Quick Transmigration: The Host Is Sweeter Than Sugar Chapter 744

Chapter 744: Fanwaiguagua Lian Cat Diary 1

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White year.

The king of the demon world.

The body is a white wolf.

It's just that he is withdrawn by nature and rarely interacts with outsiders, so no one knows his fate, so he is called "white wolf" by his body.

He does not deny it either.

Over time, people thought that "White Wolf" was his name.

He could become the demon king of the chaotic demon world, naturally he was killed out of the sea of blood in the corpse mountain.

Killing, indifference, aloof, cruel.

These are synonymous with white wolf.

And at this moment, this white wolf is turning into a pure white cat that has always been soft and beautiful, nestling well in the girl's arms.

Guagua is a human form formed in the 157th year after Su Tang returned to the fairy world.

About staying with Su Tang every day, she was not very tall after she turned into a human form.

But it is five centimeters taller than Su Tang.

This makes Guagua very proud.

Standing next to Su Tang every day, looking down at her from time to time.

Su Tang wanted to beat her.

Just five centimeters apart, do I need to look down at her? what?

Looking down at jio is almost the same!

The most annoying thing is that every time Guagua stops by Su Tang, she shakes her head and sighs.

"If it weren't for me to accompany you to the lower realm and affect my growth, I must be more than this height now..."

Su Tang gas exploded.

It happened that Guagua didn't learn anything else in Su Tang's sea of consciousness, so she learned everything she used to escape when she was chased and killed. She ran away after she said it, and she was almost too late to catch Tang.

Su Tang grinds her teeth, so she has to turn her head to find Liu Fei, and beat the FengculpritHuobaoguoQi who is still with her.

In response to this, Liu Fei said that she would not feel bad for hitting casually.

Hee hee hee.

The law of heaven is also happy to see its success.

He even took the initiative to restrain Feng Qi's devilish energy.

Feng Qi, "..."

He hates it!

He hates that stupid self!

Isn't it okay to stay in the demon world and be the boss! what!

Why must be a god!

When you become a god, you still have to work for this prudent law of heaven!

He quit!

In response, the Law of Heaven took the opportunity to hack him a few more times in return.


Before the transformation, Gua Gua stayed on the Gua vine and couldn't move. Not long after he was finally picked off by Su Tang and carried on his body, Jiang Qiu picked up the soul and accompanied Su Tang to the lower realm.

For the safety of Su Tang in the lower realm, he has always stayed in Su Tang's consciousness.

Suffocate melon to death.

So after turning into a human form, Guagua was ready to go out for a stroll after the freshness period when it first discovered that it was higher than threose sugar.

Although she and Su Tang have a certain degree of telepathy, if they encounter WeChat, Su Tang can summon Xianzun to rescue her, but Guagua does not want to trouble her so much.

What if she encounters danger when she is in the cub and the fairy?

Can't disturb the X life of the cub!


She is really an understanding little clever melon!

Thinking about this, Guagua simply decided that the place where he would go out was the Demon Realm.

The Demon Realm is definitely not allowed, and the lower realm is full of thrilling memories of bitter gourd being eaten.

Only the demon world is relatively friendly.

Moreover, she was also a bitter gourd spirit, and she would not appear to be against the demon world.

Of course, it was definitely not because she wanted to go to the demon world to see if she could pick up a cat demon back to raise, and then realize her great dream of licking cats!

ps: Guaguas Yazi in my heart is about the appearance of the flash warm suit [Thousands of Dreams] after resuscitation, beautiful green skirt paper~


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