Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 104

Chapter 103:

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Stumps and blood were scattered on the ground, and both sides stared closely at the last enemy. Elder Huo stared at the Sacred Leader in front of him, while guarding her movements while seizing the time to pant, and at the same time regaining his spiritual and physical strength. His eyes quickly scanned the surroundings. There are still about ten people on their side who have combat effectiveness, and there are only five people left on the other side. Two against one, the odds of winning are still great.

What's more, his precious apprentice is still hidden from the side! Behind the scenes, he is already quite proficient in this business, he really deserves to be his apprentice!

"Devil, you'd better catch it with your hands!" Old Huo snapped, "Otherwise, there will only be one end-death!"

"Huh! You hypocritical guys, want me to die? There is no door!" The leader looked up with disdain, and then randomly wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, "Today, I will let all of you have no return. Even if we lose in the end, I will let all of you be buried with you!!"

As soon as the voice fell, the two sides fought again. I saw the leader took out a bamboo whistle from his waist purse, and then took it to his mouth and blew it rhythmically.

"No! She's using sonic power, quickly use her spiritual power to seal her ears!" Old man Huo shouted to everyone present when she blew the first sound, and at the same time his subordinates showed no mercy He even threw three ice charms in the past.

Unfortunately, it's still a small step too late. Some injured people had no time to seal their ears. After hearing the music, they felt like an awl was tapping vigorously in their heads, one by one falling to the ground and rolling in pain.

When Elder Huo saw this scene, his body paused a little, then opened his mouth and sang loudly. I have to say that the effect is still very good. Didn't you see that the leader has put down the bamboo whistle beside his mouth with a gloomy face?

"Huh!" The leader snorted coldly, then put away the whistle, and gestured to the few people under his hand, only to see them quickly gathered together.

Elder Huo and the others also gathered together, but they didn't stop there, but kept attacking each other continuously.

At this time, Luo Xiao had already secretly hid again, preparing for the next opportunity. Since he was standing just behind the enemy, they could clearly see their movements.

Seeing those fast-changing gestures, Luo Xiao's brows frowned tightly: No, they are...

He didn't hesitate, and immediately threw the most powerful spell in his hand-the hurricane spell. The howling gale immediately hit the place where their group was, forcing them to disperse part of their strength to resist the offensive.

"Master, they plan to offer blood sacrifices to the spirits, and stop them!" Luo Xiao shouted loudly as he galloped towards the place where the old man Huo was.

"What?" Elder Huo had his eyes brightened when he saw his precious apprentice, but he immediately became nervous by what he said. Without hesitation, he launched a fierce attack with everyone.

Soon, the two people who were responsible for resisting outside were beaten to death one after another, and because the leader was still completing this complicated formation, there was no way to resist. So, the black-clothed woman took a fierce look at Old Man Huo and the others, and the doctor Hua who pulled aside stabbed him into his heart when he was caught off guard, and then quickly pulled out the sharp knife and pierced it into her chest. Read the spell to sacrifice the blood and essence in the two of them to this formation.

Because of the loss of blood essence and exhaustion of the last trace of spiritual energy in the body, the black-clothed woman gave the young leader a nostalgic look, and closed her eyes comfortably. And another doctor Hua who was forced to donate his blood had a hideous look on his face. He opened his eyes unwillingly, muttered a curse in his mouth, and swallowed with a weird smile. Take one last breath.

The leader did not care about sorrow, and took advantage of these blood, and finally completed this formation before the last wave of attacks by Huo and others arrived. Seeing the terrifying evil spirit that appeared in front of her eyes, she had an excited smile on her face.

Oops, let her complete the ceremony. When other people present saw this situation, such a thought suddenly flashed through their hearts.

Elder Huo looked at these people behind him, as well as other people who still existed on the ground, and the wrinkles between his eyebrows became more profound.

He turned his head to face the personnel behind and whispered: "The personnel who don't have much spiritual energy in the body will help the wounded on the ground and begin to slowly retreat outside, and people with spiritual power will stay here to continue fighting."

Hearing this, in addition to Old Man Huo and Luo Xiao, two other people stayed, and the others helped the nearest wounded in turn and planned to retreat outside. After all, they also knew that not only would it not be helpful to stay, but it would be a hindrance.

"Today, none of you want to leave alive!" The leader waved his hand, and the evil spirit rushed towards everyone.

"Quickly go!" Old man Huo shouted, then threw a protective spell to withstand the attack of the evil spirit.

