Modern Demon System Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Some Questions...

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"I never thought they will be this close, but they are this close. Jeez." Lily looked at confused Andre.

Andre was still shivering while holding his pistol in his hands. He kept observing Lily's grandma, especially the part of her body that was shot by Andre. There was simply no dent in the body of that old woman.

"If you are as strong as my grandma said, you might be able to help us," Lily said.

"Well, for starter, how? I can't even wound that ol... I mean your grandma. How am I suppose to wound a buffed up soldier only God knows how strong they are," Andre said.

"My grandma was a hero back in the day. She is way stronger than both of us," Lily said.

"Jeez, I'll do my best," Andre said.

Suddenly, another mission notification appeared, but it was different this time. The mission was marked as an emergency. However, there was something that reassuring for Andre. It was the appearance of the thing that might have a higher amount of firepower than his pistol that couldn't scratch an old lady.

[Emergency Mission: Defend the Mansion]

Mission Special Equipment: Lvl.5 M240L(MG)

Progress: 0%

[Reward: 150 EXP]

Yes, a general-purpose machine gun that could shred a wall and turned any brick wall into nothing more than sand and dust. It was a beast back in the real world, however, Andre still questioned its ability in dealing damage in this different world.

Now, the gun wasn't in Andre's hand. The gun was nowhere close to Andre. It was nowhere to be found.

"Damn, where is that bloody MG?"

"MG? What is an MG?"

"It's a machine gun. Do you know what a machine gun is?" Andre asked.

"No, I know a gun, but not a machine gun? Is gun your signature weapon?" Lily asked.

"Yes, it is my signature weapon. Why?"

"Lily my dear, you forget to give him a bag. A void bag is necessary for a summoned familiar," her grandma said.

"Ah shit, I forgot that. You, follow me to my room," Lily said.

Lily rushed to her room with Andre following her from behind. The guards had started to run to the walls of the mansion. The marksmen and the mages were on the roof of that mansion, waiting for the forces which were going to attack them. Some of the regular soldiers ran around the entire courtyard for fortifying the mansion.

The moment Lily entered the room, there was something on top of the magic circle. It was an M240L and three box magazines besides it. Andre's eyes were shining the moment he looked at the machine gun that was laying down on the floor. However, Lily was heading to her wardrobe and threw a bag at Andre.

"Use this, Andre," Lily said as Andre caught the backpack with his hand.

It was a leather backpack, it was not too big, but once Andre opened it, he was confused to see what appeared right in front of his eyes. Another screen appeared right in front of his eyes and it was too simple.



The backpack itself seems to be very deep, but it was pitch dark. Andre thought that it might be the reason why the backpack itself was called the Void backpack. It seemed to be very simple, but he didn't know how to use it.

"There is a display once you put your hand inside of the backpack. Just choose the item that you want by clicking on the imaginary box," Lily said. "You can put any item there, the limit is how much you can carry."

Andre didn't understand, but he had a general idea about how that void backpack works. He could carry as much as he could carry in an ordinary backpack. As Andre put the ammo inside of that backpack, he could hear the combination of explosions and gunshots from outside.

"I will go first, take care Andre," Lily said as she wore her helmet and grabbed a pretty large sword that might be considered Impractical in Andre's point of view.


Andre load a new box magazine into the M240. He saw something in the corner of his eyes. It was a brief analysis of the weapon.

[Lvl.5 M240L]

[Damage: 150]

[Ammo: 100/300]

[Weight: 12 Kg/ 27 lb]

[Temporary Weapon]

He just had 400 rounds of 7.62x51mm rounds. Andre hoped that the people outside weren't as strong as Lily's grandmother. Still, the system seemed to be passive, it wouldn't tell me using voice command on what Andre had to do.

Andre ran outside of the bedroom and searched for any stairs that might lead to the roof of that house. Luckily, there was a wooden stair that was recently placed by the marksmen and the mages. Andre climbed into that stair and headed for the roof. With a machine gun on his back, he peeked on the condition of the battlefield.

It turned out that the area around the mansion was surrounded by multiple soldiers. It was unclear how many soldiers there were, but it probably reached the number of thousands. Well, to be honest, it seems that most of the mages and marksmen managed to keep the soldiers far enough away from the mansion itself.

Arrows and fireballs were also raining on the roof of that mansion. Everyone on the roof of the mansion was laying on the ground to protect themselves from the arrows and the fireballs.

It was interesting in seeing those mages throwing fireballs into the barren land, it seemed that it wasn't the first time that the mansion was under attack. The ground that surrounded the mansion was charred, but the burned grass was there before Andre arrived.

"Who are you!?"

The person who asked was someone who was commanding the whole mages on the rooftop. He was holding a staff that kept firing a fireball at a constant rate at those attackers.

"Me? I'm a familiar," Andre said although he didn't know what familiar was.

"Whatever, get over here and blast those bastards!" He shouted.

"Aye, sir!"

People were looking at Andre, it was a weird view for them to see a demon, moreover a demon with one horn. A demon was quite a rare creature, at least inside of that Kingdom. They were known for their giant magical power, but in the eyes of an average person, a demon was just a regular person that had an enormous magical aptitude and enormous power.

There was a line of people holding a shield on the field right in front of the mansion. They were walking at a slow rate while walking towards the mansion. The fireball was useless at them, it was just disappeared the moment it hit the shield. Andre thought that magic was overpowered in that world, but it turned out that it had its own quirks.

The marksmen were the one who killed those people that were holding a shield on their hand. Their bullets penetrated their shield. However, they reloaded their musket in an awfully long time. It took around five seconds before the next musket ball was fired. They needed a commander.

Andre asked one of the marksmen, "Who is your commander?"

"There." He pointed his hand at one person who was laying down between all of the firefights. He was firing his musket without commanding his troops to fire in an arrangement.

Larse shouted to that person, "Oy! You are supposed to command the marksmen!"

"Shut up, Demon!" he shouted back.


If there was a formation, there should be the leader, the least that Andre could do was to find the leader of the formation that was charging into the mansion. They should be pretty far enough if the commander of the marksmen was competent. However, Andre knew that he was hopeless.

It was hard to see the leader of that formation because of the large Romanian shield that they held, it covered the top, the sides, and the front of that formation. Shooting them all with an RPG seems to be a legit solution, but there was not an RPG around.

"Ah, fuck this." Andre switched the safety from his gun and pulled the trigger of his gun.

Bullets started coming out of the barrel of that machine gun, shredding the whole formation in mere seconds. The bullets were as loud as continuous musket shot. It put the marksmen in awe and put them silent. They never saw a machine that could fire that fast, much less a machine gun. It was just something that they never thought they could do.

The formation was gone, the shields that were standing now had fallen to the ground with its holder shredded into pieces. People that survived that barrage of 7.62x51mm got mortally wounded. They got killed by the fireballs that were fired by the mages eventually.

Lily and the other swordsmen were waiting in front of the mansion, they were guarding for anyone who dared to approach them. Some of the empire troops had successfully reached their position. It was too dangerous for the mages to fire their fireballs at them, and the marksmen were too incompetent to neutralize both the approaching troops and the people that were attacking the princess.

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