I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Fighting the Second Battle - Part One

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Pat didn't know what to say so he just nodded. Like the rest here, he felt awful about this bad plan. "After I and Pat took some away, the center will have only two to three; most likely the one with that nasty howl will be there," he glanced at the seven werewolves before adding in cold tone:

"Jenny, it's time for you to use your strongest attack."

"Really?" she shouted in surprise, before adding, "will that be enough? And that radius of the attack" she seemed hesitant yet he said:

"Before you use the attack you shout, and everyone; I mean everyone of us must be one hundred meters radius away from you."

He then turned to Gorden as he added, "when the sea of fire erupts, use the chance and aim for one or two of the central ones."

Gorden didn't get his meaning, but he nodded. "What about that howling kid?" he asked.

"Deno will be waiting there for him," Jim said, before adding, "such a technique will come at a high price for sure. The moment he used this technique, Deno will aim for his life after the side effects subside."

"Then" Pat paused, as the outcome of this was obvious to him.

"I know, so Ashley and Jenny after the fire attack, both will go to aid you," he turned to the two girls before adding, "I think this howl ability must have a certain radius."

"Like my ability," Jenny commented.

"Yup, so make sure you stay on the edge," he then paused before adding, "the moment the howl assaulted Pat, move fast to help him until he recovers."

"What about you?" Ashley asked, with much worry and distress.

"Lan will move to me, staying at the edge all the time."

Lan's eyes shone brightly as he clenched on the lightning ore. "Is it lightning time?" he asked.

"Yes, it seems we will need that," he said, before stressing, "if you found me unaffected by the howl don't come!"

He gave Jim a glance before nodding. He didn't understand his meaning, and Jim himself didn't know if he could resist the howl or not.

But Jim knew his powers were unique and strange, and he knew absolutely nothing yet about these powers.

"All teams to the arena," the capped master said while observing Jim in particular. That last outburst of aura caught his attention; making him believe this team wouldn't fall easily like others expected.

After all their ace wasn't the Bulltor, but that weak looking human!

Jim and others entered the arena, while everyone cheered. They weren't supporting them, yet they seemed to be interested in the about to occur challenge.

It wasn't an everyday occurrence for a team to face a full out war; especially against such a strong and prestigious one.

"Start," the capped master gave the signal, and everything started hot from the start.

Deno and Gorden were at the forefront, acting to deceive everyone. Just as the start signal was given, the two of them moved fast to retreat, while Jim and Pat moved to the front.

And this seemed quite odd!

Yet their opponents didn't care! The werewolves divided themselves into three teams, two in each team, and the last one had three.

'That howling talent is in the three werewolves team,' Jim thought, and everyone on his team thought the same.

"You will take the first team to the left," he said to the nearby Pat while Jim decreased his speed on intention. Pat moved out, and the next moment he started using his speed, creating three afterimages in front of the two werewolves.

"Pathetic Leivy trick," one of them grinned while he used his claw simply to hack one of the images while the other one attacked another image.

Pat knew his role here wasn't to attack, but to pull them away. so he retreated, evading the attacks and causing the two youths in front of him to go mad.

"We will kill you first," one of them shouted while he and his friend moved after Pat.

As for Jim, he went towards the second team while brandishing his swords. The two didn't speak as they used their claw tornado ability right from the start!

"Acting tough early on," Jim smirked before his mind provided him a safe route to follow. He jumped with great agility evading the incoming attacks, retreating a couple of meters to the right.

And as he expected, the two followed suit!

He moved to the distant right side of the arena, hunted by the attacks coming from the two werewolves while Pat did the same on the opposite side.

Just as the fight started, Lan lent Deno his stone boost before the two, with Gorden, cleared path in front of Jenny who held her fiery ore tightly in her hand, watching the incoming three werewolves.


Just as things went their way, the master youth seemed to sniff something fishy in their arrangement. So, he didn't delay and used the trump card from the start; stunning everyone in their tracks!

As Jim expected, this ability had a certain range, making Ashley and Jenny unaffected by it. The youth howled for three seconds before his body trembled, showing signs of weakness.

And the two on his side started to block the path in front of him, while the three started to retreat.

"He is recovering," Jim shouted, "don't let him go away," he added.

Jim was hit like others with the howl, yet when this happened, his aura was ignited once more and this time it was bright red in color; making him look like a human torch!

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