Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 1770

Chapter 1770: My Name Cold Spring

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Xu Yang, who was also communicating with each other in his soul body, did not hesitate to summon the complete souls of Lingxu Qiushang and Mo Yue.

"If you choose to surrender to me, then you are the fourth member of them, and you will be able to work side by side with me in the future to create a perfect epic masterpiece."

The outline of the soul body sealed by the endless ice layer was finally moved. He could clearly feel the attitude of these three artifact souls to Xu Yang Xinyue, and this should be the best ending for a complete law of frost. Up.

They are independent of the law between heaven and earth. To find a place like Wolong Mountain to survive is actually a last resort decision.

Because the strength of their laws cannot reach the strength of the original laws of the heavens and all paths, and they cannot influence the behavior of sentient beings on the entire main continent with their own power.

But to be smaller, they are real law-level energy forms, and non-ordinary monks can control and control, so they can only choose this way, and guard them alone in an area.

After thousands of years of meaningless years, they now have the opportunity to truly live for themselves like human beings, and they can become the exclusive soul of a character like Xu Yang. The law itself is also an honor.

The woman was finally moved, but she still couldn't make this decision until the phoenix fire behind Xu Yang began to melt the ice layer in front of the sealed ideology.

Looking at the ice surface that guarded his momentary outline, a little bit eroded by the power of the flame, he knew that he had no choice. Whether he wanted it or not, Xu Yang's forced conquest was an unchangeable fate.

It's better to ask for a surrender, and to get a good impression in front of Xu Yang himself, the new master.

"I choose to surrender to your Excellency and become your exclusive weapon soul."

After hearing the woman's voice, Xu Yang nodded in satisfaction, and waved his hand at the thick ice layer in front of him, but the huge ice layer collapsed instantly.

The icy blue outline of the woman sealed inside gradually merged with Xu Yang's body, until she appeared in the Xuyang Emperor's Cauldron in the form of the fourth sword soul.

"From today on, your name is Hanquan, and you have officially become my fourth exclusive weapon soul."

Xu Yang's voice was accurately transmitted to the body of the Cold Spring Sword Soul, which was an icy blue soul, which was quite perfect in form.

More importantly, it has the authority to control the most powerful frost attribute power of the main continent in this era. If it can become a complete artifact in the future, Xu Yang can use this sword to use the frost attribute power at will.

And the cold temperament of this sword itself. The sword energy released by the body alone can completely plunge all the surrounding life forms into a frozen state. This innate talent is really something that can be encountered but not sought, and it is also used as an instrument of law. Unique advantage of soul.

After completing the perfect conquest of this frost law, Xu Yang could no longer feel the cold breath of this mountain peak, and the vast ice lake completely melted in a very short time.

And under the control of Xuyang's water attribute Poseidon Realm, the calm and calm lake surface was restored.

Hundreds of thousands of monsters and beasts have almost passed through this lake by swimming, and they have also successfully reached a new starting point leading to the Panlong Mountain domain, which will be deeper in the future.

Soon after passing through this ice lake area, Xu Yang's army entered a brand new mountain domain.

This place is supposed to have almost reached the middle area of the Panlong Mountain Region, and the risk factor should be relatively lower than that of the periphery, because the fluctuation of the monk's human atmosphere is almost no longer felt in this place. Some are just the oppression that comes from the surrounding mountain terrain.

"Boss, do you feel that this place looks like a huge chess board?"

Ling Yao suddenly discovered the characteristics of this mountain region.

After Xu Yang was inspired by this, he immediately jumped up into the sky and observed the topographic features of the entire mountain area from a bird's-eye perspective. He was really guessed by the girl Ling Yao.

This place is actually a huge chessboard, and the specific location of each towering ancient tree is actually a point corresponding to a flag.

But what is strange about this place is that it looks like a hanging and hanging maze, but there is no such horrible murderous intent in this place, and even the breath of laws and fluctuations are difficult to capture.

This was the real danger in Xu Yang's eyes, because the first four rules were dangerous and dangerous, but they still had their own breath fluctuations that could be captured.

In other words, there is a source of difficulty in resolving difficulties, but right now this place does not seem to have any murderous opportunities. But once Xu Yang's army is trapped in it, I am afraid that the destructive power of the entire army will be far stronger than the previous four rules. This is where Xu Yang really worried.

If you can't find the mystery of this place. The combat power of the monster army will be madly consumed in a very short time.

The wind swept wantonly while walking. It began to blow towards the corner of the forest where Xuyang hundreds of thousands of monsters were stationed.

The aura of this violent wind was not as strong as imagined, but it didn't take long for this storm to become more and more powerful, a little bit trying to disrupt the strict lineup of hundreds of thousands of monsters.

After Xu Yang discovered the true purpose of this storm. Immediately ordered the legions led by the Four Great Demon Sanctuary to change their formations, and they were dispersed and stationed in place from the original central grouping model.

With the help of Xu Yang's powerful laws of the earth, to a certain extent, a wall was built around the legionnaires to resist the gale, which weakened the influence of the wind attribute force on the formation to the greatest extent.

"My God. Fortunately, the boss is here. Otherwise, if the wind blows endlessly, we won't even be able to keep our battlefield, and the large army will be divided into pieces."

Long Kun sighed with fear after a while, the four great demon saints also had the same thoughts, but didn't want to wait a few hours for the gust to stop, a new round of disaster would soon come.

"It should not be easy to end. Judging from the various attribute energy overflowing from the terrain, this place should contain more than one disaster."

Xu Yang's voice just fell. The next scene that occurred in the entire mountain forest area also just confirmed his inference.

Before the Legion Monster Warriors recovered from the wind and sand that had just swept through, a new wave of more violent disasters suddenly arrived.

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