High Magic Earth Chapter 831

Chapter 831: Shadow

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Under the apple tree in the courtyard of the Red Castle, Yi Chou quietly played with an apple.

Bright apples are like flowing blood, with a ruby luster in the sun. There are many apple cores left under the apple tree. These magical apples are not easy to rot. It can even withstand the erosion of time. Not rot-proof.

Yi Chou did not have the habit of eating apples, more because this apple tree was formed by his magical power.

Eating the ripe fruit means that the magic power of Yi Chou has entered the body of that person, and if necessary, these magic powers will exert unexpected uses.

For example against Stark.

But there is another person in the castle who likes to eat apples, but she can't eat it now because she has become a portrait.

"Aren't you bored?" Winnie's voice came from the portrait in the hallway not far away. She reached out half of her body curiously, but was blocked by the picture frame.

"I'm used to waiting." Yi Huo said, "This is my life."

"If you have time, maybe you can help me draw a house and use yours... with a magic brush, I like big houses."

Yi Huo looked at the people in the painting calmly, "The entire Red Castle is yours, this is the biggest house, not...in the portrait."

"Do you think the person who stole your apple will come back?" Winnie in the portrait didn't seem to be aware of Yi Chou's answer, and still said to herself.

"Yes." Yi Biao's answer is still very bland, "Foodies are always different, and I believe in Alia, just like she believes in me."

Winnie giggled in the portrait, ran from this portrait to another, and then slipped away along the landscape paintings in the corridor.

Yi Chou watched her leave calmly, then fell silent again.

It is easy to see that there is a problem with Winnie's portrait, or that all Yi Yi's portraits have problems, and they seem to be incomplete.

The person in the portrait is sure to retain memory and thinking, but it seems that the reaction to the outside world is very weak, and Yi Chou does not know what the reason is, something like magic. . Once an error occurs, it is difficult to investigate its root cause.

Yi Xiao is not a master of portraits after all, he does not know much about this specialty in Harry Potter.

Moreover, portrait magic has touched the essence of soul magic. The more perfect the painting, the more the soul of the wizard. Even at the end, the soul of the portrait has been separated from the wizard. At this time, the portrait is considered to be a certain sense. A Horcrux.

Separating the soul is not a good thing, you can refer to the sliced bread for details.

At least the spells for making Horcruxes are not normal. Before thoroughly understanding such things as soul, Yi Chou will not easily move his body, nor will he touch Winnies soul.

and so. . These portraits without Winnie's soul were not successful, but Yi Xiao painted Winnie's appearance and then applied magic.

A short sustenance, because there is no Winnie's voice in the castle.

of course. . The guy who is now howling on the tower is not counted.

It seems that the days to be are too boring. Jim has been tempering his voice recently. Maybe he still thinks that there is something else on this island that will hear his call for help. Yi Huo is considering whether to reduce his food. So that he has no energy to do these boring things.

Yi Xiao looked forward to the call of the ink-hearted world. He believed that the ink-hearted world would call his own, because he made the wish with the magic lamp.

Perhaps the process of fulfilling his wishes will be a bit bumpy, but he will definitely be given a ray of opportunity.

Unconsciously, Yi Biao's thoughts drifted far away. He has been out of this world for a long time. He travels between the fantasy island of Ice and Fire World and the Decapitated Valley, just like a rootless duckweed.

Perhaps he was out of touch with this world, and Yi Chou shook his head.

After all, his clothes at this time were still the medieval costumes left by the world of ice and fire. Although the modern clothes originally brought to Neverland were magically preserved, they were still as bright as new, but the precipitation left by time could not be erased. Bring a long-lasting breath.

In a trance, Yi Chou seemed to have returned to the past, and the young Wen Ni was lingering beside him. Levine still seemed to be vigorous and prosperous, and in the midst of a sudden, Yi Chou suddenly felt a call, just It's like calling his name.

He is not surprised to put magic on his name, why is someone calling his name.

who is it. .

Between half a dream and half awake, Yi's figure began to dim and gradually disappeared under the scarlet apple tree.

. . .

