Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 1772

Chapter 1772: Red Soul Blue Soul

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At first, Long Kun and others seemed to be a little unbelievable about Xu Yang's judgment. But after thinking about it, this dragon mountain domain goes deeper, the aura of other monks around it becomes thinner.

And according to Xu Yang's judgment, the strength of the laws of heaven and earth possessed by the core mountain regions near the leading position. It should continue to strengthen.

After three days with such thoughts, Xu Yang continued to lead the reorganized army of monsters.

This time they have almost intervened in more than half of the Panlong Mountain Domain and formally stepped into the Panlong Mountain Domain. Head towards the core area of the dragon head position.

But when everyone just stepped into the top of this mountain region, they found that the shape of the peak of this mountain region was very strange, more like two extreme peaks on the left and right intertwined, crisscrossing together. And in the middle of the two extreme peaks, the only longer tunnel was opened.

Only by passing through the tunnel along this place can you successfully enter the next mountain domain.

And in the middle of the two intertwined corridors, how thin it looks, it is an invisible abyss under this corridor.

What Xu Yang and others did not expect was that this longer corridor, which was several kilometers in length, could only have two or three people walking side by side at the same time.

And once you set foot on this tunnel, there seems to be a very powerful taboo circle around it, but any monk who enters this tunnel has no way to mobilize the cultivation background in the body. It can be said that it is a place that really limits the exercise. The taboo area of power.

"Boss, this place looks a little weird. Would you like us who are the first ones to go up and try, so as not to hide any invisible danger in this place."

The Four Great Demon Saint Qitian and Weeping Blood both stepped forward to inquire about Xu Yang's plan, but this time Xu Yang shook his head slightly.

"None of you are allowed to move. The large army is on standby in this place. I will go up and try it myself. The previous mountain area has already caused us a lot of unnecessary casualties. This time we must be careful."

After Xu Yang said these words, he was already flying into the sky, and he was the first to step up to the starting point of the thousands-meter-long suspended corridor. Every step forward, the entire corridor will release a cold and solemn feeling. .

As if in the endless abyss below. There are countless dead souls venting their anger in madness, bringing an extremely powerful sense of spiritual oppression to everyone who has boarded this tunnel.

Fortunately, Xu Yang's whole body was guarded by the power of light, and the flawless angel bloodline allowed him to ignore the influence of any negative attributes around him, and walked calmly to the middle of the corridor.

Just at the feet of Xu Yang, when he was about to take another step, an invisible soul pressure instantly awakened. Suddenly observe to the left and right sides of this mountain.

Xu Yang quickly discovered that the position of the mountain on the left was quietly condensing a red soul light, and on the other side of its corresponding position, there was a more powerful and violent blue soul aura. In crazy sports.

Xu Yang locked up and stopped moving forward, calmly waiting for these two soul powers to recover at the same time.

Soon the red soul on the left turned into the silhouette of a woman, and on the right was the image of a man with a graceful face.

The red soul is bloodthirsty, the blue soul bites the bone! Two people have frequencies. The strong aura fluctuations that remained almost in a consistent state inadvertently formed a crisscrossed and crisscrossed terrifying aura.

Above Xu Yangs head, two extremely rich soul yokes are gathered. Everyone who passes through this corridor will be imprisoned by this powerful soul yoke. People with weaker soul strength may be directly affected by this yoke. Thoroughly crush the body and spirit.

After the fall, the corresponding soul source will be swallowed by the red woman on the left, while the damaged flesh and blood will be swallowed by the powerful man.

"You are the Panlong Mountain Region, the first person in hundreds of thousands of years who dared to set foot on this corridor alone! No one has ever walked this corridor alive before you.

After my husband and wife guarded this mountain area, under the influence of our law and power, thousands of powerful people from all sides have been buried at the end of this mountain, and there are even some sages who have been admitted to the top of Kunlun.

Many people want to step on us to find the real secrets of Kunlun Peak, but no one has ever succeeded.

If you, the forerunner, also tried and failed, maybe my husband and wife will charge you some interest. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of fresh lives at the foot of the mountain waiting to be swallowed by the two of me, we can't wait to entertain you. "

Xu Yang showed a cold expression, mocking the couple with a look of disdain.

"Dont think I cant see that the two of you are able to maintain such a consistent breath frequency because you belong to the same law, but when this law of heaven and earth is formed, it is occluded by two completely different forces. Together.

You two are actually souls conceived by the same living body, and therefore want to conquer you. Just need to completely cut off the breath connection between you two. Then the law that gave birth to the will of the two of you has completely lost its effect.

In the same way, if I can't separate your two powers, the soul nightmare imposed by this tunnel will continue endlessly. "

Xu Yang said it all. Obviously, he has thoroughly seen the doorway of these two people, but Xu Yang hasn't had a better idea for a while on how to crack the state of maintaining the same soul frequency between the two.

If you shoot both souls at the same time. The offensive efficiency gained will definitely be reduced to the lowest point.

As Xu Yang began to think, the couple obviously couldn't hold back. They glanced at each other, and the woman with the red soul did it in advance.

While urging the exercises, the soul yoke above Xu Yang's head quickly expanded its pressure on the soul.

During this period, Xu Yang poked his eyebrows lightly, allowing the extremely powerful mental power in his body to exert a strong resistance at this moment.

At the same time, the Jade-Bone Divine Sword quickly condensed a sword into the sky in his hand, imagining hundreds of dazzling sword lights in the void above the tunnel, attacking the two corresponding peaks of the two mountains. A powerful soul.

The thundering and terrifying sword aura continued to vent on the stone walls of the peaks of the two mountains on the left and right. From Xu Yang's terrifying cultivation background, the burst of power from each sword light made the army of hundreds of thousands of monsters and beasts below amazed.

Within a few rounds, this place was trembling, and huge rock fragments continued to fall in the air, falling into the abyss.

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