Eighteen Years Of Legendary Wave Chapter 364

Vol 2 Chapter 361: : Old 1 Set

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Chapter 362

Watch Li Lin connect the laptop to the projector.

The large screen projects a familiar picture.

In the opening animation, a beautiful heroine descends from the sky on colorful clouds.

Wherever you go, sunny flowers bloom.

The entire map is overlooked from the sky, which is very beautiful and spectacular.

If you watched it more than a year ago, this kind of picture expressiveness is really good.

The same as the show of "Three Kingdoms Heroes" in gameyoung, which shocked the audience.

But now the times have changed.

I can only say that this is a well-edited film.

Su Qingyue knew that Gao Yanhai was responsible for it, but because the latter would only do demos, the progress of the project was very slow.

Later, due to the company's funding problems, it was cut off.

After the success of "Three Kingdoms Heroes Free Edition", the company decided to let Li Lin take over and re-development.

Jiao Kejun must hope that this will succeed.

There was a sneer in his heart.

Seeing him start to operate, I remembered Tian Zhong said: "This is a dead horse as a living horse doctor. Now Jiao Kejun feels that the free model is applicable everywhere. No matter what product, as long as you bring the word "free" Focus on making money! In fact, the entire industry is engaged in a free model. This is no longer the ceiling, but the bottom line..."

Think of this, Su Qingyue feels more distressed about his team.

I once urged them to join anonymously, and then formally join when the competition agreement expires.

But consider the interests of the team.

After all, social insurance and provident funds must be in real names.

There are also focused platform resources, and the existing technology is precipitated. He reminded himself to be calm.

I thought of my plan again. Now it seems that this is the best plan.

At this time, the demonstration has entered the formal operation.

With a false smile on his face, Li Lin said: "The real advantage of our game is that if you really dont have time, you can also spend money to play. Not only that, but we also deal with the paid model on the basis of "Three Kingdoms Free Edition". It has been adjusted and modified to make it more convenient and better to meet the needs of users." He introduced and emphasized: "Because it is free, our game has a large audience."

Su Qingyue wanted to laugh.

This is not just repeating what I said at the time.

As for the so-called "Three Kingdoms Heroes Free Edition", the payment model has been adjusted and transformed, which is more convenient and can meet the needs of users. In fact, it's just getting worse and worse. Can this be advertised as innovation and creativity?

Is this stupid enough not to do work?

But for a moment, he reacted.

This is not the problem of Li Lin not doing work.

Because of the current status of the focus, it is necessary to "catch the ducks to the shelves".

Li Lin himself doesnt know what the advantages are.

He was even embarrassed to talk about competing products.

How else to introduce?

Look at Gao Yanhai who first started this project next to him. At this time, he looked like a okay person.

Cocked Erlang's legs and touched the headphones from time to time.

is really chic.

Su Qingyue suddenly understood that Jiao Kejun didn't return the Three Kingdoms project to Li Lin.

Because the latter is still capable and can open up new businesses.

Gao Yanhai followed him for so long, Jiao Kejun knew his ability very well. However, Gao Yanhai guards mature projects, and there is no problem step by step.

can be considered very thoughtful, and Su Qingyue is speechless.

Listen to Li Lin continue...

At this time someone knocked on the door outside, Jiao Kejun said: Please come in.

Su Qingyue looked away from the projection.

See Ouyang holding a cup of tea.

"Boss! Your favorite green tea!"

"Thank you." Su Qingyue hurriedly got up.

"You drink first, I'll go there first!"

Ouyang turned around to leave.

Li Lin paused the explanation at this time and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Look at him, his complexion is complicated.

But Jiao Kejun laughed at this moment, like a kindly big brother, and greeted him: "Ouyang, don't go! Take a look and give some pointers. That's good, let's all be together." He said, like to Ouyang Tianda Face. He said to Su Qingyue: "I will get you some good tea when I turn around."

"Then let's be together." Li Lin said awkwardly.

Ouyang did not refuse, and sat right beside Su Qingyue, laughing.

is like a little brother who finally found his eldest brother.

Su Qingyue noticed that he was wearing a clover jacket and his shoes were replaced by aj.

It seems that the focus is really on the corresponding salary.

Su Qingyue was very pleased, and felt that Ouyang should indeed improve his life.

Every brother makes money, he is happy.

Then Li Lin continued.

"Our product has another advantage!" He began to emphasize, his voice firmed up, and said: "It is to strengthen the hatred between them..."

Look at his explicit appearance.

Su Qingyue almost vomited.

He wants to say: I designed the free model to lower the barrier to entry; it was also for another level of fairness. Let the rich spend money, and those without money spend time. Instead of doing this, its too ugly to eat.

completely misunderstood the free mode. I dont know how other companies in the industry understand?

Take a sip of tea and say to Ouyang, "Thank you."

"It should." Ouyang whispered back.

"The clothes are good."

"I just bought it the day before yesterday, and it's good recently..." Ouyang blinked.

Su Qing became more shocked, wondering if he went to gambling again.

Thinking that I must talk about him.

But now it is not suitable, so I can only turn my eyes back to Li Lin.

Hearing that he completely used the same set of projects he had set up in the beginning and fudged it.

Su Qingyue found that Jiao Kejun also had a solemn expression.

Then Li Lin finally finished.

took a deep breath and looked at Jiao Kejun first, as if saying that I had completed the task.

looked at Gao Yanhai again, and the meaning was obvious: What kind of **** are you.

Then he looked back at Su Qingyue, smiled and said, "Mr. Su, give me more suggestions."

"Everyone talk about it." Jiao Kejun smiled.

"Said President Su!"

"Said President Su!"

For a time they hoped that Su Qingyue would take a stand.

Unexpectedly, Ouyang suddenly interjected at this time: "When will this game go live?"

"Ah...this is already very mature, very close to the online version..." Li Lin was taken aback when asked.

Gao Yanhai blushed.

Jiao Kejun was a little uncomfortable, and asked him: "What's wrong? Ouyang."

"Haha...very good..." Ouyang shrugged.

Four words reply.

Killing to kill the heart.

Gao Yanhai's expression instantly changed.

Li Lin did not speak at all.

But Jiao Kejun was still smiling, turned to Su Qingyue, and said, "Manager Su, what do you think?"

"I read?"


"This game is still a semi-finished product. In addition, I think the success of a product is mainly about quality gameplay~wuxiaworld.online~ The charging model cannot be a selling point. Even if it is a selling point, the bonus period of the free model has passed." He concluded: "Moreover, I can't even talk about the free mode. I don't understand what the free mode is..."


Li Lin spoke with you.

Jiao Kejun stopped him, still smiling.

Said: "Qingyue, this is the case, we are perfecting this game." He explained: "The thing you see now is indeed a semi-finished product, but this does not hinder his future. We can also according to your requirements in the future. Make adjustments accordingly. In this regard..."

Listen to him whispering.

Su Qingyue realized that it must be the loss of players from the Three Kingdoms group that has reached the point where it cannot support the company.

They started this semi-finished project impulsively at the time, which dragged down the entire company.

Jiao Kejun is now in a dilemma.

Then I had to call myself.

With a cold smile, Su Qingyue felt that the time had come.

Now is the best time to negotiate with him.

then said: "Mr Jiao, let's talk alone."

"Okay, no problem." Jiao Kejun agreed immediately.

The others left, Jiao Kejun said to Ouyang again: "Go and make a new cup of tea for President Su."

(End of this chapter)

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