Anime Survival Chapter 107

Volume 8: Hunterxhunter 2 Chapter 107 35: Perverse Justice

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"Where does this aura come from? James!"

Killua, who had just separated from Gon, sensed Youpi's evil aura on the other side of the palace and ran without hesitation in his direction.

Gon, sitting in front of Pitou with an indifferent expression, slowly turned his head toward the royal garden at the same time as Pitou.

"Is this really the aura of Youpi?"

Everyone present, no matter what they did, felt this incredibly strong aura.

James rose from the rubble of the wall against which he had crashed, coughing violently, his legs were shaking with fatigue, his body was incredibly heavy, both his arms were completely destroyed by the continuous use of Showave Blow, if a doctor of this world saw the present condition of his arms he would tell him that he had become handicapped.

But he still took a step forward and began to move forward.

"I'm impressed by your incredible willpower."

Youpi who felt the joy brought by his evolution said as he took a quick look at James walking towards him.

"You are the first human being to leave me in admiration, I sincerely have a lot of respect for you, but you threaten the safety of my king, which is why I must kill you at all costs."

Youpi said as he walked slowly towards James, he didn't know why he was saying this, he knew he had no time to lose, that he had to kill this opponent, but strangely he felt he had to express these words to this enemy.

"The fifth ability of.... my technique ...is called Perverse Justice... "

James said in a hoarse voice as he was spitting blood, Youpi at that moment felt an extremely unpleasant sensation running through him, his instinct as a beast and as a human being warning him to kill this man before he finished his sentence.

He was not as stupid as his behavior usually makes one think, he had already understood that the origin of the increase of his opponent's strength and the reduction of his own must be the work of the creature behind him.

James' explanation of his abilities had also helped him understand the nature of his opponent's Hatsu.

Without hesitation, he leapt toward James, his arm became a long sharp scythe, he covered the distance to James in just one-tenth of a second, but when he was about to cut off James's head, a voice echoed through the garden.



"Once activated.... the target of my Evil Assistant Detective...."

A blue flash of lightning struck Youpi paralyzing him on the spot and making him scream in pain, James without hesitation jumped back.

But Youpi's instinct to constantly warn him of danger made him quickly resist the pain, and he attacked without hesitation James, not even thinking about the origin of the lightning that came to strike him.

But the figure of a young boy surrounded by thunder appeared before him, and then gave him a powerful kick.

Although the force of the kick was weak, the electricity contained in the attack ran through his body and paralyzed him, the boy quickly continued the attacks.

" dies and I.... get 30%....."

The voice of James then resounded in his ears when he heard the words "die", he shouted with rage his body swelled, his aura exploded violently and he threw a gigantic punch in the direction of Killua and James.


Killua terrified disappeared in a flash and reappeared further.

James who saw the fist coming towards him, had no way to defend himself, even knowing that he was doomed to certain death.

He was not afraid, his heart was like a calm lake, which could not be disturbed.

Then Youpi suddenly received a punch in the face, he turned his head but did not see the author of the attack, but that did not stop him for all that, the blow he had just received was not powerful enough to stop him, his fist was a few centimeters away from James' head, when he was hit again by Killua's lightning twice in a row.



" of his power acquired by "

The two successive blows paralyzed him again.

Knuckle and Meleoron suddenly appeared and came to give a dozen of fists to Youpi.

"Who gave you the right to hurt my comrades!!!"

Twenty humanoid creatures in smoke appeared and encircled Youpi, Killua also appeared in front of him and gave him several blows at an incredible speed.


Youpi's head inflated, an incredible quantity of aura was concentrated at full speed in his mouth which grew more than two meters, giving him a grotesque shape, ready to explode at any moment.

Morel, Killua, Meleoron, Knuckle and even Shoot were afraid at that moment because he knew that if this aura exploded, they would all die.

James then shouted with his last strength

"My third ability!!!!"

Time seemed to stop at that moment, the aura of Youpi froze.

The eyes of Evil Detective Asstitant became suddenly black whereas a dark aura emanated from James, Evil Detective Asstitant then stopped writing on it's machine, it tore off the parchment on which she writes the information of Youpi and to devour it.

Name : Menthuthuyoupi

S.e.x : Male

Species : Chimera-Ant

Height : 2m29

Weight : 306kg

Blood color : purple

Zodiac sign : Cancer

Specific ability : Metamorphosis

Name of a direct relative : Neferpitou

Evil appeared behind Youpi in an instant and opened its monstrous mouth from which a powerful aspiration drew Youpi to it.

A blurred image of Yippi was slowly torn from his body, a monstrous amount of aura exploded from Evil which grew from a few dozen centimeters to two meters, becoming a giagantesque creature, the blurred image of Youpi screamed in pain before the stunned eyes of everyone before being completely swallowed by Evil who made them a sign of victory with his fingers.

"Investigation complete!"

Then Evil disappeared, Yippi's deformed body fell to the ground without an ounce of life, everyone present turned their eyes to James who smiled at them and said them with his weak voice.

"I.... I won."

Then he fell to the ground, losing consciousness completely.

They all rushed to check his condition and seeing his bones broken, his flesh torn and his clothes covered in blood Morel, Shoot, Knuckle and Meleoron seeing that had tears in their eyes.

"Yes, comrade, you've won."

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