Modern Demon System Chapter 3

Chapter 3: ...Are Unanswered

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Andre changed his priority from picking off the formation into neutralizing the enemies that were working their way into the mansion. However, it was difficult to approach the position where the princess was standing while crawling and dodging from the fireballs and the arrows that were fired from the imperial soldiers.

Andre's objective was to protect himself and the only person that could answer why he was brought here. It was also hard to spot the archers that were hiding in the bushes in the forest where they were shooting from. Their commander was competent enough to conceal their weakest unit in the forest.

Andre went down into the courtyard of that mansion and looked for a door and hallway that led to the location where the princess was fighting. Andre would ask for an airstrike if there was one in that world, but from the looks of it, he was cut off from that kind of luxury. The door that led outside was still opened widely, it might because it could be used for a quick escape into the mansion.

The princess was fighting three soldiers at once. She swung her large sword and killed them all in one sweep. Needless to say that she was very strong. Andre looked for any soldier from the Empire that wasn't obstructed by the soldiers from Lily's side. If there was one soldier, he shot it right on their head.

The sound of the bullets fired in quick succession attracted the attackers' attention. Either they were fearing for their lives because of such mysterious weaponry or they were hesitant to put Andre down before he killed more Imperial soldiers.

"Andre! Kill these fools!"

"Sure!" Andre pulled the trigger of his machine gun and he shot four people that were going to attack Lily.

Bullets were flying to the heads of the people that were attacking Laine. Those bullets punched through the armor of the Imperial Knights. They were known to be hard to be taken down, but a bullet to the head was all Andre needed to put them down. It was weird considering that his pistol couldn't score a wound on Lily's grandma.


Andre's machine gun had run out of ammunition. It needed to be reloaded, but there was two angry soldiers that were coming after him. The guards of the mansion seemed to be having a hard time dealing with them. Andre held his machine gun with his left arm alone and pulled out his Glock 17 from his holster.


It took four shots to take down a single soldier. However, the pistol had dried out of ammunition as well. It was because of Andre's encounter with Lily's grandma. He resorted to using the last resort of weaponry. He put his pistol back at the holster and he approached the soldier that was charging at him with his sword.

He dodged one of the attacks that the soldier gave. The soldier slashed his sword again and Andre held the sword back with his machine gun. He hoped that the steel was strong enough to withstand the kinetic energy from the sword.

He turned the table by kicking that soldier in the head and slammed his head with the back of his machine gun. That soldier fell to the ground and Andre bashed his head with his machine gun. The soldier turned unconscious and Andre retreated far enough from the fights between the guards of the mansion and the Imperial soldiers.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Lily shouted as she parried an attack from an Imperial knight.

"RELOADING! COVER ME!" Andre shouted back.

Andre grabbed a new box magazine from his void backpack and put it into his M240L back. He pulled the charging handle again and he started shooting at the Imperial soldiers. However, it was hard to get a clear shot without making any friendly fire to the mansion guards.



At first, Andre looked like a crazy person, but the moment bullets started coming out of the machine gun, the mansion guards understood it. Bullets were flying to the Imperial soldiers. Multiple holes were made in their bodies, nobody survived the barrage of 7.62 bullets except the strongest of them. Even then, their legs were cut from their bodies from the bullets barrage.



Andre approached the princess that observed the dead bodies which were barely recognizable. Some of them were missing their hands, some of them were missing their feet, in short, everything seemed to be made by a monster.

"Andre... What are you?" Lily asked.

"No time to talk! We need to deal with your incompetence marksmen," Andre said.


"If they keep shooting like that, this battle won't be over soon. Look, we have the advantage in position, but your marksmen leader seems to be very incompetent," Andre said.

"Ok, it makes sense, tell me how I can help," Lily said.

"Give me ten marksmen, your marksmen leader won't listen to me," Andre said.

"Ok, I will give you ten marksmen," Lily said.

Lily shouted to the rooftops where the exchange of fireballs and arrows was happening. He shouted to the marksmen leader to give her ten marksmen. The leader of the marksmen complied with that request. Soon after that, ten people holding a musket came in his direction. Those people were the marksmen that Andre requested.

"Where's the archer?" Andre asked.

"They're too important. They can launch a long-range spell," Lily said.

Andre didn't get what Lily mean, but he would just pretend that he understood why the archer could use a spell with their bow while marksmen couldn't. Nevertheless, Andre started giving out orders to the marksmen. He knew that marksmen with muskets were better if they fire their muskets together, something that their leader didn't know.

"Ok, let's move. You go to the windows, one marksman per window, got it? Don't fire until I said "VOLLEY"," Andre said.

"Yes, sir," they said.

They began running to the windows and Andre laid down on the ground while aiming the machine gun at the formation. He didn't want to depend on the marksmen, but he needed someone to cover him while he reloaded his machine gun. He deployed the bipod of his machine gun on the ground.

There were three shield formations in front of him. The grass of the mansion concealed him nicely from those Imperial soldiers. But still, he hoped that no stray arrows hit him. He just hoped that stray arrows or fireballs didn't end up near him.

Andre chose a formation on the right for his first barrage. He checked the bullets on his machine gun and there was around half of the intended capacity. There were around fifty bullets ready to be fired.

"GET SOME!" He pulled the trigger of his machine gun and aimed it at the right formation. Bullets flew out of the barrel of his machine guns.

The 7.62 bullets penetrated their shields and the fragments from their own shields killed them. The formation fell to the ground like dominos. It was a spectacular view. However, the bullets on the machine gun had run out.


The marksmen fire at the left shield formation. It was not as effective as Andre's bullet rain, but it certainly exposed a weakness. The front of that formation was left uncovered. The mages looked at that opening and fired their fireballs at the formation. The fireballs exploded and burned many soldiers on that formation. Unlike when hitting the shield, the fireball burned the Imperial Soldiers. Many of them were burned alive.

"KIDDO! WE GOT YOUR BACK!" One of the mages said as Andre had finished reloading his machine gun.

Progress: 50%

[Warning! Final Phase Assault]

Two other formations came, this time, they brought something unprecedented, they brought a bloody cannon. Yes, they brought a bloody cannon. That cannon could kill anyone and destroy the mansion. However, the cannon wasn't accompanied by a shield. But still...


A cannonball just landed at the mansion and killed one marksman on the window. Lily retreated into the mansion. "Andre, be careful!" she said as she and her troops went running into the mansion.

"CANNON! VOLLEY!" Andre shouted.

The remaining marksmen shot at the cannon team. The Imperial cannon team turned into dead meat in seconds. Not to mention that the fireballs destroyed the cannon in one shot. The battle had turned to their side.

"GET SOME!" Andre shot at the other cannon team with his M240L and he shot the other formation with his machine gun. The magazine of the machine gun had run out, but it seemed that the battle had finished. The remaining Imperial troops had retreated while their rangers covered their retreat from the forest.

Andre machine gun had run out of bullets, but the last box. The ranged team of the Imperial army didn't pose any significant threat for the mansion any longer. Andre took a deep breath as his machine gun disappeared into light particles. It disappeared from his hand alongside the last box magazine.

[Mission Complete: 100 EXP has been rewarded]

[202 EXP/350 EXP]

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