The Richest Man In The Dc World Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Owl Court

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Due to martial arts, Barbara's chest size has improved greatly.

The orange-red low-cut evening dress clung to her body. The eighteen-year-old girl could not handle this kind of dress, but the tall chest made up for the shortcomings and made the slightly slim body colorful.

The thick orange-red hair is coiled in the back of the head, and the delicate facial features are more and more prominent. The girls facial contours do not say that the shortcomings are skin, eyeliner, and eyelashes. With the help of a beautician, the three shortcomings have been corrected one by one. She is perfect now.

Luke looked up and down and admired heartily.

"It seems that I will be the object of the jealousy of all men tonight."

The girl's face was reddened and she said awkwardly, "The clothes are too tight and it's very uncomfortable."

"No, I think it's perfect."

Luke walked up to her and looked down.

"You really should practice martial arts, more than before."

Barbara didnt know, so she followed Lukes gaze and saw the gully between the snow hills, her face flushed instantly, she took a step back quickly, and covered her chest with her hands.

"I warn you not to give me any idea."

Luke secretly said a pity, the girl's dress made him look forward to being the groom's official. It seems that he should drink less tonight, otherwise there is not enough time.

The shop manager came up and smiled.

"Sir, what do you think of the clothes?"

"Very good, worthy of the name of the store."

With that, he took out the black card and put it on the counter.

The store manager was ecstatic in his heart, and the other waiters were overjoyed. A few of them cast their eyes full of suggestive expressions. Such a young, handsome, and gold diamond king would not develop into a lover or a lover. Not bad.

Luke had no emotions towards them, and after paying the bill, he took Barbara and left.

To be the heroine of the banquet, clothes are not enough, but jewelry and jewelry are also needed.


Every city has its own story, and Gotham City is no exception. As a metropolis with hundreds of years of history and simple folk customs, Gotham City has many bizarre legends.

Among these legends, the most mysterious and most widely spread is a nursery rhyme:

Watch out for the Owl Court, and always monitor your travel;

Peep Gotham from the dark, hidden in the low wall attic.

He is with him when he lives at home, he also exists in bed and bed room;

Do not mention his name, and the claws will find you.

The elders who have lived here for generations have heard a sentence: There are a group of dark walkers in Gothams night, they dominate this dark city, in this city, anyone who disobeys their will will be wiped out by the owl's claws .

Few people know what owls and claws mean, even if they are lucky enough to know, they will die unknowingly, except for those who have actually joined.

This is the Owl Court, the horrible shadow hidden in the dark depths of Gotham City.

As the heir of the Elliott family, one of the four major families in Gotham City, Thomas Elliott has no interest in the horrible nursery rhyme that has been circulated for a long time, but as an invitation letter engraved with an owl seal and a white pair When the falcon mask **** appeared on the bedside table without knowing it, he felt that he had to touch this mysterious organization.

Follow the instructions of the invitation letter to the Gotham City Public Library. Thomas sat down on the bench with a blue rose in his hand. Not long after, an old man wearing a hat, sunglasses and unable to see his looks walked up to him.

The old man bowed slightly and made an invitation gesture.

Thomas nodded and followed the old man. The two walked into a black car. The back seat of the car was completely closed. The outside scene could not be seen clearly, and the position could only be roughly judged by the sound and the sense of bumps.

The journey was very long, and it took a full hour before the car stopped.

When the car door opened, Thomas looked out, and when he saw the towering walls and the dark, damp buildings resembling an underground palace, he couldn't help but raised his mouth.

"You are dumb!"

The old man nodded slightly, lit the fuel lamp, and led the way.

Thomas took out the white falcon mask and put it on his face. In fact, it was not the first time he saw a white falcon mask. While sorting out his fathers belongings, he accidentally found a hidden compartment with similar masks inside and more than a dozen pieces of it. Record the letter from the Owl Court.

At that time, Thomas knew that the Elliott family had been in contact with the Owl Court since ancient times, but he did not like the other party's way of doing things, so he did not inherit the family tradition.

Obviously, he forgot, but the Owl Court did not.

The area of the underground palace is very large, each road has different exits, the passages interspersed back and forth, forming complex terrain like spider webs, and some places have traps. Without guidance, it is impossible to find the right direction.

The two stopped and walked, and it took nearly half an hour to arrive at a door with the head of an owl.

The old man put down the oil lamp, took out the key to open the door, and made a sign to enter.

Thomas glanced at him, stepped into the door, dimmed lights illuminating his eyes, and a circular hall with a diameter of more than seventy meters appeared in front of him.

The decoration of the hall is similar to that of the Congress. The stone seats are arranged in order from low to high. There is a speech table in the middle, and the table with candlesticks and three thrones filled with swords are at the front.

Three thrones, two people, only one free.

Thomas glanced at it and then turned his gaze to other places. At the same time, the mysterious people wearing white falcon masks on the chair cast their curious, surprised, or silent gazes.

Both sides looked back and forth, and neither spoke first.

Thomas knew the rules, took out the invitation letter from his arms, raised it in the air, and then found a chair with no one to sit down. When seeing this, many people showed disappointment. They hoped that the newcomer was a rookie. In that case, wealth can be extracted from him by various means, which is a pity.

There are not many people in the hall, and there are also a lot of UU reading www.uukanshu.com. Counting the two on the throne, a total of thirty-six.

The thirty-six people all wore masks, and the white masks emitted a weird light in the fire, which reminded people of a comic.

The letter left by my father said that most of the participants in the Owl Court were ancient dignitaries in Gotham City, that is to say, there are many familiar faces among these people.

That's easy!

Thomas sneered. He wanted to see what this so-called owl court was.

After all the members arrived, the person sitting in the middle throne walked to the speech platform and pressed his hands down, and the noisy hall immediately quieted down.

"To invite you all here today, there are three main things."

"First, welcome our new members."

The man raised his finger to Thomas Elliott, and the rest of the members stood up and saluted, and Thomas responded symbolically.

"Second, reshape the glory!"

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