Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 102

Chapter 101:

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A day ago, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan happened to go out to eat, but they were followed by someone on their way home. Since Luo Xiao realized that the people who followed them were all monks, and the number was more than ten, it was impossible for him to deal with all of them alone.

then. He intends to seek foreign aid. Just as they turned around and wanted to ask Elder Huo for help, more than a dozen people sprang out from another place and had to force them to drive on another road, a road leading to the suburbs. In the suburbs, there were also more than a dozen people who had been waiting for a long time. For the sake of the lives of two people, he and Ye Lan had to be hostages obediently and were taken to this dark place and held them up.

"Xiaoxiao, are you okay?" Because Ye Lan couldn't see him, he had to reach out and touch his body and asked in concern, "Is there anything hurt?"

"Don't worry, Ye Zi, I'm fine." Because Luo Xiao is a famous cultivator, so that he can't see it at all like Ye Lan, he can still'see' through spiritual sense. Seeing the obvious worry on Ye Lan's face, his heart couldn't help but an apologize: "Ye Zi, I'm sorry, because of me, you..."

Ye Lan interrupted him directly, "Xiaoxiao, you don't have to apologize to me. It is better to be kidnapped with you than you were kidnapped alone. In fact, I hope I was kidnapped alone."

"Ye Zi, it's nice to meet you." Luo Xiao stepped forward and hugged Ye Lan's waist and sighed with happiness.

A thick smile appeared at the corner of Ye Lan's mouth. Although the location was wrong at this time, the atmosphere was good, wasn't it? So, some benefits can still be requested~~~ He lowered his head close to Luo Xiaos ear and whispered: "Xiaoxiao, since I am so good, let me go back to the bedroom to sleep after I go back~~~" , And deliberately licked his plump earlobe, well, the taste is as good as always~~~

Luo Xiao covered his hot right ear with his hand, and gave him an annoyed look, but immediately realized that Ye Lan couldn't see his expression. So, angrily pinched his waist, hum, go back and settle the account!

However, it was precisely because of Ye Lan's interruption that Luo Xiao's nervous nerves eased. After all, he also knows that tomorrow, that is, 15 hours later, his master and other monks will launch a general attack on this holy religion. Whether it can be eliminated in one fell swoop depends on tomorrow.

However, in other words, why were they arrested at this critical moment? Is it a hostage? But this is not right!

Without understanding the reason for being arrested, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan decided that it would be better for them to find a way to go out on their own. To be honest, they are also very worried about tomorrow's war.

"Xiaoxiao, can you figure out where we are now?" Ye Lan found out that there was still darkness in front of him after adjusting to it for a while.

"I'll give it a try." Luo Xiao tried to mobilize the spiritual power in his body, intending to use the external spiritual power to investigate the situation outside. However, he was surprised to find that he obviously had plenty of spiritual power in his body, but he couldn't mobilize it, as if he was suppressed by something. How could this be? He opened his eyes wide in surprise, and tried several times without giving up, but each time the result was the same.

He drooped his ears, put his head on Ye Lan's chest, and said dullly: "Ye Zi, I can't detect it."

"What's wrong? Is your spiritual power gone?" Ye Lan asked anxiously.

"No, it was suppressed by an unknown foreign object and can't be used." Luo Xiao pouted and explained unwillingly.

Ye Lan breathed a sigh of relief, "It's okay, it's fine if you have spiritual power. If you can't detect it, you can't detect it."

"However, without spiritual power, I can't use those spells and the like. How do we leave this trapped place?"

"Then do you know what our trapped place is like?"

With good strength, Luo Xiao looked around carefully, "This should be a man-made room, I think, the reason why my spiritual power is suppressed should have something to do with this room."

"Since this is the case, Xiaoxiao, do you know what material this room is made of? Is there any way to crack it?"

"I'm not sure." Luo Xiao stared at a wall. The more I looked at the material on it, the more it resembled that thing, but, you know, he was lucky enough to touch a few pieces. If this is really what he guessed, then Isn't he just making a lot of money?

"Xiaoxiao?" Ye Lan obviously felt his lover's breathing heavier in an instant, and he couldn't help but care.

"No, it's okay, Ye Zi, I, we, go, go and confirm one thing." Luo Xiao suppressed the excitement in his heart and firmly held Ye Lan's right hand.

Although Ye Lan didn't know what his Xiaoxiao said to confirm, he still nodded, "Well, go."

After speaking, the two of them walked towards the nearest stone wall. Luo Xiao looked at the stone wall close at hand and stretched out his hand to touch with a tremor. Then, in the next second, he immediately turned around and jumped onto Ye Lan's body, and said incoherently excitedly: "Ye Zi, it's made, we make a lot of money, hahahaha, I said, how could our luck be back!! !"

"Xiaoxiao?" Ye Lan's eyebrows were tightly furrowed together. What is his baby, stupid?

