was cared for by him, and was almost rubbed into the girl in his own life

How could he not love?

How could she not love him?

They have long been like plants that grow side by side, intertwined for a lifetime.

"It seems that the aura here is not enough... I'll take you to a place with a lot of aura in the demon world I recently found!"

Liu Fei hugged Huobaoguo, with a quiet and gentle smile in his bright eyes.



Feng Qi suddenly heard the sound of his heartbeat.

Accompanied by the anger of the Law of Heaven--

"Boom-boom-boom -"

The cub he raised so hard is still going to be abducted!


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