Did The Affectionate Love Interest Collapse Today? Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Extra

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As the Spring Festival approached, the school was closed for a long time, and Lin Ziran went home to prepare for the New Year. +++ Popular Tanmei Novels: wuxiaworld.online

On this day, I took the time to go to the mall and took a round. There were crowds of people everywhere, but it was a New Year atmosphere. He took the list to buy the things that his parents told him, and he bought himself a lot of snacks, and then he took a taxi back. , Put things in different categories.

Speaking of the movie he and Ji Chen made, it was scheduled to be released on the first day of the new year, and the promotion started early. It is the key blockbuster of this year's New Year file. On the major websites, the number of people who want to watch has been far ahead.

Thinking of this, I am still looking forward to it. Fortunately, he has already bought the pre-sale tickets. If he waits until today, I am afraid he will not be able to buy it.

Although I have seen the internal filming before, I still want to go to see it again with Ji Chen alone, so that there is a dating atmosphere...

Lin Ziran texted Ji Chen: "The movie at 8 o'clock in the evening, come and pick me up at my house."

Ji Chen responded quickly: "Okay."

Lin Ziran put down his mobile phone and started washing vegetables, helping his father to cook. In the evening, Lin Ziran showed off his cooking skills and made a table of dishes, and the family enjoyed themselves.

After dinner, Lin Ziran was packing up the dishes, and Lin Ziran smiled and said, "I'm out, and I'm out to watch a movie at night."

Father Lin immediately said excitedly: "The one you played? Okay, I'll go with you! I want to watch it too!"

Lin Ziran: "..."

Mother Lin pinched him quickly and smiled: "Don't mix up."

Dad Lin: "..."

Mother Lin said to Lin Ziran again: "Will you with Ji Chen? Pay attention to safety, go early and return early."

Lin Ziran's little chicken pecked rice and nodded.

After that, he went back to the room to clean up.

Father Lin watched his son go and felt very depressed. He also wanted to go to the movies. This was his sons first movie, but his son only had a boyfriend in his heart, and he refused to go with him...

Mother Lin was speechless, and poked her husband's head: "What do you think? How old are you, why do you want a child to accompany you? I know you want to see it. I already bought the tickets. Let's go see it."

Father Lin was taken aback and suddenly smiled, "You are still a wife, you are thoughtful, then we wait for them to leave before going out, so that we won't run into it..."

Mother Lin gave a relieved smile: "Exactly."

As soon as Lin Ziran went out, he saw Ji Chens car parked at the door, and immediately trot over. The air-conditioning was on in the car and it was very warm. He took off his scarf and gloves, bent his eyes and smiled at Ji Chen: "We lets go."

Ji Chen smiled and nodded.

There were a lot of people watching the movie on the first day of the Lunar New Year. In order to avoid being recognized, the two of them waited until the lights went dark before they sneaked into the movie theater and sat in the back corner.

The opening of the movie has been aired, and the audience is densely packed in the theater.

A very beautiful and coherent long lens pulled into the past and fell into a magnificent palace...

He will be playing soon!

This was the first time he appeared in a movie, and it was still such a big production. Lin Ziran was very excited to watch it.

The special effects and pictures of the movie are very beautiful. This is what Dao Gu is good at, and he is very good at making good-looking actors...Lin Ziran watched him appear and didnt think there was anything in the acting, but the finished product had a really good effect. He is almost fascinated by himself!

The plot is tight and the progress is fast, and Ji Chen immediately appeared as the hero.

In terms of looks, Ji Chen is even more perfect and flawless, and as a top master, the scene of the fight is even more prosperous and dizzying.

So handsome, so cool!

Lin Ziran's eyes lit up and he was very focused. Suddenly he felt his hands become hot. Ji Chen held his hand, approached his ear, and chuckled softly: "Do I look good?"

Lin Ziran nodded vigorously, looking good, looking good!

In the darkness, Ji Chens eyes were reflected in the light and shadow of the screen, the corners of his lips were smiling, and his voice was low: "How beautiful is it, is it the best you have ever seen?"

Lin Ziran thought that would not be enough. Any npc in the game is very good-looking, but in the real world, good-looking ones like Ji Chen are still very rare, and at this time, would a fool say no? Of course it is important to make your boyfriend happy!

Lin Ziran said immediately: "The best look."

However, Ji Chen saw his perfunctoryness, stretched out his hand and pulled Lin Ziran into his arms, and smiled in his ear: "You are not sincere, and when you are in the game, you will also see who says it looks good. Everyone likes it so much."

Lin Ziran's face turned red, what's the matter with you, why do you bring it up again!

And I just made a mistake...

Lin Ziran was held in his arms by Ji Chen, with the warm breath of the man in his ear, his eyes rolled, and he said solemnly: "That's also you, so you are the best!"

Ji Chen moved his fingers across the palm of his hand and looked at him meaningfully. Lin Ziran looked nervous...

Just about to talk, suddenly a little girl in the front row stood up, probably going to the bathroom...

Lin Ziran's expression changed, and he immediately pushed Ji Chen away and sat down tightly.

Fortunately, it was not found.

When the little girl left, Lin Ziran withdrew his hand and decided to keep a distance from Ji Chen and watch the movie wholeheartedly.

Actually, I'm still a little nervous...