Luo Xiao reached out and hugged Ye Lan's head accurately, and aimed at his lips with a loud soft kiss. This made Ye Lan's eyes suddenly brightened, um, if this is a silly look, he likes it!

After Luo Xiao worked hard, he finally calmed down his inner emotions. He knew that at this time, he should tell Ye Lan his secret.

"Ah~ Ye Zi, I have one thing I want to tell you." Luo Xiao calmed down and said solemnly.

"En? What's the matter?" Ye Lan heard the seriousness in his tone, and he felt a little curiosity in his heart.

Therefore, in the next hour, Luo Xiao slowly told Ye Lan about the events of his previous life and the fairy peach space that occurred after his rebirth. After listening to what he said, Ye Lan hugged the person in his arms tightly and said distressedly, "Xiaoxiao, I'm sorry."

"Why did you say sorry to me?" Luo Xiao asked suspiciously. He didn't think Ye Zi had done something wrong.

"If only I could get to know you sooner. It's better to be with you in my previous life!" Ye Lan said glumly.

After Luo Xiao heard it, there was a burst of sweetness in his heart, "Fool! Ye Zi, I haven't told you, meeting you is the sweetest thing in my life?"


"Then, this time I said it!" Luo Xiao slowly moved closer to his head and printed his lips, "Also, I love you!"

"Me too! Xiaoxiao, I love you!"

Other words seem pale and weak at this moment, only this loving kiss can express the feelings of the two people.

Although, the atmosphere is just right at this time, it is suitable to continue to discover some things below. Unfortunately, time is really running out, and in desperation, the two of them have to listen.

Luo Xiao could clearly feel that there was a hot and hard object that was even more flauntingly touching his lower abdomen, because his situation at the moment was not much better.

"Xiaoxiao, when this matter is over..." Ye Lan's dumb voice sounded in his ears.

"Okay, how about letting you have fun this time?" Luo Xiao raised an eyebrow and said defiantly.

"Okay, you clean it up for me and wait!" Ye Lan licked some dry lips and responded to his provocation.

After the two people finally calmed down, they began to plan to face the huge rough stone in front of them first. That's right, the building material of this room is the rough stone needed to upgrade Luo Xiao's fairy tree space. The reason why the spiritual power in his body cannot be used here is also because of them.

To put it simply, it is because of the pressure of the rich spiritual power in the rough stone on Luo Xiao's spiritual power. In addition, if the two of them want to get out of here, it becomes quite simple. Just use up all the spiritual power in these rough stones.

So, this is a blessing!

Luo Xiao firmly attached his right hand to the wall, and he could clearly see that the evolution progress value on the displayed interface was rising little by little.

As time passed a little bit, Luo Xiao checked the watch he was wearing, and the pointer on it had already pointed to five o'clock in the morning. There are still three hours left before their masters attack, and the progress on the display page is almost 10%. However, at this rate of progress, whether they can absorb enough energy before the upgrade is still a little questionable!

Regardless, let's concentrate on absorbing it! They can only take one step at present.

With a "squeak--", a bright light began to grow larger and larger as the gap appeared, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan had to temporarily close their eyes because of the dazzling light. When they opened their eyes again, they found that the room was no longer so dark, at least for Ye Lan, he could vaguely see the appearance of the three people who appeared at the door.

Luo Xiao looked at the progress and found that only 0.3% of the progress was left. He understood that he had to find a way to delay time, so he proactively asked: "Who are you and why are you arresting us?"

"Huh!" The black-clothed man standing at the front snorted coldly, did not answer his question, waved his hand, and directly let his two subordinates come forward to arrest people.

Ye Lan, who was on the side, immediately reacted when he saw his hand still on the wall, and stepped forward and blocked Luo Xiao's front, "Don't pass it! Otherwise I will make you look good!"

"I can't help myself!" The two men in black glanced at him disdainfully, then reached out and grabbed.

Fortunately, Ye Lan's skills were very agile, so that the two men in black who hadn't used any magic skills could not catch him smoothly.

The three people scrambled together. Ye Lan was a one-on-two after all, and soon fell in the wind. Just as he was about to be hit by another person in the fortress, Luo Xiao beside him frowned and stepped forward. Attacked.

"Xiaoxiao?" Ye Lan saw the look in his eyes and immediately understood, and he didn't continue to work with the two people.

At exactly this time, the leader in black was also impatient to wait. After his joining, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan were quickly caught. After bringing Luo Xiao a solid spirit ring that limits his spiritual power, he escorted the two of them towards the hall.

After seeing the sacrificial platform that appeared in front of them, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan immediately knew that this was the cave where they had entered. In other words, your own master is preparing to attack outside the cave?

It seems that he can still help his master! Because this so-called solid spirit exchange level is not high. After his fairy tree space was upgraded just now, the interface showed that it could not only bring people into this space, but also, because it was upgraded to the top, that room had not absorbed enough Yuan Li has been absorbed by the space together, and it has also been converted into spiritual power that he can use.

This space is so caring!

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