Superhero Comic Overlords Path Chapter 836

Chapter 836: 30. Postscript: Afterglow Eternal

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My name is Robert Reynolds. I am an unknown **** who lives in New York. I am an ordinary high school student. I have many times imagined that I could get it like Spider-Man overnight. Super ability, become super hero, maintain justice and fight against evil.

But I can't do it... not only can't get superpowers, because of my timid personality, but also because of my bad lifestyle, in fact, I am an addict, it's no big deal, the same age around me People are similar to me, and it's not unintelligible.

Too much of my past, it was a bad time, and a bad story that I didnt want to remember. In short, my life was a mess, just like shit.

But it doesn't matter, I have seen Professor Norson leave from his laboratory, great! His laboratory door was locked, but a window was still open! This is my chance, you know, as a drug addict, the cost is very huge, and I have a little tightness recently...

When I arrived at night, I quietly touched the laboratory. The **** window couldnt stop me. I didnt know the strange equipment that Professor Noelson put in the laboratory, but I knew, I have to take one or two of them that seem to be more valuable before others find out...

I spent fifteen minutes looking for my goal in this laboratory. When I noticed that the pace of the school security was getting closer, I took the things I found and ran all the way, but was leaving the laboratory Previously, I found a yellow reagent that was undergoing a certain reaction on Professor Norson's desk.

Seriously, I dont know why I reached out and kept it on my body at the time, but maybe because of fate, in short, I put it in my pocket.

While escaping, I was unfortunately discovered by the security guards. I ran all the way and was eventually forced to a dead end by them.

I fell, and the contents in my pockets broke apart. I felt broken glass stuck into my waist, and there was a sore liquid, which seemed to be corroding my body.

At that moment, I felt like I was thrown into the surface of the sun, my flesh was burnt, and I couldn't make a sound because of the pain.

My eyes are dark...

I know that I may be dying, but if life is really like the once-dressed **** like a mage, if there is an afterlife, I hope...I can become a real superhero.

Um... like the Spider-Man I adore, maybe, stronger than him! ! !

My name is Robert Reynolds, and this is the end of my terrible story...Of course, it is also a new story, the beginning of a new life...On this day, I met the man who changed my life.



A dazzling red light tore the night sky of New York, like a destructive rainbow across the sky in the dark. At this moment, the highly concentrated energy even penetrated the cover of the atmosphere. Energy detection stations have detected a devastating burst of power.

"Take Joel to a safe place, let me take a look!"

Clark, the reporter of Planet Daily who was eating with his family, put down his knife and fork and said to his wife Louise, who had embraced his son Joel, he stood up, reached out to help his son wipe off the grains of his mouth, and then turned around From the open window into the night.

"Mom, mom, dad, are you going to beat the bad guys?"

Xiao Qiaoer is 10 years old. It was when he was curious. He twisted his neck restlessly in his mother's arms and looked at the direction of his father's departure. His eyes were full of admiration and curiosity.

"It's okay, Joel, your dad will be back soon."

As the superhero's wife, Louise is used to this sudden difference. She sighs and leads her son into the bedroom, where there is an activated portal.

"We are going to play with Aunt Ophela...you have to obey~"

Clark's figure was advancing rapidly in the air. He turned his head and he could see the red armor rushing from the direction of Manhattan. Stark was obviously also alarmed.

While approaching the explosion site, Clark in casual clothes fell on the roof of the building. The next moment, a shadow fell from the sky and fell beside him.

"The energy here is abnormally abnormal..."

As the little spider chattered, he took the hood of the spider's suit from his bag and brought it up: "Look below, it's like being bombed by a nuclear bomb..."

As the little spider said, in Clark's eyes, the entire community high school even took this block, as if it was hit by a meteorite, the ground sags down into a big pit, and the soil in the pit is covered with blue Purple light, and energy sparks visible to the naked eye, flowed back and forth in that light.

It looks like a door to other worlds is opened here.


Between the two people talking, a faint metal collision sounded in the air, and Iron Man fell steadily beside the two people. When he landed, the metal shell on his arm flipped, and in the dazzling reorganization, it quickly It became a portable energy detector.

"This is not the energy that can be naturally born in the earth's environment, it is more like a mysterious particle in the cosmic phenomenon. God, it is still expanding! It is almost the same as when the whole sun collapsed."


The helmet on Iron Man's face turned outwards, revealing a face with two bright red kiss marks. He said hello to Clark and the little spider, Shen Sheng said:

"Contact Fury, let's first find a way to bind this energy. Once it becomes unstable, the whole of New York will be over."

"Wait! Mr. Stark!"

The little spider interrupted Stark and Clark's plan. He looked out towards the rolling light in front of him. He said with a trace of doubt:

"I seem to see a person in the light!"


Stark turned to look at the little spider: "Parker, do you drink too much? At this level, ordinary people will be directly vaporized...unless..."

