Modern Demon System Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Angel and Demon

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Andre waited with the horse carriage in front of that bar. The street had turned quiet after all that ruckus with those soldiers. According to the words of mouth, the soldiers were looking for wanted criminals. They didn't come to the place as a reinforcement.

The reason didn't make any sense. Andre wouldn't think that capturing a criminal requires a battalion-size of soldiers. There might be more than five hundred soldiers in the carriage. Only God knew what happened. Still, there wasn't any threat as far as he could see. The soldiers were patrolling in the town.

[Mission Completed: 20 EXP Has Been Rewarded]

[272 EXP/350 EXP]

As the mission completed screen faded out, Lily got out of the bar. She tried keeping her picture as a princess, but even anyone could see that she was drunk as hell. Andre had a thought on her, a thought that he knew very well about a drunk girl. 'She would be nice on the other side of my bed.'

[Mission Added: Fuck her]

[Reward: Bond+]

'What the hell? It was a joke.'

[Mission Aborted]

Andre swore that the way that the system worked was so random. He understood the EXP and all bullshit. However, the way that the world worked wasn't clearly understood by him nor how the hell the mission gave him a quest every time there was something crossing his mind.

The base hypothesis for a new quest was that. If he thought of something, he would be given a new quest. He would have to try it first. He tried the most basic thing to do for a contractor like him.

[Mission Added: Kill The Princess]

[Reward: 1,000,000 EXP, 1,000,000,000 Credits]

That was such a high reward for killing a mere princess. However, he remembered that her grandmother wasn't even wounded by bullets. That bloody person might be as strong if not stronger than her grandma so Andre quickly abandoned his thought. It meant that all of those quests came from himself instead of the system.

[Mission Aborted]

It might be because of the fact that Andre was always nice to people. Well, behind all of his kindness, he actually wanted to take advantage of his own kindness. There was a reason why he used to be the president's personal secretary. He just reminded her what he had done for her and she eventually repaid.

Andre thought that this princess was the same. Human Psychology was something that was manipulatable. Being badass and merciless would only take one so far until he/she realized that he/she had more enemies than friends. It would usually be their ultimate downfall. It was better to be docile, but manipulative.

Still, he felt that his bond with the princess was to allow him to ask her to do something in his interest. Andre doubted that she would be threatened or scared if he demanded her to answer her questions straight away. She still saw Andre as nothing more than an animal that she owned. The feeling was not different from owning a pet if Andre saw from Lily's perspective.

Andre saw someone jumping down from the roof of that bar. That person was wearing a black coat and her whole face was masked. The only thing that could be seen was his eyes slit and he was holding a blade on his left hand.

Lily took a glance at that person. "Princess, WATCH OUT!" Andre pulled his pistol from her holster and pulled the trigger, but Lily did something unexpected.

"Divine Retribution: Holy Excalibur!" Lily didn't even move a bit, and something unexpected happened.

Six blades which were made from yellow light pierced straight into the body of the attacker. The blades exploded once it pierced that bandit's body and it exploded. The bandit's body turned into nothing more than meat pie that was scattered on the street.

Andre understood that betraying or messing with her would be a bad idea. Lily's appearance turned into something else. A yellow ring appeared on top of her head, it was shining very bright and it made Andre nauseous. That body was filled with holy white energy. In short, she turned into an angel. The transformation immediately disappeared.

Lily didn't look drunk anymore, she looked sober. However, that sudden transformation was unexplainable. Andre felt bombarded with what had happened in this world. Hell, he didn't even know how to use magic. He wished that Lily could teach him how to use magic.

"Princess, are you ok?" Andre asked.

"I'm as fine as before. What's up?" Lily asked.

"Don't you what's up on me, what was that?" Andre asked.

"What was what?"

"You turned into an angel," Andre said.

"You probably just imagining things. I'm just a regular human. Let's get back to the mansion," Lily said.

The crowds that were surrounding them certainly said that Andre wasn't imagining things. Lily must have kept secrets from Andre and he must find them out soon. If the princess kept a lot of secrets, Andre might be able to get closer into her personal space. He just had to make sure that she spilled her secret little by little.

[Mission Added: Take Princess Home]

[Reward: [Skill] Menu]

Andre and Lily entered the carriage. The driver drove the carriage out of the town. Lily was looking out at the window. Andre, on the other hand, was more than curious about her sudden transformation.

"About that transformation, what do you want to know?" Lily asked.

"You said you were imagining things, which one is right?" Andre asked.

"You're seeing me being transformed into an Angel. And yes, I am an angel. We have another form, and when I said we, I mean you and I,' Lily said.

"What things you are not telling me?"

"To be honest, a lot of things. It's for your safety too. I don't want anyone hunted down a rogue demon, it's just something that I didn't want to tell you yet. You see, some people are special," Lily said.

"Special, what do you mean by that?" Andre asked.

"Races that are heavenly had another form. For example, demon and angel. In our ordinary form, we look like an ordinary human, no more, no less. However, we can also transform into our other form," Lily said.

"Is there any consequence of doing so?" Andre asked.

"As far as I know. No. There is no consequence," Lily said. "The transformation is also minor as you can see."

That would be going into Andre's mind. He knew that he could transform into another form. However, the leftover question was how. Andre simply didn't know how to transform into another form of creature.

"For an angel like me, it's called Divine Transformation," Lily said as she snapped her finger.

The yellow ring appeared on top of her head again. The white aura that surrounded her appeared again and it made Andre nauseous and dizzy. It was very disturbing. There was a pair of white wings appearing on her back. It feels so powerful, and yet, so disturbing.

The dress and all of her clothing stayed in her, but she was surrounded by a dim white light. It was the holy aura that an angel would show when they transform into another form. It was a new thing for Andre.

"Princess, I feel very dizzy," Andre said as he laid her back on the seat of the carriage.

"Angel form. It's just a battle form for an angel. It increases our strength by a margin. It was used back in the great Immortal War. According to the books, the battle was very intense," Lily said.

"I see. If you were that strong, why didn't you use the power against the Imperial soldiers?" Andre asked.

"Law of War forbids any angel or demon to participate in their other form during a battle. You see, a battle between those two could be devastating. The collateral damage would increase to the point where civilian casualties are unavoidable," Lily said.

"Basically, you're too strong to use your real power," Andre said.

"Yes. People know that I am an angel, that's why I am placed on the frontline. Trust me, I can wipe out one thousand people in an hour if I want to," Lily said. "But I respect the law of war, I don't want a bad reputation to our kingdom."

"Your kingdom. I'm just your familiar, I don't have any ties to you except Master," Andre said.

"You have a curse of a familiar. Stay too far away from me and you will feel the consequences. If you try to kill me, be my guess, you'll die. Your contract will be released when you die, or when I die," Lily said.

"Ok, enough." Andre really wanted to throw up right now. "Can you please change back into a human form," Andre said.

"Fair enough. I will change back into my human form, Divine Reversal." Lily snapped her finger again and he turned back into the human form. The explanation was over by the time they arrived at the mansion.

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