Villain Husband Please Let Go Chapter 2574

Chapter 2574:

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In an instant, it was the fifteenth of next month.

In order to prepare for the wedding of Tang Wan and Feng Xitong, the door of Xuanji had been busy for half a month.

But fortunately, the news that Tang Wan is going to marry Feng Qitong has spread throughout the world of immortals and demons. Therefore, when the people of the mysterious door buy materials, they have almost no effort to buy the best. Not to mention, many things. The seller was very caring and personally came to the service, and it was done quickly.

It is no surprise that this mysterious door is up and down.

After all, Senior Sister Tang Wan is already the emperor, shouldn't everyone rush to flatter her?

It's a pity that the emperor is out there, even in the same sect as her, they rarely meet her.

But what does it matter?

Anyway, the emperor is their mysterious door!

This is enough!

They are the ones with the great hood!


On the eve of the wedding, Tang Wan also lived up to what she said that day, and directly cut off all the black lines of cause and effect left in her hands.

In fact, there is not much left, but only close to a hundred.

But it's nearly a hundred, and each one is thick and black.

In other words, these people's enmity with her is not so big, and the other party would rather take risks than apologize.

In that case, she fulfilled them!


And when Tang Wan cut off these lines of cause and effect, some of the high-ranking sects suddenly died suddenly.

The expressions of these people before death were amazingly consistent, and all of them were full of incredible colors.

They didn't expect that Tang Wan could really take their lives thousands of miles away!

But regret it too late!

Tang Wan had already given them a chance.


After that, it was time for the wedding to officially begin.

When the great emperor got married, the big sects naturally had to give them face, so naturally they had to send out a batch of these good treasures.

Therefore, in less than a month, Tang Wan had accumulated countless wealth.

But these are nothing rare for her.

After the wedding, Tang Wan blessed the mountain protection formation of the mysterious door, and after leaving a lot of exercises in the library, he took Feng Qitong to travel the world.

After Tong Tong broke through, she was going to leave the world of immortal monsters and go to a more advanced plane to take a look.

And this is what God expects.

After all, after becoming a great emperor, she has already surpassed heaven in this world, which is not a good thing.


Feng Qitong also knew that Tang Wan was waiting for herself, so the next practice was also very hard.

Thousands of years later.

After thousands of years of vigorous development, Xuanjimen has entered the ranks of the top martial arts, faintly dominating it.

However, Father Tang knew very well the truth that prosperity must decline. In addition to the fact that thousands of years have passed, the secrets of the mysterious door, in fact, apart from financial resources, the strength has not surpassed the previous top giants, so he still acts extremely low-key.

He knew very well that his daughter would fly up and leave sooner or later, and if the mysterious door had become domineering now, after she left, the mysterious door would be the target of public criticism.

So, the number one... Sorry, I never thought about it!

Seeking progress in stability is what he hopes.


But on this day, there was a huge movement in Feng Qitong's secret room.

Tang Wan couldn't help feeling happy when she saw this.

After that, everyone in the Zongmen was immediately informed: "Everyone gathers at the Zongmen Dojo, Tong Tong is about to break through the Great Emperor!" She believes that Tong Tong will definitely break through, and she can let Zongmen disciples observe his breakthrough. One of the few things done for the sect.

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the mysterious door suddenly felt excited, and then rushed towards the Zongmen dojo.

Someone is going to break through!

This is a good time for them to observe!

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