The Consort Is Sick We Must Pamper Her Chapter 1963

Chapter 1963: Great Shuenou

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Seeing her daughter like this, Huang Guifei knew it, squinting at her and said: "You have been with this idea for a long time?"

Zhou Yuzhu didn't deny it either, saying: "Indeed."

Huang Guifei thought for a while and asked: "How sure are you?"

"I'm not sure." Zhou Yuzhu said.

Concubine Huang Gui was almost annoyed by her, and said: "You **** girl, why do you always talk so inconspicuously? You are not sure you still talk so much to this palace?"

"Mother concubine, facing a man like Young Master Feng, I am afraid that you are twenty years younger, when you are flourishing, and you will not have any confidence. That man is too attractive, but he is full of unbelievable Take control, you don't know how charming the mother is," Zhou Yuzhu said.

Huang Guifei snorted coldly: "What if Young Master Feng is not willing to marry you?"

"Mother concubine, I haven't worked hard yet. He wants to marry me or not. This has to wait until I work hard to find out." Zhou Yuzhu said.

Concubine Huang looked at his daughter and said, "Do you mind if he has Princess Changle in his heart? You know, even if the two cousins fail in the end, maybe Princess Changle will become the white moonlight in his heart, the cinnabar mole in his heart. , You will never be able to catch up."

"What's the point?" Zhou Yuzhu chuckled, "If I can marry Feng Bo, he will take a concubine in the future. If the concubine's belly is big, he will give birth to a child and confinement. I can also pick someone to serve. !"

Concubine Huang Gui is almost like seeing something terrible. She looked at this daughter: "You are possessed by some ghost, are you able to say this?"

"In the world, only Feng Bo can make me like this. I like him too much. As long as he likes it, I wont object to it. I just want him to be happy. So I say Im the most suitable young lady for him. . But I know that he will not accept concubines, Feng's ancestral precepts are there, and he will not act against Feng's ancestral precepts." Zhou Yuzhu said.

She even thought about his concubine, and she would not stop it, let alone have someone else in her heart. As long as she can be by Feng Bo's side, she will be enough. For other things, contentment will be happy. Don't think so much.

Concubine Huang Gui could see it. This daughter really put her mind on Young Master Feng.

"If you marry, you will definitely be eaten to death." Huang Guifei despised.

Zhou Yuzhu smiled: "I would like to be eaten by him."

Concubine Huang had a chill, but she also seriously considered the feasibility of this matter.

She still understands this daughter, I am afraid it is really a sign, otherwise she would not be so confident.

"If you were to marry the Feng clan, would you forget the palace and the Huang family?" Huang Guifei asked.

"What do you mean by the concubine?" Zhou Yuzhu couldn't help but said, "This is my natal family. How can a married daughter forget her natal family?"

Concubine Huang Gui was satisfied and said, "Then, you can enter and leave the palace at any time, but the matter between you and Young Master Feng must be done!"

If a daughter can marry into the Feng family, the benefits are not comparable to that of marrying into the Shen family.

Once her daughter was married to the Feng clan, her Huang family was able to escape from the concubine. It was also her brother who was cheated by King Yan and strayed into the game, so she had no choice but to bite the bullet and walk on.

But her own daughter also had to sacrifice, and she was very unwilling in her heart to let her marry the dude of the Shen family, but there was no way.

But now that there is a better choice, it is natural to choose a better one.

"You can't let King Yan know about this matter, mother concubine, you have to cover it up for me." Zhou Yuzhu said in a detour.

"Even if he knows what it is, just say what the palace has ordered." Huang Guifei sneered.

Zhou Yuzhu glanced at her mother and concubine, but said nothing, turned around and went back.

All major dynasties have houses of Fengfu.

Not only did it exist on the Dafeng side, but also on the Dayuan Dynasty, as well as the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Feng Bo will be in Feng's house.

Great Zhou Yan King, now the only prince who can kill the prince Zhou Yun in full swing.

He had received news and came to see him.

Feng Bo also met him, and said, "The Yan King is here, but something is wrong?"

"Brother Bo is asking this, can't this king come and sit with Brother Bo if he is fine?" King Yan laughed.

Feng Bo motioned for him to sit.

King Yan also sat down and said, "I believe Brother Bo has also heard of the rumors about Princess Changle and King Beidi."

Feng Bo glanced at him.

King Yan smiled slightly and said, "But in the eyes of this king, those are simply nonsense. Princess Changle and Brother Bo are childhood sweethearts, a perfect pair, and what can you do with that wild man of King Beidi? "

"I know what Yan Wang said, drink tea." Feng Bo poured the tea and said.

Obviously, he didn't want to tell outsiders more about him and his cousin.

"Brother Bo, this king did the injury on King Beidi." King Yan looked at him and said suddenly.

Feng Bo looked at him, "Have you cooperated with the lingering kings of King Beidi?"

King Yan smiled and said: "What are they? This king is actually venting your anger for Brother Bo. It's a pity. He has the life-saving medicine given by Princess Chang Le and was rescued by Princess Chang Le for treatment in time. Otherwise, This king can completely leave his life in Da Zhou!"

Feng Bo's expression was flat: "Since King Yan has already cooperated with those kings, don't take the matter to me. My Feng family does not interfere with the internal affairs of the major dynasties. This is a well-known thing."

King Yan glanced at him: "As long as Brother Bo has a word, this king can take a risk. Under the prince's rush checkpoint, Wang Beidi will be removed. Since then, he will no longer appear under the eyes of Princess Changle. Dont worry, Changle Princess will like others!"

"If you want to do it, do it yourself. As I said, the Feng clan doesn't get involved in disputes between the major dynasties." Feng Bo said.

"Brother Bo, this king has treated each other so frankly, should Brother Bo still hide it? Brother Bo has gone and returned, and Princess Changle and King Beidi have appeared here again, especially between the two of them... Do you think this king is a fool?" King Yan said with a smile.

Feng Bo picked up the tea cup: "I look forward to the Yan King's rise in the future, and I will cooperate with Feng's again."

King Yan's face was really unsightly, but he didn't say anything, he could only get up and said, "If this is the case, the king is thinking too much. Brother Bo does have a lot of heart, even being robbed of his beloved. Can be so calm and calm!"

Feng Bo didn't say anything.

"If there is anything wrong with Brother Bo, you can send someone over to find this king. With a word, this king will do his best to help Brother Bo!" Yan Wang said.

After saying this, I didn't stay much, so I went back.

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