He found that since playing that spicy chicken game, Ji Chen has become more and less serious, and he will suddenly come here from time to time, and you should pay attention! Are we public figures now? Is it fair to say that the public hug and hug?

Do you want to come out like this?

Ji Chen gave a low laugh, teased the corners of his lips, and stopped harassing him, and turned to watch the movie.

Two hours passed quickly, and the people in front of them left one after another. Only then did the two of them sneak up and leave the theater.

Ji Chen sent Lin Ziran home again, pressed him and kissed him at the door of his house, and then put him back.

The Chinese New Year is naturally at home. Since watching the movie that day, the two have never met again for a date.

But Lin Ziran is not boring at home, because surfing the Internet is his source of happiness!

Unsurprisingly, this movie became popular!

Lin Ziran became popular under Dahong. He and Ji Chens CP powder was all over the world, everywhere, not only with colleagues, but also paintings and narratives...Lin Ziran uses a small account to brush Wei-bo every day. It's not fun, interesting netizens can always bring a lot of spiritual food.

On this day, he read with gusto an article about himself and Ji Chens movie role comrades, still with meat, although the description is vague, but very fragrant, Lin Ziran was in a mood, and then he was a little bit shy after substituting it, as if he had done something. Its the same as the shameful things...this trick they havent played in the game...

The author who wrote this must not know, the actor not only watched it, but also gave her a thumbs up?

After reading it, Lin Ziran commented in a small number with sincere feelings, indicating that the author wrote in a big way and looked forward to the next article.

Turning off the phone, Lin Ziran looked in a daze for a moment...

He suddenly remembered that in the game, he didn't know that those NPCs were played by Ji Chen. When he was blinded by the plot, he always knocked the CP of him and others. As a result, every time he knocked the CP, there is no one that can make it...

At that time, I thought it was really hell, is it really not suitable for you to knock CP? The curse of knocking on each other has enveloped him!

Now I think it's not, it's just a knock!

Now he knocks himself and Ji Chen's CP, which is sweet he... It can be seen that the point of knocking CP is whether to knock the right person.

If you make a mistake...

Naturally it won't work.

It's all a mistake in the script!

That's it, knock on whoever can't, but knock yourself, at least insurance!

Because of the popularity, Lin Zirans bib fans have increased by several million, and comments and messages have also increased. Although there are some sunspots and trolls, most of the netizens are very cute and praise him in various ways. The beauty is flourishing, and there are people who want him to send sugar... even his boring collar before.

Lin Ziran really experienced the feeling of red. He was held up and fluttered, but he did not dare to wave casually.

Quietly peeping honestly.

A few more days passed.

Ji Chen asked Lin Ziran to go out on a date.

The two sat facing each other. Ji Chen took the menu to order. After ordering, Lin Ziran looked down with his mobile phone. He was a little helpless and stretched out his finger in front of Lin Ziran. Akira, said: "Mobile phones are so fun?"

Lin Ziran didn't feel embarrassed to say that he was knocking on the CP, and coughed slightly: "Ah, just take a look..."

After speaking, continue to lower your head and brush.

Simply addictive!

Netizens are discussing him and Ji Chen!

Although it's not officially coming out, it feels great...

It seems that the whole world wants them to fall in love.

I swiped and brushed, I suddenly saw a hot search found a burst, and was quickly ranked first, I clicked in and saw that it turned out that Ji Chen posted a blog, not much, just a picture of four words.

Hello, brother.

The picture is a character photo of Lin Ziran.

This photo is the hottest one uploaded on the Internet. It fully shows the cold beauty of the little prince played by Lin Ziran. The beauty of the prosperous age, Lin Ziran licks the picture all right...

By the way, Ji Chen paid him back!

It's just that Lin Ziran hasn't paid attention at all because he has too many people recently. If it weren't for the hot search, he wouldn't find it...

Lin Ziran raised his head suddenly and looked at Ji Chen blankly. What are you doing?

Ji Chen looked at him deeply, raised his eyebrows and smiled, and uttered two concise words: "Sweet sugar."

Lin Ziran: "..." You are really good on the road!

Such a considerate idol is too rare...

Seeing Lin Ziran's surprised expression, Ji Chen slowly spoke again, with a very meaningful tone: "I have spoken as a senior, and if the junior does not respond, would it be inappropriate?"

Lin Ziran looked terrified and almost forgot this! And no matter what they are in private, Ji Chen is the senior outside, even if its marketing, he should respond to it...otherwise, maybe what netizens would think...

Of course, in his own heart, he actually wants to respond...

Lin Ziran's nervous palms were sweating. He squeezed the phone and seriously picked a picture of Ji Chen, and then added the text: Hello, brother.

Ji Chen then sent it out.

As soon as this bib was sent out, a message below was suddenly topped up with Ji Chen's.

Netizens left messages: Thank you for making sweets.

Lin Ziran was almost floating, and she was delighted in her heart. This love conversation is really exciting.

Can't help but mouth up.

But Ji Chen was watching Lin Ziran.

Watching...Suddenly he pulled him over and pressed him in his arms.

Lin Ziran raised her head in astonishment, her ears were reddish, and her eyes wandered around, "Ah, why haven't the food been served yet..."

Ji Chen chuckled, "Since you have sent sweets to netizens, is it my turn now?"

Then he kissed directly.

Lin Ziran stunned, then curled his eyes and put his arms around Ji Chen's neck.

The kiss was gentle and tender.

as usual.

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