The Consort Is Sick We Must Pamper Her Chapter 1962

Chapter 1962: Can You Get Your Turn?

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Feng Bo went and returned, and Qin Weiyang, Dafeng's Changle princess, was in Da Zhou, and soon couldn't help it.

In fact, the dignitaries above got the news earlier, otherwise Zhou Yuzhu wouldn't know.

Zhou Yuzhu was called to the palace for questioning by her mother and concubine Huang Guifei.

Zhou Yuzhu knew that she couldn't keep things from the Prince's Mansion in the past, and she didn't want to keep it, so when she was questioned by her mother and concubine, Zhou Yuzhu smiled and said, "Mother and concubine are really clever, and I will know so soon."

Concubine Huang snorted coldly: "What is the situation now, you dare to go to the Prince's Mansion, how can this palace not know?"

Zhou Yuzhu spread her hands and said: "Mother concubine, you know that I am not looking for the prince or concubine at all, I am looking for Qin Weiyang."

"What are you looking for her for?" Huang Guifei said indifferently.

"Mother and concubine, your daughters illness was cured by her. She came to Dazhou all the way, cant I come and sit with her? As for the other things, it has nothing to do with me. "Zhou Yuzhu smiled.

Concubine Huang looked at her daughter and said, "You honestly explain, what is the relationship between Princess Changle and King Beidi?"

"Mother concubine, you asked, how do I know what their relationship is? How can Qin Weiyang tell me such a thing? Ma concubine, you look at me too highly." Zhou Yuzhu said inexplicably.

Concubine Huang did not say anything else, and asked, "How is your marriage consideration?"

Zhou Yuzhu's face became stiff, and she looked at her mother and concubine and said nothing.

Concubine Huang looked away and said: "Mother concubine also knows that this matter is wronged you, but now we do need the help of Hongfu. If we can get help from Hongfu, then we will be much smoother next. "

"Mother concubine, I have already told you that I will not marry to Hong Mansion unless you let my corpse be married." Zhou Yuzhu said indifferently.

Concubine Huang's face turned black, and she cursed: "I raised you so big, so you returned me? Do you know that it is the life and death of our Huang family now, if we don't help King Yan, in the coming weeks There will be no more foothold for our Huang family!"

"Originally, this matter has nothing to do with the Huang family. You dont have a son, you mother and concubine. All your efforts were dragged down by the Huang family. Now you have to drag me down too, concubine, dont you think this is too much? ?" Zhou Yuzhu said with a cold face.

Concubine Huang Gui annoyed: "The Huang family is your mother's clan. Now that this time comes, of course, you have to do your best to help. Dont you know its too late to say this, and you always cling to it? What is there to marry Master Shen? not good?"

"What's wrong?" Zhou Yuzhu mocked and looked at her mother concubine: "Mother concubine, you should tell me, what is good about marrying that dude who has everything to eat, drink, and gambling? I'm the mother concubine. Your only daughter, are you really willing to marry such a person?"

"The mother concubine knows that there is something wrong with him, but now the Shen family has restrained him, and he is slowly correcting it. Moreover, if you were not for the imperial concubine, do you think this kind of marriage is your turn? "" Huang Guifei said.

Zhou Yuzhu smiled: "What the concubine said is that this kind of marriage is not my turn, I also beg the concubine, let me go!"

Concubine Huang Gui gazed at her daughter gloomily. Zhou Yuzhu looked at her mother and concubine so she knew that if she didn't say something, her concubine would not give up easily with her.

But marrying that dude of the Shen family? how can that be!

He doesn't match Feng Bo's shoes!

"Mother concubine, the marriage contract between Princess Changle and Young Master Feng may be going wrong." Zhou Yuzhu said softly.

Concubine Huang immediately swept to her daughter and said, "Did you just say you didn't know?"

"Mother concubine, are you sure you want to tell me this?" Zhou Yuzhu asked.

Concubine Huang glared at her, and then asked, "Hurry up and say what is going on?"

Of course she is not a gossip person's marriage, but this Princess Dafeng is the sixth sister of the princess, and the relationship between the two is very good.

Princess Changle married the young master Feng, and this helped the princess concubine not little. Who knows if he has asked Feng clan then, who would offend the princess?

But if the marriage contract between Princess Changle and Young Master Feng fails, then...

"Princess Changle seems to like King Beidi." Zhou Yuzhu said.

Concubine Huang's eyes lit up suddenly: "Is this serious?"

"I don't know if it's true, but there is indeed a problem between them, mother concubine, I am thinking about one thing now!" Zhou Yuzhu said.

"If you have anything to talk about later, this palace will announce your uncle to come in and say something, you can go back." Huang Guifei waved her hand and said.

Zhou Yuzhu looked at her mother and concubine, and said, "Mother concubine, I want to marry Young Master Feng."

Concubine Huang thought she had misheard, looked at her daughter, and said, "What did you say?"

"The concubine did not hear me wrong, I said, I want to marry Young Master Feng!" Zhou Yuzhu looked at her and said.

Concubine Huang Gui immediately said, "You are crazy, you still want to marry Young Master Feng? Are you dreaming!"

"The mother concubine said, why can Dafeng's imperial concubine's daughter marry Young Master Feng, but not your Huang Guifei's daughter?" Zhou Yuzhu said directly.

"That's different. The Dafeng man is said to have a close relationship with Madam Feng." Huang Guifei said.

"It's rare for the mother and concubine to be so unconfident." Zhou Yuzhu said with a smile.

Huang Guifei stared at her.

"Mother concubine, if I can marry Young Master Feng, not only you, but also the Huang family, no one dare to move you at all. Several times, the prince will succeed in the future, and he will only have room to respect the Huang family!" Zhou Yuzhu said.

Huang Guifei frowned and said, "Young Master Feng likes you?" This daughter is unwilling to marry Young Master Shen, and she can't really force her to marry, otherwise she doesn't know what she will do, but if she can really marry To Young Master Feng...

"Of course Young Master Feng doesn't like me. He likes Princess Changle." Zhou Yuzhu said.

Concubine Huang Gui gave her a white look: "Then what is your idea?"

"I did not dare to make this idea before. Compared with Princess Changle, I really sigh that I can't compare with her, so my heart is moving, but I haven't thought about it, but it's different now, Changle The princess likes King Bei Di, Young Master Feng will definitely not force her, the marriage contract between them will definitely be terminated, then the position of Young Lady Feng will be free!" Zhou Yuzhu said.

"After being free, there are a lot of people robbing you, can you take your turn?" Huang Guifei looked at her and asked.

"Compared with other people, I have at least spoken to Young Master Feng. I understand his temperament and know his temper better. I think I can be competent and be a good young lady of the Feng family. I can also convince him to impress him. Concubine, don't you want me to marry the Feng clan and become the head wife of the Feng clan?" Zhou Yuzhu said.

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