"Unless she or he is not an ordinary person!"

Clark jumped off the top of the building, and he shouted: "Let's go and see first. If the little spider sees it, it proves that this bad thing is not accidental. At least, we still have a survivor and a bystander. Or, the murderer!"


The figure of the little spider followed by the elasticity of the spider silk, quickly fell into the surging energy. When he landed, he felt a trace of discomfort. The energy here was too violent, even making him dizzy. Case.

"Uh, I think I have to quit..."

Scratching his head, the little spider was ready to jump out of the danger zone and hand over the search to the son of Krypton and the steel gangster, but as he turned around, he felt a trace of fright.

Behind him, under the collapsed two-thirds of the floor, buried in the soil.

"Where are you?"

The little spider stepped forward, his left hand was extended forward, and his right hand was raised, indicating that he was not malicious, and he shouted: "Can you come out and meet us? By the way, tell us what happened here! We are not malicious!"

"You! Who are you!"

The hidden figure seemed to be terrified, and even his voice became hoarse and low, as if he was panting, as if suppressing some restless emotions:

"You go! Leave this! I don't believe you!"

"Hey, hey! Man, calm down!"

The energy of the riot made the spider subconsciously take a step back, he shouted loudly:

"Look! I'm Spider-Man, everyone in New York knows me, if you know me, you should know, I only beat bad guys... are you a bad guy?"

"Me! Of course I am not! You... are you Spider-Man? Really?"

The voice seemed to be in a state of trance. When he heard Spider-Man say his name, his voice suddenly increased a few degrees:

"Are you really him? I...I'm your fan, yes, I adore you...I...I'm not a bad guy, I don't...I just...just careless..."

"Okay! Alright! Man, don't be nervous!"

Seeing that the guy hiding in front of him had signs of confusion again, Spider-Man said quickly: "In short, I'm here to help you! Trust me!"

"Come, come out from where you are hiding. It's safe here. I promise... uh, generally!"

The little spider waved his hands and calmed down the chaotic thoughts of the guy bit by bit. He always carried a special aura that he could trust. In fact, the spider was the most liked by New Yorkers Superhero, to a certain extent, he is even more lovable than the handsome and handsome Iron Man.

Because he is equal to everyone, he will do everything he can to help them.

In the little bit of advice from the little spider, the guy hiding in the ruins came out like a terrified little animal. He was afraid of covering his face with his hands, but from between the fingers , But can clearly see the surging light like the sun.

With the movement of his footsteps, every step will make the surrounding energy roll quickly, just like being absorbed by his body little by little.

"That's it! Come, give me your hand! You won't hurt me, right?"

The little spider instinctively felt danger from the guy in front of him, but he could also feel the restless heart of this guy. He reached out his hand and whispered in the softest voice:

"I'm here to help you, trust me!"

"You really are... really Spider-Man... I, of course I won't hurt you..."

When he saw Spider-Man in person, the guy showed a very happy mood. He stepped forward and tried to grab the little spider's hand, but this time he used too much force to step on the ground under the two of them. Oval depression.

This made both people stunned.

"Sorry, me, I didn't mean it..."

The guy saw that he had done something wrong and hurriedly wanted to grab the spiders hand to apologize, and at this moment, Iron Man and Superman rushed out of the ruins. In their horizon, they saw a The guy with dangerous energy all over his body is trying to catch the poor little spider.

This is taken for granted as an offensive behavior.


More than a dozen missiles were ejected from the projecting port on the back of the steel armor, and Clark speeded up, trying to save the "dangerous" spider from the monster.

"No! Don't hit him! No!!!"

The little spider shouted loudly, trying to stop the attacks of two friends, but it was too late.

In a state of chaotic thinking, this strange guy was keenly aware of the danger to a surprising degree. At the moment the missile was fired, his hands were open, and two huge yellow beams of light were ejected from his palm, easily. Submerge Iron Man and Superman.

"You guys! Liars! Not worth...not worth trusting!"


The yellow energy rolled and burst, like the shattered light of thousands of stars, pushing this mysterious guy into the starry sky, and after he disappeared, the little spider rushed to Iron Man and Superman, two very capable The big guy who was hitting, after the guy's casual blow, had entered a state of injury.

"Who is this sudden character?"

Superman wiped the blood stain on the corner of his mouth. At the moment when he was hit by the light, he felt like he was hit by the front of a planet. There was no way to resist.

And Stark beside him was even worse. The blood-rimmed armor of his body suddenly opened in a hot state, throwing out Stark who had been severely burned inside.

"At that moment, his energy burst exceeded the extreme I could detect...like a newborn and suddenly exploding in a rapidly expanding universe."

Stark knelt on the ground, moaning painfully, he was shaking all over, looking at the little spider and Superman, he shook his head:

"No matter who he is, that is no longer the guy we can deal with..."