"I knew it wouldn't be a bad thing to come back." Watching the three people and three of Volchart's abrupt dive in, Ricky said desperately to Zaz, "What should we do?"


"Wait?" Ricky said.

"First, before us is a military castle with dozens of various firearms. Second, the ability of the silver tongue is far stronger than you think."

"So we can only wait and wait at a good time.. Connected with the silver tongue, I know he is a good person, but he is German and not American. I am not sure if he is willing to help us, so we better buy him one Humanity, even you know the danger of taking him back to threaten coercion, well, then dont trouble us ourselves."

At this time, the three people who finally climbed to the roof have been discovered by the Capricorn kings below. Volchart and Grey Fingers do not have the racial talents of Farid, and the leap of faith and the hopscotch are not the two. Strengths.

The fbi squatting outside quietly followed up as the people inside the castle pursued the three men, and touched into the castle.

However, at this time, Zas received a report from the agent who stayed at the ink heart author Fenolio. The Capricorn's men looked for it and found that Meggie also possessed the ability of silver tongue, and took Meggie and Fenoli. Oh.

After pondering for a moment, despite Ricky's eyes, Zas made the two agents stand still, and continued to keep up, if not, they came to the Capricorn's castle to join them.

"Why not stop them." Ricky lowered his voice and asked, "This way Capricorn has three silver tongues. Even if he is an idiot, it will become a huge trouble."

"Our strength is limited, and we do not even have an advantage in terms of numbers and weapons. Our only advantage is that we are hidden in the dark as a marvelous soldier, so we can't expose ourselves. Before the opportunity comes, we have to stay on the ground."

Zas convinced Ricky. Although he was regarded as Ricky's superior by rank, the relationship between the two was more like a friend, and some explanation was necessary.

However, when the fbi acted silently, the situation of Vlchart and others in the castle turned sharply.

Grey fingers were quickly caught, Vrchat and Farid were also revealed whereabouts, and Meggie and Fenlio were also brought back to the castle by the capricorn king.

When the Capricorn King knew that Meggie also possessed the ability of silver tongue, he suddenly gave up the hunt for Volchart. For him, as long as there is only one silver tongue, he recalled all the people and prepared to come. In a carnival, he wants Meggie to summon the most powerful creature in ink heart.

Black shadow.

Made from the ashes and black magic of the person killed by Capricorn King, it is a shadow, moving under the soil, it will only appear when the Capricorn King calls it, its body, and even its breath will be This is the most terrible thing in ink heart.

Capricorn kept a copy of the ink heart, and the last one was used to summon the shadow. It was kept in a box full of poisonous snakes. Now, it is taken out.

Like the shadow is about to come.

. . .

"We're in trouble." said Ricky, who heard Meggie and Capricorn King through a wire-tapping device. Even Zas, who had always been calm, had to admit that once such a thing called the shadow appeared, Absolutely a disaster.

Compared with it, the dragon event and the disappearance of Jim are not worth mentioning. This kind of creature that sounds purely fantasy and magic Zas is not even sure whether the hot weapon has an effect on it.

Perhaps only the silver tongue has a way to deal with it.

But the silver tongue can only summon the things in the story to deal with it, which often means another new trouble. The more and more troubles, the bigger and bigger, and they will be out of control at the end and explode completely.

Don't say fbi at that time, the whole world will be implicated.

"We have to stop him." Zas said.

"How to stop?"

"It's time to meet with Volchart."

Capricorn's men are gathered in the large square outside the castle, including the Capricorn himself. They set up huge tables and shelves on the square, preparing to let Meggie summon the shadow to greet this powerful creature.

These farmer gangsters from the Middle Ages are still very neat. After all, the most common thing they did in the Middle Ages was to build wooden houses and the like. A moment later, a giant staircase appeared in the square.

At the same time, Volchart and Greyfinger Farid also saw Fenlio and Lisa hung in a wooden cage, the wife of Volchart.

They are going to set a fire, and then release all those monsters, and then save Meguilisa and others while they are in chaos. This is a crazy idea, almost impossible to achieve, but this is their only Opportunity.

