Mmorpg: Opening Awakening Super God Talent Chapter 603

Chapter 602: Natural Guard Endless Sea Of flowers

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The magic palace.

Inner court area.

Qin Luosheng continued to set off.

After slaying the fierce battle that guarded the gate of the Demon King's Palace, it was basically Pingchuan.

The guards of the demon palace patrolled the square in front of the demon king's palace, and the captain of the demon palace was in the depths of the demon king's palace.

At this time, Qin Luosheng felt happy again.

A group of golden bosses, how much experience and materials does it have?


After another demon palace captain was hacked to death, Qin Luosheng looked at the pile of fortified stones and crystal coins that he had exploded, which was also mixed with a few elves, and his eyes lighted suddenly.

"This place, when the task is over, can be used as a permanent mob spawning point, and the other peripheral areas will be ignored for the time being, but this Demon King Palace area is really a treasure!"

Qin Luosheng quickly picked up the spoils and sighed: "First there will be the guards of the magic palace, and then the captain of the magic palace. Even if the number of times increases, the burst rate will be reduced and the quality will be lowered, but I don't need equipment. In the current market, fortified stones are more popular and more valuable."

Three hours later!

Qin Luosheng finally broke through the nave of the Demon King's Palace and walked out of the dense cluster of small palaces.

There was no pressure to kill Du Lieutenant of the Demon Palace, but this place was quite big, and it took most of the time to find the blame, so it was delayed for so long.

Behind the small palace complex where the Captain of the Demon Palace is hidden, there is another scene, which is very different from the palace.

Here is a sea of flowers.

Do not.

It should be said to be a garden, a very beautiful garden.

There are countless beautiful flowers, as well as traces of artificial carving, stairs, stone pavilions, rockeries, running water, ... everything is available.

"The dry forest area, the place guarded by the second demon king Yi Ping!"

As the concubine of the Great Demon King Lin Xiao, the Second Demon King Yi Ping is naturally like the emperors concubine. He does not need much skill. Only this level of identity is needed to suppress Gongsun Zhuang, fight first-class, and become the closest person to Lin Xiao. .

"However, this place looks like the word dry forest, and it's a bit unrelated!"

Along the way, Qin Luosheng has verified one by one, proving that what the team leader who confided to him the information of the magic palace was true. It's just that the previous ones have been fulfilled, but this dry forest area is a bit strange.

How can such a place where birds and flowers are scented and blooming like a brocade called "Dead Forest"?


Stepping into it, Qin Luosheng's attention greatly improved.

The surroundings seem to be peaceful and quiet, but this is after all someone elses territory. The ghost knows what traps are waiting for him?


The less dangerous the place is, the more dangerous and deadly it is.

"Huh? It's weird!"

Without taking a few steps, Qin Luosheng realized something was wrong.

The fragrance of flowers that floated into the nasal cavity actually gave him a sense of ecstasy, an unprecedented level of comfort, and people couldn't help their bones being crisp.

"This pollen is poisonous!"

Qin Luosheng immediately covered his nose and retreated violently.

I opened the attribute panel and looked at the full attribute -11% that had been unknowingly revealed on it, cold sweat suddenly appeared from his forehead.

Looking through the battle log, I found that I had already learned the Tao. If it werent for the special effects of the Medal of Courage and immune to spiritual control, at this moment, its not easy to stand here in time. I was stunned by the fragrance of flowers or fell into a psychedelic state , Don't extricate yourself.

"MD, I knew that as the last level in front of the Demon King's Palace, how could there be no defense!"

Qin Luosheng hated his teeth itching: "It turns out that there is no guarding here at all. In other words, the floral scent from this sea of flowers has been mixed, resulting in a chemical reaction, and mixed to form a unique fragrance that can charm the mind and kill people. The invisible is the guard here, the most natural and undefeatable guard!"

What do you do?

Knowing that Gui knew, but Qin Luosheng looked up and saw that this stretch of flowers left him at a loss.

Even if he has the Medal of Courage and is immune to the psychedelic effects brought by this floral fragrance, but the mind can remain sober, it does not mean that the body can do.

after all.

In addition to the psychedelic spirit, this floral fragrance can also cause physical damage if consumed too much. The reduction of all attributes just now proves it.

"If it's just that, it's okay to cross the sea of flowers. It's terrible that there will be a back hand."

Qin Luosheng frowned: "This looks very peaceful, except for the flowers are the flowers, but the varieties are different, but who knows if there are any special species or special institutions in this sea of flowers? Don't go halfway and get caught. Keng, at that time, because of the weakening of all attributes by the fragrance of flowers, there was basically no resistance, and he was succumbed to death!"

"Try it first, since there are three resurrection opportunities, I'm not afraid!"

Standing in place for a while, Qin Luosheng decided to act.

Do things, the most taboo is hesitation.


For the mission, Qin Luosheng also had to cross this sea of flowers, otherwise, let alone entering the core area of the Demon Palace, the Demon King Hall where the Great Demon King Lin Xiao was located, and even the guarding BOSS of this dry forest area, the Second Demon King Yi Ping would not be seen.

of course.

Qin Luosheng can also end the mission here. After all, this second-tier mission is rewarded based on the degree of completion. At present, it has already exceeded the minimum 20% and can already go back and submit the mission.

Can Qin Luo rise?

Is he willing?

Certainly not!

Coming this way, several days have passed, from the outermost area of the Dark Abyss, and killing all the way here, how much hardship has been suffered, and how much strength has been used, how can it be embarrassed by a sea of flowers?

"I want to cross this sea of flowers, and just as there are other crises in it, judging from my current state, there are two ways!"

Although I have decided to do it, this is not a place to break with knives, guns and sticks with brute force. It depends more on wisdom and one's own heritage. It just so happens that the biggest psychedelic effect has been broken, and only a little bit is left. Pediatrics is not that tricky.

"First, fly over; second, jump by space!"

The first method is not very reliable.

after all.

Qin Luosheng never really possessed the flying ability, all he had to rely on from outside.


Whether it is the flight blessing of the aura cloak or the ability of the flying charm, it is not lasting.


This place looks like blue sky and white clouds, boundless and poor, but in reality it is just an illusion.

Here is the magic palace, a palace.

If you want to fly, there will definitely be restrictions. If there is a trap, you will definitely have to suffer and not run.

and so.

It doesn't work.

As for the second method, the problem should not be big, but it is very time-consuming.

The floral scent is continuous. With slow erosion, it will pollute the body and cause a decline in physical fitness. In game terms, it is a comprehensive reduction of attributes!

What's wrong with this?


That is-continuity!

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