Robert Reynolds rushed into the stars and his brain was in a mess. After the weird potion really brought him unimaginable power, he was not ecstatic. On the contrary, he fell into a panic.

He did not know what happened to his body, nor did he know why those superheroes attacked him.

As a star chaser, he certainly knows Iron Man and Superman. Although he has power, he is still an ordinary person. After triggering a annihilated disaster in the block, he is like a novice criminal who has nowhere to go. He is very flustered, even I don't know where I am going...

In his heart, he has become a villain.


In the barren stars in front of Robert Reynolds, the gate of broken space appeared abruptly. At the next moment, a man wearing an apron and a loose casual shirt came out of the broken gate. He akimbo, Stand in front of Reynolds.

Despite being ridiculously dressed, this man gave Reynolds the same feeling as the same wall, blocking the endless starry sky in front of him.

Even the extremely sharp senses on his side told him: As long as he dares to bump into it, he will... die.

The hurried Reynolds stopped running without direction. He didn't know what gesture to face the sudden man in front of him, and the man just looked at Reynolds for a moment, and shook his head disdainfully:

"Uh, a single cosmic-class lucky person... seriously, the way you get power really makes me jealous, friend."

His voice was gentle, but it made Reynolds feel a trace of humiliation. He clenched his fists. The darkness and power in his heart were surging. The inner beast roared and wanted to break out of the fence, giving this arrogant man a real Lessons.

Opposite him, the yellow-skinned, black-haired man moved his wrist and said in a hurry:

"I haven't worked with other people for almost 10 years. If I start to do something heavy, you must tell me... if only you can survive..."

"Less talking too much!!"

Reynolds felt his patience reached the limit, and the memory of defeating Iron Man and Superman easily appeared in his mind. He felt that maybe he did not need to be afraid!

So he raised his fists and rushed towards the man in front of him like a yellow shooting star.

He saw six gems of different colors appear behind the man, and then heard the man say in a deep voice:



In the light rushing towards him, as if the entire stars and the universe were distorted, Reynolds only felt the black in front of him, he tried to beat the power of the stars surging all over to fight back, but...

"Why! Why are your fists so weak!"

"Why are your threats so weak!"

"Fight back! Fist like a man! Let me see... let me see, where can you go!!!"


The light shining on the starry sky lasted for less than 3 seconds. The broken starlight like a meteorite crossed a bright trace in the dark stars and slipped from this battlefield to the distant earth.

The disappearance of the opponent made the suddenly appearing man stunned. He still maintained his punching posture. He looked at the empty stars. After 2 seconds, he shook his head, closed his fists, and adjusted his clothes. The apron, which hadn't been removed before, was taken off, and then some glare lit a cigarette.

In a starry sky with no air at all, he spit out smoke rings and he looked at his right hand.

"It's not that he is too weak...It's me...I'm too strong..."


When Reynolds regained his consciousness again, he found that he had returned to the earth and was thrown into a barren desert, and the incredible man was standing in the desert in front of him, the smoke of cigarettes in the sunset. Raise little by little.

The man seemed to notice his awakening. He turned his head, crouched down, and patted Reynolds on the cheek.

"You gain strength at the cost of a neighborhood in New York being destroyed and 223 people tragically dead, maybe I should kill you here..."

Reynolds's heart suddenly tightened, and even his body that recovered quickly shivered, but the next moment, the man was like a madman, and suddenly stood up with a laugh, stretched out his left foot and kicked him:

"That's what I would do 10 years ago... Since the power has chosen you, it means that the world should have a place for you."

"Go back to the place where you came and use your own actions to atone for those 223 lives. Of course you can continue to do evil...but my eyes will stare at you..."

He clapped his hands and flicked a soot in the wind:

"According to our terrible tradition, I should give you a name."

"So from today...you're called a sentinel! Sweep the dangerous sentinels for the world, watch the civilized sentinels, and the sentry on guard for me, well... the name is pretty good."

Reynolds raised his head in a daze, sitting cross-legged in the desert at dusk. He looked at his figure in awe. In the sunset, which took care of half of the sky, the big brother in front of him smoked silently, as if enjoying a rare enjoyment. Peaceful man.

This should be a big man.

Reynolds told himself this, after a moment, he stood up carefully, patted the dust on his body, and asked in a low voice respectfully:

"So... Master, what should I call you?"


The man turned his head, the smoke wrapped around half of his cheeks, the golden light of the sunset enveloped half of his body, and the other half was placed in the shadows, and light and shadow formed a kind of light on this slightly vicissuous man. Nearly substantial balance:


The last ray of smoke rose, he put the apron on his shoulder like a windbreaker, and in the dim sunset, he left quietly as he appeared:

"You can call me Cyber, Cyber Hawk..."

"Or... Overlord!"

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