Villain Husband Please Let Go Chapter 2575

Chapter 2575: 125 End

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Soon, countless disciples gathered on the dojo of the mysterious door.

And all of them looked excitedly at the mountain where Tang Wan and Feng Xitong were.

Will another great emperor be born?


Feng Qitong did not disappoint Tang Wan either.

In addition, Tiandao was now wishing that he would break through and leave the world of immortals and demons with Tang Wan, so this time when Tiandao descended on the sky thunder, he was not in the same posture that he had to smash him to death.

In addition, the most important thing to break through the Great Emperor is the Tribulation of the Heart Demon, so after the Tribulation of Thunder is over, the black sky will soon become clear.

Tang Wan originally thought that Feng Xitong's heart demon disaster would take a while.

But what she didn't expect was that not long after the black clouds had dissipated, smallpox began to float in the sky.

Upon seeing this, Tang Wan was pleasantly surprised, but also a little surprised.

This is how blue is better than blue!

The speed of Tong Tong's breakthrough was much faster than she had before.

My husband Tongtong is awesome!


And soon, Feng Qitong left the customs.

Seeing Tang Wan, he couldn't help but twitched his lips and stepped forward and hooked her into his arms.

"Wan Wan, I broke through!" I didn't disappoint you!

Tang Wan nodded her head with a smile, "Well, Tongtong is awesome!"

Although it is just a few words of praise, to Feng Qitong, it is still as sweet as eating honey.

After that, he hugged Tang Wan horizontally, "I'm so great, then Wan Wan can reward me well!"

Tang Wan:...


At the same time, Qinglian Jianzong.

Knowing that Feng Xitong had also broken through the emperor, Bai Ting collapsed.


Why did Feng Qitong break through, but he still couldn't break through?

Why is God so unfair?

Or is it because Tang Wan created her own practice that Tiandao prefers her?

If that's the case, he can too!

I don't know that there are thousands of people who create their own exercises, but there are only a handful of people who have broken through the emperor.


After Feng Xitong broke through, Tiandao repeatedly urged the two to leave.

Tang Wan thought that the time was almost up, so she left a clone in the mysterious door, and left the world of immortals and demons with Feng Qitong.

But what Tang Wan didn't know was that before leaving, Feng Qitong secretly set a fire on the site of Qinglian Jianzong, and it was the mountain where Bai Ting was on.

Heh, is it true that Feng Qitong doesn't hold grudges?


But after the two left, the mysterious door was beaten up and down, and fell into a frenzied cultivation mode.

Their mysterious door must be a treasure of geomantic omen, otherwise how come two great emperors come out in succession?

If they work hard enough, maybe they will have a chance to break through the emperor in the future!

Among the many disciples, the two most outstanding were Ye Zhenzhen and He Shang.

Since they started, these two people have shown excellent talents and are loved and respected by the sect master. Now they have been listed as candidates for the next sect master.

But no one knew that these two people were bred from the soul orb, and in short, they could be regarded as Feng Xitong's children.


After learning that Tang Wan and Feng Qitong had left, Ye Zhenzhen stretched out his hand and gently touched the mind of the system bag next to him.

"Don't be sad about the bag, can't you and Xiao cutie be in touch anytime?" Ye Zhenzhen comforted his stupid system.

And this system is the Ergouzi that Little Cutie often mentioned in front of Tang Wan in the past.

Hearing Ye Zhenzhen's words, Bao Bao flattened his mouth, "I was able to contact before, but now I can't contact...Master, will we have a chance to leave here in the future?" He has been blowing in front of Ergouzi how powerful his master is How awesome, but the result? The host that Little Cutie is with is actually that one!

What a shame.

I hope that the master can also break through the emperor, so that he can prove that he is not wrong!


Ye Zhenzhen took a look at He Shang, and then smiled lightly: "Of course! We will work hard."

At least, they are creatures born in Feng Qitong's consciousness. What's wrong, can't it be too bad?

And the young man wearing Tsing Yi smiled slightly, "Not bad!"

Afterwards, the two of them took their bags and walked towards the mountain where they were.


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