Quick Transmigration Of The Villianess Chapter 145

144 Finding A Puppet.

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"Must you really go ?"

Li Jie 'Is she pouting, that's so cute' "More like, shouldn't you go to school too?"

"hehe, those idiots in there only teach the basics, boooring"Hua yinyue said while slumping herself onto the sofa.

"But.... mister, aren't you forgetting something?" as she pointed towards her cheeks

Li Jie 'how can a person be so cute?' as he landed a quick peck, causing Hua yinyue to have a wide smile after feeling his warm lips on her cheeks.

System " Bleugh dog food!"

Hua yinyue "shut up you single dog! You're gonna an expert monk in the future at this rate!"

(monk= virgin in Hua yinyue's dictionary)

Xiao Bai "..." There's no other dragon here. I'm gonna be a advanced monk in the future oh no!!!!


"System is there any alchemy skill ?

System "Aren't you broke"

"Then lend me money, what, do you actually expect me to work for it?"

System 'New host please!'

"Ding, purchasing thousand mist refining book!"


Hua yinyue(Hannah)

Strength :Qi refining stage 9( it's changed according to this world now)(10 is the max for normal humans)

age 18

luck : 0 (average)

charm 42/100 (10 is the average)

Seduction 16/100

points -5000

skills- the last resort(intermediate), the deathly one thousand years of pain(intermediate),3000 lightning-wind sidestep(perfection. Currently disabled), shovel smacking(perfection), bargaining (intermediate), taunting(great mastery), Basic Martial Arts (perfection), the way of the animals(intermediate), world-class hacker(perfection),Thousand mist refining skill (beginner)

cultivation technique - ???

items-995x gold coins,3m of white silk,1x body refining chance,1x disguise mask, infinite food storage from world 0-156 (her first world), 100x cat food

(skills mastery is beginner, intermediate, advanced, great mastery, perfection)

"Are you trying to rob me system? 5000 POINTS! My heart is bleeding here!" as she exaggeratingly clutched her heart.

System "Wait , you have a heart?!"
for visiting.

Xiao Bai" Why didn't I know that you had a heart this whole time?"

Hua yinyue exasperatedly whined, "But I bought one from amoozon ;-; !"

Xiao Bai "..."


Hua yinyue *cough * *cough* "Nevermind let's focus on the main topic here, I'm going to try to memorize this 1000 page thousand mist refining book, It's going to be easy"

Xiao Bai gave Hua yinyue a skeptical look as he asked: "That's gonna be easy?"

System" Yeah that's A LOT of words to memorise, like more than 10"

Hua yinyue "Hey, stop bothering me, I'm trying my best to lie to myself here!" Sheesh, some people can be so interruptive.


After 1 month of memorising

Hua yinyue with her giant eye bags "I'm ready!"

The system "Ready for what, why are you even in the kitchen"

Hua yinyue "I forgot..." as she walked out of the house to finally get things rolling

After walking a bit

"I forgot to grab food!" Now this poor little girl was walking on the street alone and hungry.So pitiful, why was her brain so mean to her.

System "You know I can read your mind right? What pitiful girl? She's 18 and already plotting other people's downfall"

Hua yinyue "shut up!" as she bought some nice burritos from a nearby stall, before treading off towards a more deserted corner of the city.

Though the city was really bright and lovely on the outside, if one treaded in the darker parts they'd be able to find the abandoned people of society.

Xiao Bai "what are you doing here, are you planning on raping those poor people?"

Hua yinyue "Hey what gave you that impression of me? I'm here to get a puppet figure."

System "???"

Hua yinyue rolled her eyes as she continued "I don't wish to stand out yet so I want to find someone else to be in the spotlight for a while, the people here are perfect, they have no connections and yet, they want to live a life of luxury, they're going to be easy to manipulate. Besides I haven't gotten an official health certificate so I can't open an official store yet."

System "And so?"

Hua yinyue smiled deviously in reply "I'll get myself a puppet doctor who'll take on all the hit for me until he's useless."

Xiao Bai" warning my owner is turning black"

Hua yinyue "Hey I'm not THAT bad, as long as my puppet doesn't think of anything funny I plan to give him a life of luxury, because you see, I don't like breaking my promises."

System "You piece of sh#t"
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