Quick Transmigration Of The Villianess Chapter 146

145 Get Ready For It.

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After treading a little around the abandoned alleys, she soon found a man with a worn-out lab coat drinking beer, his unkempt beard and dirty skin hinted that he was stuck in this heaven-forsaken place for awhile now.

Hua yinyue "Perfect! Let's go get him!" He was here for awhile means that he's been through hell for awhile, his lab coat meant that he was probably a doctor and the scent of alcohol means that he had recently gone through a rough betrayal or something like that. People who drink alcohol means that they're under stress and want to run away from it.

"Hello mister!" She politely greeted him as she squatted down to face him.

He saw a flash of silver hair before looking up to see the perfectly clean and beautiful young miss , her crystal and flawless grandeur stood out like a sore thumb in this old alley

He spoke with a raspy voice"You shouldn't be here" before his eyes hinted towards the people at the back of the alley, glaring at Hua yinyue with their lustful eyes.

Ignoring his words she replied "Mr Lee ching-pei, do you want to have a new start in life?"

His eyes slightly widened and he gave out a sluggish reply "How do you?" while still being slightly drunk.

"I'm someone who can change your life, want in on it?" She cut him off shortly and asked him firmly.

"What do you want from me?" Slightly sobering up, he asked with a flash of suspicion in his eyes.

"hmm... Let's continue this conversation later, follow me" before giving a side glance towards the pests behind.

For some reason, the gangsters at the back felt a strong chill, as though someone was looking through them completely, but shook off the feeling soon after.

"Take this!"

Hua yinyue soon threw a gas pill she made using the frying pan in her house, being too poor to afford a proper cauldron she had to rely on cooking equipment present in a normal household
for visiting.

System "Guess what happened to the kitchen."

Hua yinyue "Let's not go there :P "

She pulled Mr Lee with her as they ran towards the busy street and headed towards a nearby 5 star hotel.

Give me a suite and give this man a new set of outfit." She politely asked the assistant before leaving Mr Lee behind to wash up

(she got the money from selling her gold coins)

She silently sat on the chair in the hotel room until Mr Lee was finally done cleaning up

"Alright....so let's get down to business....."

1 hour later

"Hey, where are you going?" He asked, after signing the contract with Hua yinyue.

The contract mainly stated that he would temporarily be the owner of her company until she was old enough to legally own it. He could never betray her and finally, he had to help her release her products out into the market when she was ready under his name. Making him the perfect puppet under her.

Though he would be the owner by name , all the power rightfully belonged to her in actuality.

Hua yinyue "Just going to run some errands, I'll be right back."



"Please, have mercy ! " a man begged a petite little girl before she quickly ended his life with a quick slash.

"That's about it."Hua yinyue was finally done with killing everyone who saw her, back then she wasn't just giving a lazy glance around , she was actually memorizing everybody's face and location. Now everyone who witnessed her in the alley was dead. She had also hacked the cameras nearby already.

"Time to give these people a proper burial " as she picked up the corpses one by one and headed to a nearby park.Before sincerely praying for them to have a better life in the next life with a heavy sigh.

" It's time to face the Hua company next and become my lovely Zhi Huang's 'fiance' , hmm how do I play around with Qin Qin huh?"


"I'm back!" Hua yinyue exclaimed as she directly jumped onto Li Jie's lap after a busy day .

"Where did you go?" Li Jie asked , seeing that she was busy for the entire month studying for something.

" I went to play with some people" she innocently replied before snuggling herself in his embrace.My hubby definitely broke through to Qi refining stage 5 look at that six pax, ooh those big and strong biceps are nice too.

#hotboyfriend #Iwantyourbabies

"Oh yeah, you know that childhood friend I mentioned once?"

'You mean that bi$#h who is going to try to steal you away from me' "You mean the wonderful girl who was your childhood playmate?I think she was called Qing Feng Mian right?What about her?"

"Well she's recently got into contact with me and would like to have me over for dinner"

Hua yinyue 'damn she's pulling out the dinner card huh?'

"Then would you mind letting me join you, I would really want to meet my boyfriend's childhood friend" and maybe pound her to oblivion if she eyes someone she shouldn't be eyeing.


System ' Do you have your popcorn yet?"

Xiao Bai 'no it's still cooking '

System ' Damn Li Jie, going with the childhood playmate vs current girlfriend card huh?'

Xiao Bai ' Who cares, it's free drama let's watch it.This is the kind of drama that you can't pay for you know?'
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