When Luo Xiao and the other two saw this, they immediately stepped forward and threw out the spells of attack and protection. For a while, the two sides confronted tensely.

Upon seeing this, the leader immediately drew out the dead soul bell in his arms, planning to recruit a few more souls for her to use to increase the intensity of the attack.

Just after she successfully recruited two extremely aggressive soul bodies, the situation suddenly fell to her side, and at this time, it happened that other personnel had also safely evacuated here.

Luo Xiao saw the form in front of him, turned his head and said to his master: "Master, let's almost start to withdraw outside."

Elder Huo nodded, and said to the other three people: "You go ahead, I am behind."

The other two didn't have much, and they nodded their heads and then slowly withdrew out. As for Luo Xiao, he followed his master closely. He decided in his heart that if he couldn't dodge the attack in the end, he would directly take the master into the fairy tree space.

Therefore, he did not object to the other two retreating first. After all, the existence of space is a taboo. The less people know, the better. You know, people's hearts are separated by their belly. Who knows if these two people will go out and talk nonsense?

After seeing such a situation, the leader finally broke out. Some black strange patterns began to appear on her bare skin all over her body, and all her eyes became red, staring fiercely in the direction of Elder Huo. Watching.

"Master, she is..." Luo Xiao looked at her like this now, a trace of anxiety flashed in his heart.

Elder Huo looked at her solemnly, and directly took out the life-saving charm on his body, "She is planning to sacrifice herself and die with us!"

"What?" Luo Xiao widened his eyes in surprise, then he quickly looked back. They were less than a hundred meters away from the exit, and the other two people had already left quickly when they found that the situation was not right. Up here. His eyes darkened involuntarily, and he sighed slightly in his heart: Forget it, people are like this...

At the moment when the sacrifice was about to be completed, a distorted smile appeared on the face of the leader, but then, her eyes widened in horror.

I saw that she could finish with one note short of her mouth. But the two souls she had summoned turned around and attacked her at this moment, watching them bite their bodies in pain and couldn't resist. Because she didn't have much physical and spiritual power for the sacrifice just now.

As her consciousness became blurred little by little, her control over the evil spirits began to decline, and eventually, the evil spirits slowly disappeared into the air. Her eyes were full of unwillingness. She turned her head and looked at Doctor Hua who was already dead on the ground. She gritted her teeth and said, "Okay, good! You old fellow, I..."

Unfortunately, she didn't finish her words, so she stopped breathing with resentment, unwillingness, and regret.

Luo Xiao and Old Man Huo looked at the scene in front of them and couldn't help but looked at each other. They were a little bit unbelievable. This is how things are... over?

"Oh, why are you hitting me, Master?" Luo Xiao suddenly grabbed his head and gave Old Man Huo a dissatisfied look.

"Haha, it's nothing." Old man Huo smiled, "I'm not trying to confirm if I'm dreaming."

"Then you beat yourself up!" Luo Xiao rolled his eyes silently at him.

Elder Huo directly stretched out his hand and twisted his ears, "What's the matter, do you still learn to talk back?"

"No, no, no." Luo Xiao immediately raised his hands and confessed.

"Huh~~~" Old man Huo let go of his hand satisfied, and then walked towards the exit.

When Luo Xiao saw this, he immediately stepped up to follow him, and then he leaned to Elder Huo with a grin and said: "Master, to be honest, the songs you sing with your pentaphonic voice are really magical. !"

"You stinky boy, are you looking for a fight!" An awkward expression flashed across the face of Old Man Huo, and he raised his hands and ran after Luo Xiao to the exit.

Seeing Mr. Yu and Mr. Ouyang who had just rushed from outside the cave, Mr. Huo and Mr. Luo Xiao breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts. It seemed that they had won a big victory today.

After seeing the two of them coming out, the others couldn't help showing an excited smile. Starting today, the holy religion finally ceased to exist!

Emotions of joy spread. Regardless of the embarrassment at the moment, everyone laughed, and then left here supporting each other.

And Luo Xiao also assisted Mr. Huo, who was already exhausted at the moment, and planned to leave here with a smile. However, after just walking a few steps, he couldn't help but stop.

"What's the matter, Xiaoxiao?" Old Huo asked suspiciously.

Luo Xiao shook his head, always feeling as if he had forgotten something, but when he just remembered something, he was interrupted by the voices of people around him. Forget it, it should be unimportant, right? probably?

So, poor Ye Lan sat in the fairy tree space, clutching his groaning belly, silently praying in his heart that his lover could come in quickly so that he could go out for a meal t^t~~~

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