Modern Demon System Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Fireball Spell

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In the middle of the courtyard in the middle of the day, both Lily and Andre were training. Lily wore her usual plate armor while Andre wore a training outfit borrowed from the guards of the mansion. It was a white shirt and black pants.

They were training magic, and Andre wanted to learn how to cast a spell while holding his rifle. In his opinion, a spell was similar to a hand grenade since it was more convenient. Imagine shooting fireballs in one hand while shooting a rifle on the other, it was something that Andre always wanted.

Lily's grandma was also accompanying them in training with Magic. Well, to be honest, Lily's grandma was their trainer. She was no different from the typical old woman. Andre was impressed by her skill in magic, it was just like a child looking at a magician that did its magic tricks.

Looking at her grandmother throwing fireball like a small ball was very amusing. Unlike the transformation spell, the fireball spell didn't require any chanting whatsoever. Lily's grandmother kept firing the fireball over and over again to the wooden targets. Lily just looked at her grandma just like it was a usual day. But well, it was very obvious that Andre took an interest in magic.

"See, dear, if you manage to control your mana efficiently, you can fire a barrage like me," Grandma said as she fired the fireball continuously.

"I know that grandma, but my expertise is on divine art. You know how it goes," Lily said.

"Yeah, that magic that will kill ordinary people if they try to do it," Grandma said.

Andre didn't even bother with both of them talking about magic. He was just standing while observing those fireballs that exploded into a fire blast on the target. The wooden target was burning hot as Lily's grandmother kept firing the fireball.

"In that case, can you teach my familiar how to use magic?" Lily asked as she pushed Andre closer to her grandmother.

"Sure, my dear," the grandma said.

Lily's grandmother moved closer to Andre. She observed him as if he was an object that was placed in a showroom. "Yeah, yeah, overall, a good demon," she said as she touched his body.

"Granny, respectfully, what the hell are you doing?" Andre protested her action of touching his body.

"I just want to inspect your body. You see, I need to know how much magic power you have before I can teach you magic spells. Just like I said, if I teach you Divine spell, you can be killed by mana exhaustion," Grandma said.

"Mana exhaustion?" Andre asked.

"If a person runs out of mana, the spell will drain the blood energy that is stored on your entire body. The effects can be fatally ranging from a mild headache to death," Grandma said.

Andre listened to that explanation. As long as he didn't run out of magic energy, he would be totally fine in using magic. However, he had to keep an eye on his remeaning mana as well since a minor headache could drastically reduce his performance on the battlefield.

[Mission Added: Run and Gun using [Fireball] Spell]

[Reward: 200 EXP]

That quest reward was higher than defending that whole mansion from the enemy's attack. It might be because of scaling. Still, Andre only knew that something that was on his mind could be transformed into a quest if he had big enough will. Right now, he really wanted to fulfill that dream of using the fireball spell to run and gun.

"Ok, listen to me boy, a fireball is a spell that anyone can use. However, you can burn yourself if you are not careful with it," Lily's grandma said. "Now, raise your hand please."

Andre raised his left hand and Lily's grandma whispered in his ear.

"Now imagine something very hot. Imagine it appears on your left hand," Lily's grandma said.

Andre started imagining that there was a ball of flames on top of his right hand. Slowly, a ball of fire as big as a golf ball appeared on her left hand. Andre's eyes opened widely as a fireball started forming on his hand. Slowly, it got bigger and bigger.

"I DID IT!" Andre smiled once he held a small fireball on his left hand.

"You did it. Nice," Grandma said. "Now, make a motion as if you were throwing a ball on your left hand."

Andre threw his fireball at the target, but he overshot since he threw the fireball as if it had an arc. The fireball flew in a straight line and as a result, the fireball hit the white wall of the mansion. As expected, someone immediately became furious.

"Andre..." Lily took a very deep breath.

"Kid, when I said that you throw it like a ball, I meant just throw it into the general direction where you want it to land. The fireball flies in a straight line. It doesn't fly in an arc like an ordinary ball, it just flies straight into the target," Grandma said.

"Sorry, this is my first time, ok?" Andre apologized and he started to cast the fireball spell again.

The fireball formed faster this time. The fireball grew from a small ball and turned into a proper fireball quicker than before. This time, Andre just threw it gently into the wooden target. This time, the fireball landed on the floor of the courtyard, turning the grass into charred grass.

"Damn, Andre, DON'T DESTROY MY HOUSE!" Lily shouted as she fired an ice spike into the burning grass.

The ice spike extinguished the fire, but Andre learned something. It was hard for him to use fireball in a medium-range, he needed to be very close to his target to use it effectively. Still, he had a secret weapon. He had his gun.

"Lily, I will try to hit all of these wooden mannequins as fast as I could using my fireball. Can you help me by counting how long I took," Andre said.

"Ok. Prepare for it."

Andre took a stance to start running.

"3...2...1...! START!"

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