As the three of Volchart were about to steal gasoline from the car, when passing by a corridor, a huge force suddenly caught the three of them in the shadow of the corner of the corridor.

"Hush, don't say anything. I'm Zaz, American, and a fbi." Zaz said quickly.

Volchart is also confused, but now no matter what the reason is, it can't attract the attention of Capricorn King, so he made a forbidden gesture to Grey Finger and Farid, and then asked strangely, " American, fbi? Why are you here?"

"I'll make a long story short." Zas said quickly. "You have been to New York before. When your daughter Meggie read a book, it happened that my partner and I were performing tasks nearby. He entered the book. "

"Following the clues, we found you all the way. I need your help to rescue him, but now, I think you should rescue your daughter and wife first, and stop the Capricorn king."

Volchart was stunned for a while, but he quickly digested Zass's message, "Your partner went in. What did Meggie summon out." He asked for a moment.

"One stop."

"Okay, a train."

"Fulchart, who are they?" Farid, who had calmed down from the panic, suddenly asked like Frechart like a curious baby.

"Uh... something like a policeman." Volchart responded impatiently.


"It's the palace guard."

"Oh! Palace guards! They are amazing!"

Ignoring Farids idiot, Vrchat asked Zas, "How many of you?"

"Eight, all here, only eight pistols."

Upon hearing Zaz's answer, Volchart was immediately discouraged. "But it's better than nothing." He said comfortably.

"I think so too." Zas nodded. "By the way, I will tell you the good news. We have stolen gasoline."

. . .

The square is brightly lit and full of torches. It shines like daylight here. Meggie, who was put on a white dress, was escorted down to the square by the capricorn king, and then drove to the prepared reading. station.

"Hurry up!" shouted behind her.

When passing Capricorn, Capricorn on the throne of the platform whispered to Meggie, "Don't play tricks, or you will never see your mother again."

He already knew the identity of the maid Lisa, and the wife of Volchat, otherwise she would not hang her with Finolio in a wooden cage to threaten Meggie.

Meggie walked up the stairs with some trembling, and at this moment, Capricorn shouted on his throne, "It's time to reunite with our old friend!"

The ink heart was taken from the box full of poisonous snakes, and then handed over to Meggie's hand.

Lisa and Fenolio were surrounded by Capricorn's men. They held a gun in their hands and could break the two of them into pieces at any time.

"Read! Quickly read!"

The bellows below roared, and under the threat of the Capricorn King, Meggie began to slowly read it out, "The Capricorn King led a group of fierce people, they were terrified, terrible, what they experienced Everywhere, people locked their doors and windows and dragged their homes away, but among the villains in that forest, the most feared thing was the shadows."

With Meggie's voice, the already dark sky suddenly darkened again, and even a screaming gust of wind appeared.

Everyone looked up and looked around, even the Capricorn King was no exception. They longed for the shadow, the power and the great deterrent brought by the shadow.

"It is necessary to stop her," said Ricky, who was hiding in the dark with Zaz. "That thing will come out."

"No." Zas said. "The scene hasn't been messed up yet. If we do it now, they will kill Lisa and Fenlio."

"You can't expect us to help us after killing his wife."

"But that's the shadow." Ricky growled, "You have seen and heard, if this thing comes out, it will be a disaster for the whole world!"

"But the silver tongue is even more terrible~wuxiaworld.online~ Just when the two quarreled in a low voice, Volchart was also waiting for the signal. The fire and chaos in the castle was the signal. They would take this opportunity to rush out, Take advantage of the chaos to save Lisa and others.

There was no movement when Grey Finger and Farid were there.

"Fire...fire!" Grey fingers rubbed his hands frantically, trying to splash out a spark, but always in vain.

Even the arguing Zas felt wrong. They stopped arguing, and Ricky whispered, "Damn, I should leave an agent there." In order to be able to successfully rescue, now they are all eight Here.

Meggie's heart was equally anxious, but under the threat of Capricorn King, she couldn't stop reading.

Soon, they no longer need to struggle, because on the other side of the castle, a thunderous roar suddenly sounded.

It is a shadow.

It came out. (To be continued.)

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