Biohazard Empire Ii Chapter 432

Chapter 431: Destruction Of Starship Earth

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"Do not--"

"Yamamoto, you bastard!"

Seeing Richemont disappear in place, feeling his energy fluctuations completely turned into nothingness, Ye and Gerst and the others yelled frantically, but they couldn't break free from the shackles of "Xueqing".

Originally, they knew that the Earth Bereaved had such a super spaceship, but they didn't expect to have such a powerful combat power! The power of those who exceed the limit is simply beyond the imagination of a realm master!

"Hahaha, get angry, struggle! What I like most is the weak resistance of you ants!" Yamamoto laughed and gave instructions to the spaceship again.

Everyone instantly disappeared from their place and appeared in the battlefield that was fighting tens of thousands of light seconds away.

The decisive battle at this time has entered a white-hot stage. Tens of millions of interstellar warships combined by the Liberty Alliance and the Higher Alliance have been continuously thrown into the battlefield, making the place near the Silver Heart Black Hole, which has been in darkness for hundreds of millions of years, completely become a light. A sea of flames.

Due to the technological leadership, the warrior's fear of death, and the continuous deduction of war models issued by Zhoushan, the Liberty Alliance has gradually gained the upper hand at this time, and it is only a matter of time before the fleet of the Higher Alliance is defeated.

It was just at this moment that Yamamoto and others suddenly appeared, controlling the Xueqing and unfolding a powerful force field. Immediately, nearly a million Free Alliance battleships that were charging were wiped out in an instant!

This sudden scene immediately made the entire battlefield silent. After a few seconds, the Liberty Alliance finally reacted and quickly ordered its warship to shrink and retreat.

The ordinary soldier may not understand the scene just now, but the senior officials of the Free Alliance immediately understood that their strongest combat power seemed to have failed!

"Mu Qi, immediately lead the Third Army to retreat, Ergouzi, lead the Second Army to evacuate from the left wing after an attack." In the starship Earth, Bu Zhoushan quickly ordered.

"Old Shan, we don't know yet..." Rao had made relevant psychological preparations before, and Mu Qi still couldn't believe the facts before him.

"Needless to say, everything is carried out in plan B." Bu Zhoushan's voice instantly changed to a cold electronically synthesized sound, without the slightest emotion. Only the overheating of the center caused by the overload of the emotional module can explain his mood at this time.

Just at this moment, Yamamoto waved his hand. This time, using his own power completely, an energy cluster with a length of one million kilometers and a width of 300,000 kilometers instantly shot into the fleet of the Liberty Alliance, destroying tens of thousands of ships belonging to The spaceship of silicon-based warriors!

"Guest, Dawn, hand over your center and lead your silicon-based civilization to surrender to me. I can set you free." Yamamoto said with a cruel smile.

"Don't think about it!" Suguang's thinking field fluctuates violently, and it wants to launch an attack but can't get rid of the restraining force field of "Xueqing".

"Very good." Yamamoto smiled again. A light ball with a diameter of hundreds of thousands of kilometers suddenly appeared in the fleet of silicon-based civilization, engulfing 200,000 interstellar warships in an instant!

"Then, I'll ask again..."


The pressure is completely beyond the ability to endure the pressure!

Richemont's body was completely destroyed in the first time, and it was directly turned into a grain of dust. And his micelle body, if it weren't because it had been energized, it would collapse in an instant.

Although it has not completely disappeared, it has been compressed to only one centimeter in diameter, like a small stone! The surrounding area is full of ultra-high-density matter, and the mass of every cubic centimeter is even equivalent to a cluster of nebula.

Here, even the speed of light has dropped to less than one ten thousandth of the standard speed of light!

"What the **** is this!"

At this time, his thinking field, which could even extend to a few light years, was only less than one meter in diameter, and it was extremely difficult to mobilize. But before the dragon scales even had time to transform into a two-dimensional form, they were compressed into a thin film wrapped around the Richemont energy body, and fell into silence!

This is the core of the silver-hearted black hole! ?

An unprecedented sense of frustration surged into my heart, causing Richemont's thinking field, which had only left energy forms, to fluctuate violently again, and instantly shrank.

No... I'm not dead yet, I haven't failed yet! Feeling the shrinkage of the thinking field, Richemont mustered up the fighting spirit again. He understands that the energy body like a pebble and his thinking field are all he has. If the thinking field is annihilated, he will really die out!

There must be a way... There must be a way... Richemont calmed down at this time and began to think about ways to get out.

From the age of the earth to the present, the despair he has fallen into is almost innumerable, but it has never been as sinister as this time, almost unsolvable...

As time passed by, as the surrounding powerful gravitational force continued to fade away, Richemonts thinking field was constantly being weakened. If it continued forever, he would even end up completely dissipating consciousness.

"Slow, it's too slow... What should I do... Gravitational interference is too strong, and even thinking is affected and slowed... No, what about the time here..."


"That said, you still won't agree?" Looking at the completely constrained Gerst and others, Yamamoto grinned and said: "No hurry, anyway, there are enough silicon-based lives here. I just have to kill slowly. The last one, see who of us is patient."

"Yamamoto, don't dream! The reason why we entered the war is to seek ultimate freedom. We have already ignored existence and destruction. Don't think that this will allow the great silicon-based life to succumb!" Dawn's body continued to emit energy. Arc, trying to break free of the restraining force field, but it has no effect at all.

The remaining Liberty Alliance battleships also understood their leader's situation at this time, and immediately began a frantic salvo, and various attacks were almost like a light curtain, heading towards the "Xueqing".

Alice frowned and said, "Yamamoto, let's get rid of the lower creatures who dare to call the earthlings." With her temperament, she has long been impatient with Yamamoto's slowness.

As soon as the voice fell, Alice had left the Xueqing instantly and rushed towards the starship Earth!

A beam of energy radiated from her body, and wherever she passed, battleships and even giant war fortresses all exploded. In just a few seconds, tens of thousands of Free Alliance battleships have been killed. Among them, there are at least hundreds of millions of soldiers, but at this time they are all reduced to ashes!

"Want to run? Huh, see where you can go!" Alice had already noticed the abnormal movement of Starship Earth and the surrounding fleets. At this moment, she gave a cold snort and instantly broke through the space and appeared in front of Starship Earth. The hand rested on the outer armor of the starship Earth, blocking the advance of this giant generation spacecraft.

"Bitch! I'm fighting with you!" Bu Zhoushan shouted angrily, quickly mobilized all the weapon systems of the entire Starship Earth, and launched an attack towards Alice.

It's just that these attacks that are enough to destroy a star system face a master-class powerhouse, but they have no effect at all. After the violent flash and energy impact, Alice is still standing there, and said blankly: "Die ."

A scorching light radiated from the palm of the hand, and the energy comparable to a supernova explosion will be released in the next instant!

All the soldiers in the starship earth felt the energy fluctuations that could destroy everything at this moment, as if they were sand grains facing the turbulent waves.

In an instant, everyone thought of death!

Is it really going to be completely destroyed? !

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