Biohazard Empire Ii Chapter 434

Chapter 433: Reverse Eruption

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"The fourth dimension... the law of time! This is the overrunner! Hahaha, it was possible to witness the birth of an overrunner. It is, it is..." Gust laughed wildly, the ending is indeed It was too much to his expectation. He was already determined to die, but he didn't expect to survive from desperation, and he felt what the next evolutionary path was like.

These world master-level experts have been imprisoned by the laws of the three-dimensional universe for too long. The appearance of Richemont is simply a dawn!

"Thank you Yamamoto for this..." Richemont finished speaking, looking at Yamamoto in the Xueqing voyage with his eyes like electricity. This is also true. It was precisely because of entering the dead place of the silver heart black hole that he felt that the time there was distorted and slow due to the huge gravitational force, and then he understood the control of time, put it to death and resurrected, and became a transcender in one fell swoop.

At this time, the other three realm master level powerhouses in the High Alliance were all on guard, not daring to say a word. Who could have imagined that Richemont, who was undoubtedly dead just now, would appear in front of them again and become an overrunner!

Seeing how he kills Alice, it is no effort!

Rao is that they have been famous for a long time, and I don't know how many winds and waves they have experienced, but this extremely huge psychological contrast also makes them panic.

"Richemont, what if you are an overrunner, I have this spaceship, you can't help me at all!" A bit of resentment flashed in Yamamoto's eyes, and he shouted viciously.

Richemont shook his head, suddenly separated three energy bodies, appeared beside Kesar and the other two world master-class fighters at the same time, imprisoned them easily, and then headed towards the Xueqing.

"Go to death, go to death!" Yamamoto yelled frantically, controlling the Xueqing to continuously launch energy fields, but the original almost invincible energy field has no effect on Richemont, at most it costs money. It only takes a few seconds to break through.

Seeing that it only takes a few seconds, Richemont is about to come to the side of the Xueqing, when it will be the final end, Yamamotos field of thinking suddenly opened, and he screamed frantically, "Dont think you won, everyone cant escape. !"

The originally faint blue outer wall of Xueqing suddenly became pitch black, and then rushed in the direction of the silver-hearted black hole, and disappeared directly into the void!

"Crap!" Seeing this scene, Richemont couldn't help but lose his voice. Although he tried his best to stabilize Yamamoto, he was still a step slower.

After all, the Xueqing has some of the abilities of the overrun, so it will take some time for him to break the opponent's attack, but he didn't expect Yamamoto to go completely crazy, driving this overrun spacecraft into the core of the silver heart black hole!

It can be said that this is Yamamoto's only last counterattack! With Xueqings energy level, once it completely explodes at the core of the galactic black hole, the chain reaction caused will cause the entire galactic black hole to eject back. The energy and matter accumulated for hundreds of millions of years will all be ejected in the reverse direction, which will eventually destroy the whole Milky Way!

"However, this is nothing. In this three-dimensional universe, the transcendent is like a god." Richemont said coldly looking at the direction of the silver-core black hole.

He already felt that the Xueqing had exploded the moment it entered the core of the black hole, and this explosion had begun to produce a chain reaction inside the black hole, which would eventually trigger the reverse jet of the silver-core black hole and cause catastrophe.

"Old Shan, you guys, quickly lead the fleet out of here and build cosmic radiation shielding devices on various civilizations. The silver-core black hole is about to explode. Although I can block most of the radiation, there may be some omissions." Richemont calmly Said.

"What!? The silver heart black hole exploded!?" Bu Zhou Shan and the others exclaimed, but they have not yet reacted. Richemont has completely transformed into a vast and unparalleled energy body that lasts tens of thousands of light seconds, rolling up the emperor. Kesar and the remaining two High Alliance Realm Masters headed towards the Silver Heart Black Hole!

