Quick Transmigration: The Host Is Sweeter Than Sugar Chapter 745

Chapter 745: Fanwaiguagua Lian Cat Diary 2end Of Full Text

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Guagua feels quite lucky.

After entering the demon world, there was no danger.

The demons around are very friendly.

After discovering that there was no evil spirit in her, and hearing that she was a fairy who grew up in the fairy world, he did not attack her.

Even on the third day after entering the demon world, I picked up a pure white cat demon!

The cat can't see what breed it is. It looks a bit like a puppet, but it is more beautiful than a puppet. The fluff all over the body is snow-white, without a trace of impurities, and the cat's eyes are clear blue, like the purest sapphire.

It's very easy to hold in the arms.

The cat didn't seem to resist her.

After being hugged tentatively in her arms, she just struggled symbolically, and was cleverly nestled in her arms.

This makes Guagua happy.

Her dream of being a bitter gourd-finally realized!

She also has a cat's melon now!

Guagua held the cat in his arms in high spirits, completely unaware that the fairies along the road were shivering at her.

Occasionally, a bold goblin stood on tiptoe and glanced at her, and also cast a respectful look at the cat in her arms.

The cat lay lazily in the girl's arms, occasionally raising his eyes to look at the monsters who were unwilling to give up on the melons, the beautiful clear blue cat eyes were indifferent and cold.

The huge pressure released shocked many monsters with evil thoughts.

With the demon king in his arms, Guagua naturally encountered no danger in his journey in the demon world.

It was about the shadow left by before. When Guagua encountered a creature like a wolf, he would hide farther away.

In this regard, the cat in Guagua's arms did not express anything, but calmly licked its paws.

Guagua touched the head of the cat in her arms, and the cat rubbed her palm comfortably, her beautiful cat eyes narrowed slightly, and she looked lazy.

Guagua couldn't help but smile.

"I'll give you a name!"

Bai Nian nestled indifferently, as if tacitly.

Guagua was very happy, "How about I call you ducklings!"

White year, "...?"

Guagua is very sorry for the name that Su Tang rejected.

In her opinion, what an elegant and connotative name is Cucumber!

All her silly cubs have no aesthetic! Must change to **** candy!

The white cat was forced to nest in Guagua's arms, her long slender tail froze, as if she had never expected that she would be given such an irrelevant name.

Is there a little bit of green on his body, what little melon!

Guagua's slender white fingers comfortably smooth the cat's hair and open her mouth beautifully.

"Do you also think this name is particularly nice? If you have no objection, I'll call you Cuigua! Well, the name is Cuigua and the nickname is Cuicui. You can't call Guagua because Guagua is my name. "

In white years, "..."

No he has an opinion.

The cat was ready to resist, but Guagua had already acquiesced to the name, happily stroked his tail with one hand, and called him a few more times.

"Cui Cui, Cui Cui."

In white years, "..."

He couldn't bear it.

Gently jumped out of Guaguas arms, suddenly transformed into a human form, her slender and straight body was shrouded in front of the little girl, and her fingers with distinct articulations gently tugged, pulling the bewildered Guagua into her arms. Immediately, the thin lips were covered without hesitation.

The man's face is cold and handsome, sharp and handsome, and the most important thing is...very familiar.

When the white year ended the kiss, Guagua still looked confused.

Seeing the cute look of the little girl, Bai Nian seldom bends her lower lips.

Fingers pressed against the girl's lips, bowed his head and narrowed the distance between the two people, warm breath poured out.

He said, "Remember, my name is Bai Nian."

He said, "We were married in the lower realm, and more than once, you can't go wrong."

He said, "The first time you stole so much from me, you are responsible to me."

He said, "I love you."

[It takes too long, and there should be no time to update later, so Guagua wont write it too long. This is the end of the full text, and we will see you in the future!

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