Eighteen Years Of Legendary Wave Chapter 365

Vol 2 Chapter 362: : Press Mine

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When Li Lin put the tea cup on the table, he turned and left.

Jiao Kejun finally spoke.

"You must know the current situation of the focus." He said, and then called to Su Qingyue brother. Then he took out the same set back then, with a sincere attitude and helpless face, lowered his voice and sighed: "I am really too difficult now."

Su Qingyue didn't speak, picked up the cup and took a sip.

It is different from the tea leaves just now.

The taste is slightly worse this time, not because of the change of tea, but because the temperature was too high, which spoiled the taste of the tea soup.

Jiao Kejun continued: "You probably didn't understand me before. I can understand that. After all, you didn't start a business at that time. There is a big difference between entrepreneurs and people who work."

Watch him continue to perform.

Su Qingyue felt that if an entrepreneur can only survive by acting, he should not be called an entrepreneur.

It should be called a performing artist.

Su Qing became more indifferent.

Then Jiao Kejun said: "Brother, I really can't help it." He sighed: "This game is the hope of the whole focus, I can't let the company collapse! So many brothers follow me!"

He has a brother.

Su Qing became tired of hearing it.

I asked, "What about "The Three Kingdoms Heroes Free Edition"?"

"Gao Yanhai is too radical. Now the rate of player turnover in the entire Three Kingdoms project is very high." He spread his hands out with a helpless face: "And you think about how many troubles this game has experienced since it was launched. Some markets have lost. , Its too difficult to get people back."

He said so.

Su Qingyue listened, but actually knew the situation.

He felt that the reputation was bad, and the life cycle would not be too long.

It's just that both Tian Zhong and Ouyang have said this in private.

They also told Gao Yanhai and Jiao Kejun.

But the other party insisted on going its own way.

At this time, Jiao Kejun's voice suddenly became low again, appearing depressed.

Like thinking about something.

After a long time, he finally said: "Brother, I will apologize to you the last time you split your team. I was really wrong that time." He said, "But my original intention was to do good for everyone and the company. ..." He sighed again.

"Don't talk about it."

Su Qingyue waved his hand, indicating that he was not interested in the past.

Jiao Kejun nodded and stopped.

Finally returned to the topic, saying: "Qingyue, I promise you. I will make this game well. You can make any request, I will definitely meet!" He said, suddenly confident again: "You just started a business , Should also come up with a product earlier, not only to temper the team, but also to show President Yue and the industry!"

He said.

The sooner Su Qing guessed that he would say that.

Jiao Kejun was right, his team could not be in place for a while.

If there is no product for a long time, the pressure will increase sharply.

It's just that he didn't expect Dongfang Jun to join.

Even more unexpectedly, Su Qingyue had another plan waiting for him.

The next moment, Su Qing waved his hand and said, "Actually, Mr. Jiao, I still have a way."

"How? What way?" he asked with curiosity.

"It's also cooperation, but not a pure agency."

"What's that?" Jiao Kejun asked worriedly.

Su Qingyue was silent for a long while deliberately.

Jiao Kejun leaned slightly in front of him, his expression nervous.

It was as if what the other party was about to say was a sharp knife that could pierce his heart violently.

At a moment later, Su Qing smiled.

Finally said the first answer: "I'm not interested in this game. It's not my style to eat people's chewed buns are tasteless!"

After he said a word, Jiao Kejun's expression instantly sank.

The whole person is even more desperate.

Lean on the back of the chair.

Dont say good, dont say bad.

Just stared at him blankly.

Very aggrieved.

Its like saying that you are talking to me alone, just to humiliate me?

But in the next moment, Su Qingyue's conversation changed: "Of course, if you want to have cooperation between us, it is not impossible."

"Qingyue, don't hesitate to mention what you want. I will do it!" Jiao Kejun's face turned back to life, and immediately swore:

"First, customized products..."

"That's okay!" Jiao Kejun continued, like a salesman who took a big order.

"Listen to me first!"

"Ok, yes!"

"Second, I ask to restore the original "Three Kingdoms Heroes Free Edition" team and establish a new R&D center..." Su Qingyue finally said his plan.

"What are the specific conditions?" Jiao Kejun interrupted him again and asked hungrily.

"Eight million custom fees, 2 million MG (prepaid share) plus 20% share!" Su Qingyue said.

Jiao Kejun frowned when he heard the team at first, but his eyes lit up when he heard Qian.

Look at him like this.

Su Qingyue added at this time: "Our company is responsible for personnel management, product direction, and project progress! The art, engine and other platform departments send special personnel to connect with each other, and the priority is the highest!" He said, "In addition, I hope it is The entire team is indispensable! If you can all be satisfied, after the product is officially launched, 2 million MG will be converted into bonuses and will not participate in the deduction... All the above must be implemented in the contract..."

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Finally said all the requirements.

This is the best of both worlds.

Only in this way can I feel relieved.

And he knew very well that he had to say a lot about people like Kejun.

In this way, you won't have extravagances~wuxiaworld.online~ Doing business is not a treat for dinner, it is not good to be kind and reasonable.

Suddenly there was a feeling of invigoration and dripping.

At this time, Jiao Kejun looked embarrassed and said: "I have to discuss this with President Li and the others..."

"Yes, but I may not have so much time." Su Qingyue interrupted him directly.

"Okay, it can be determined initially, I will find a way for the internal affairs!" In the end Jiao Kejun finally agreed.

Then, Su Qingyue continued to drink tea.

Looking at his office, I always feel that something is missing.

I remembered that when I came here for meetings before, no matter what I encountered, I always felt a lot better because of being alone.

In an instant, he understood.

Chen Ting's brilliant smile is missing.

Without her existence, whether it was a meeting or a single chat with Jiao Kejun today, even if he won very thoroughly, it lacked a lot of meaning.

Now he understands the importance of Chen Ting better.

As a new company, he needs Chen Ting.

Thinking of this, Su Qingyue felt that he still needs to add one more thing.

Maybe it will be very difficult for Jiao Kejun.

But the team agreed, and his character shouldn't care too much.

Thinking of this, Su Qingyue finally said: "And..."

"Also?" Jiao Kejun opened his eyes again and interrupted him.

"Yes." Su Qingyue smiled slightly and said: "I hope Chen Ting Chen can join our team."

After he spoke, Jiao Kejun frowned and remained silent for a moment.

The whole body was sunk in the back of the chair, and he let out a long sigh of relief.

There was a fluke feeling on his face.

Spreading out his hands, he said: "Then you have to convince Mr. Chen yourself."

"I'm OK."

"I'm fine." Jiao Kejun said at last: "In fact, she has already left."

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