Coming to the vicinity of the silver-core black hole, Richemont immediately felt the seriousness of the problem. The silver-core black hole, which originally had a very strong gravitational force, could even be distorted by light, has dropped to less than one thousandth of its original strength. , And it is still rapidly decreasing. This abnormal phenomenon is the precursor of a big outbreak.

Richemont snorted coldly, and the huge energy body was like a curtain, instantly enveloping the entire silver-hearted black hole, fully running the energy in the body, and heading towards the silver-hearted black hole. And the three realm master-level fighters didn't even have time to resist, they were already rolled up by him, blasted into energy fragments, and absorbed directly!

The poor three realm master warriors can be regarded as the strongest people in the entire galaxy ever. They have been tens of thousands of years, but now they have not even hummed, they have become energy supplements.

Richemont needs a lot of energy to run the power of time and stop the explosion of the silver-core black hole.

It was at this time that Richemont realized how difficult it was. As a new-born transcendencer, although he was more than enough to face the master-level warrior, even a god-like existence, even if he had absorbed the three worlds The main-level warrior, but his own strength is far from reaching the peak state, he can only frantically absorb the dark energy in the surrounding void while desperately outputting the power of time.

"Go back, go back, go back!" The silver-core black hole with a diameter of nearly a hundred light-seconds moved a little bit towards the state it was a few minutes ago. The already restless core gradually calmed down, and the huge gravitational force appeared again, and finally returned to Xueqing. The number has just entered the state of the black hole core.

Its just that! Because Xueqing itself possessed the energy of those who exceeded the limit, it could not be shaken by Richemont's time force. At this time, the energy output in Richemont's body had reached a peak and began to weaken.

"Boom!" After a loud noise, Xueqing's explosion still couldn't be stopped, and energy loops spread out again, unscrupulously destroying the core of the silver-core black hole. The explosion happened again!

This time it was more violent and rapid than the previous one. The matter and energy accumulated over the past hundreds of millions of years burst out instantly, forming a torrent of radiation in all directions.

Seeing that the explosion could not be stopped, Richemont simply stopped stopping, the energy body shrank again, and the dragon scales flashed instantly. Richemonts energy body and dragon scales together form a curtain that envelops the silver-core black hole, blocking the reverse eruption of the silver-core black hole.

This silver-hearted black hole has not known how much it has swallowed for countless years, and it is even comparable to the mass of a half of the Milky Way. If it is completely ejected, it will absolutely destroy the entire Milky Way and must be blocked!

The energy in Richemont's body circulates wildly, while constantly absorbing the energy ejected from the explosion of the silver heart black hole to supplement the loss, while blocking all impurities in the barrier formed by his body.

Compared with the power of the universe, the power of individual life is still not dominant. The power of the silver-hearted black hole jetting in the opposite direction was enough to compare with the simultaneous attacks of thousands of realm master-class fighters.

Rao Richemont has become an overrunner, but he is still struggling, even a trace of cracks appeared on the surface of the dragon scales!

It's just that he didn't flinch at all, still blocking there motionlessly, letting the explosion hit his body!

I dont know how long it took, one day, one month, one year? The impact of gravity and explosions even disrupted the flow of time in this space.

Finally, the intensity of the black hole's reverse jet was reduced to a critical level, which was about to fall below the dangerous limit.

It's just that Richemont has reached its limit! After becoming an over-limiter, he entered the battle without stabilizing the energy in his body. At this time, the energy flow in his body even showed signs of disorder.

"It's almost... It's almost..." Richemont felt that his body had almost become a part of the background of the universe and was about to dissipate. The dragon scale had already fallen into a complete deep sleep.

The reverse jet of the silver-core black hole slowly dropped to a critical point, and Richemont couldn't help feeling a little relieved.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, the intensity of the reverse jet suddenly rose to a peak again, and the huge amount of energy and matter instantly penetrated Richemonts energy body, and directed towards the universe in the form of a beam of tens of thousands of light seconds wide. Go for a shot!

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